Worthy Of A Return Visit

Worthy Of A Return Visit

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Xiu Hui
Xiu Hui

BB-BUL-GO-GI ($10.50): 100% Black Angus Beef 🐄, Toasted Brioche Buns 🥯, Grilled Leek, White Onions, Secret SSAMJANG Sauce 🌶
Fried Chikin' Burger ($8.90): Buttermilk Doused Chikin Thigh 🐔, Signature Toasted Brioche Buns 🥯, A Big Ball of Lettuce 🥬, BB Mayo

We got three dishes: the braised beef pasta, tomato crab meat pasta and the honey roasted chicken.

Braised beef pasta was fantastic because of the beef which melted in our mouths, and the unique sauce that was added to it. The pasta was a little bit too hard though, and could have been softer.

The tomato crab meat pasta was a little too acidic and was not very special but was overall enjoyable. The honey roasted chicken was aptly cooked as well.

We enjoyed the meal very well and will definitely go back again for the food and especially the beef.

Pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese and mushroom - this was so good!

Pot of comfort here, filled with the sweetness and starchiness of potatoes, and a generous amount of pork ribs. And of course that ramyun !!

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One of the better beef tartare I had in Singapore, beef was bigger in chunks and seasoning done right, would be good if they added an egg yolk for that extra richness though


New product, beef was fork tender and the gravy so rich and full of umami, would have gone well with rice


Perfect medium rare with that marbling spread evenly across the steak


Paella is synonymous with Spanish food and you can find it on the menus of Spanish restaurants in Singapore. Did you know that it originated from the Valencian region in Spain? If you are at @foc_restaurant, I highly recommend that you order at least one paella dish. Probably one of the better paella places in Singapore.

So what does the FOC stand for? It means fire in Catalan language (Catalonia is a region in Spain of which Barcelona is the capital). Nope, it doesn’t stand for free of charge.

We had was the Suckling Pig and Scallop Paella featuring chunks of Segovia suckling pig, scallops and garlic aioli. I was equally impressed by this and love the idea of having succulent and tender suckling pig in my paella but I probably will order the suckling pig on its own on my next visit here. Not available during CB period.

I must say there was consistency in the rice’s texture where it was cooked al dente. Using a shallow paella pan and cooked over high heat, both dishes managed to get the socarrat. It is the crusty and crispy rice bits at the bottom, akin to the charred bits of your local claypot rice.

Who likes fried potatoes? Potato lovers, check out FOC’s signature patatas bravas ($10++). Patatas bravas is a staple tapas dish that’s enjoyed by all walks of life.

Prepared Mille Feuille style i.e. thin layers of sliced potato strips, it’s really crispy and satisfying devouring this dish. It’s topped with generous dollops of spiced tomato purée and garlic aioli. Simplicity at its finest and I could’ve more of this. It’s available for delivery and takeaway during the CB period.

The legendary Sanger ($21.40 nett) from @burntends_sg isn’t diminished by travel time. Its smart construct allows this slow-cooked pulled pork sandwich to hold up really well even as a takeaway. Those cheddar cheese-embellished brioche buns are soft yet they can withstand the onslaught of tender meat lavished in plenty of chipotle aioli, pickled jalapeños and purple cabbage slaw, and let me assure you, those come together as a mighty force of tastiness.
Bought a few for lunch today and my parents who tried it for the first time, loved it too.

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Light as air and not too sweet cheesecake drizzled with butterscotch. I personally like both rich New York-style and light Japanese cheesecakes, but I can see the appeal of this.

I ordered safe choices, which is pork and mix okonomiyaki and we enjoyed mix more than pork.
Since I didn't get the non hotplate table, they cooked the okonomiyaki for us.
It's thick, the portion of the meat and cabbage is more towards the cabbage. The mix comes with pork, squid and shrimp, topped with mayo,dried bonito flakes and aonori powder.

Recommended to WhatsApp 8828 8931 to place reservations coz the capacity of the restaurant and not all have hotplate table.

💰$18 for mix and $12 for pork.
📍Seiwaa Okonomiyaki and Teppanyaki.
72 Dunlop Street

Xiu Hui

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