All About Vegetarian

All About Vegetarian

Featuring elemen (Millenia Walk), VeganBurg (Eunos), Flavours by Sauté (Funan), Kind Kones (Forum The Shopping Mall), Lucky Cat, Mong Cha Cha Cafe 梦茶茶, Roma's Deli, CocoCane (Compass One), Li Wei Vegetarian, Hey Yogurt (VivoCity)

(2 pax - ard $13?) We ordered fried beehoon, popiah, bitter gourd, mixed veg tempura, brinjal. They give a lot but I felt that their ingredients was quite oily and also too much for me.

($16.90) I use 1 for 1 burpple voucher for main dish to redeem. I opt out noodle for side dish. But I felt that not much "pepper" taste as opt out for less spicy in flavour. They give a lot of ingredients inside hotpot such as lettuce, fungi mushroom, lion mane, tofu and sliced carrots. I did enjoy the experience for mini hotpot while they cooked ingredients to the boil. Their you tiao was quite crispy and can dip into the soup broth.

Fried Beehoon ($3)

I felt that the serving size was slightly small tbh for 3 bucks but tbh it's quite nice and slightly oily. Need to complement well with marinated green chili. But they usually close the stall before 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. depends on the food. Since I might not have the chance to go back for lunch anymore, I decided to dabao back for lunch to try their food.

Various Fried Vegetarian Items ($2.80)

For fried food, they usually cut into small pieces for easier packing. tbh i felt that it's quite oily and greasy but then it's quite crispy and crunchy.

Roasted Chicken Rice with Char Siew (pic 2) (add on: spring roll - $1) (pic 2)

Preferred roasted version over the steam version. I felt that that sauce was slightly sweet tbh. Spring roll I felt that it's not bad tbh and contained a lot of ingredients inside.

Tofunagi Maki ($12) I found that its quite ex and its still a bit hot after I gojek back to home (got free rides for vaccine) . I tried it once I return back to home. They even drizzle unagi and mayo sauce and a bit strong taste for sauce when in hot. But once maki turned cold, I felt that they got strong fried tofu taste. (3/5)

So I decided to try something and other flavours beside Matcha so I managed to find my way 🥲 I decided no sugar level for Hojicha Boba Latte ($6.90) and I barely taste roasted tea 🥲 but the boba pearls still taste gd 🤎

Matcha Boba Latte (Iced) (25% Sugar) ($6.90) was quite smooth texture and not that milky taste. I really like their chewy and not that sticky boba pearls. I want to try their other drinks next time if I am at the area 😅.

Matcha Avocado 🥑 ($6.30) (Free Ice Cream: Green Tea) so I decided to get drink at cococane instead after saw long queue at coffee bean for interational world day (08/03) for me, I’m not a fan of avocado 🥑 for start so I didn’t really enjoy creaminess or thickness of the drink. I just want to try drink for sake of matcha 😬

Hey Matcha ($7.50) got that lighter matcha (green tea) flavour for yogurt so I didn't expected that. I preferred light over heavy taste or flavour for yogurt as I didn't get bloated so easily plus most of yogurt shop made me so full or bloated. I felt that one serving of the drink can be a lunch or dinner for me already and mainly for people who didn't wanted to eat normal meal :") They got 3 drinks for $15 promotion until 31 January 2021 so you can go with your friends for sharing cost of yogurt.

Kind Kones (SG) (Forum)

Matcha Coconut (Premium - $4) contained ingredients (Matcha, Coconut and Almond) was quite lighter matcha flavour which I really impressed, enjoy with it and didn't have weird aftertaste compared to eatcalli's SOMATCHABETTER ice cream flavour. Keto Chocolate Sorbet (Premium - $4) (Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Powder and Xylitol) was quite thick and rich chocolate flavour which I did enjoyed it but got internal shock as I didn't have good time after that having got hard time to eat dinner lol. >< I didn't know that one of ingredients (Xylitol) cause digestive side effects and just google about it while writing food reviews. Please take note of ice cream's ingredients before you purchase it at there. I really like the way that they labelled ice cream's ingredients for people who are particular with food especially food allergies.

Vegan Burger (44 Jalan Eunos)

Creamy Shroom Burger ($9.90) (best selling burger) can be add-on for a set meal include seaweed fries (regular) and choice of drink (raspberry lemonade). I felt that their cream sauce (dairy-free) is not that strong for me and i did enjoy their cream cream so much. But their patty for creamy shroom burger was quite hard to chew and didn't enjoy it that well. I also like to eat burger and fries also. It's quite filling burger set meal for me but I didn't finish their seaweed fries at all. Some part of fries didn't seasoned well for seaweed toppings and it's not that salty or oily aftertaste even without seaweed toppings. The drink (raspberry lemonade) was quite complemented well with food and quite got that mixed taste between sour and sweet.

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I usually ordered their set meal during dinner time ($12.50) included Soup (Mushroom) + Baked Specialties (Baked Chicken Mushroom Rice) + Beverage (Iced Green Tea Drink). Mushroom Soup still remained the same taste (creamy and thick) throughout the years. Baked Chicken Mushroom Rice still remained the same (like rice was quite dry and mixed with herbs before putting cheese on the rice but the cheese covered up the dryness of rice) Iced Green Tea Drink tasted like Jasmine Green Tea but quite standard for taste. Need to be wait for 10 - 15 minutes for baked rice or pasta to be baking.


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