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Very "Kaw" and very tasty, I love how the ice is not inside the coffee, so you can slowly enjoy this undiluted for extended periods.

A nice amount of peanut butter on perfectly done toast, this one is pretty worth the price

Could benefit from some pepper and salt in the egg mayo, overall pleasant, but not something to write home about

Brown Sugar Deerioca Milk Tea (RM12.90)
We got the brown sugar deerioca milk and it was better than what I had in Singapore! The pearls cooled down and became tough quite quickly but it was still fragrant in flavour 😋

📸 & ✍🏻 by Burppler Ethel Tan

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Soft Shell Crab Tempura (RM18.80)
Soft shell crab plated onto this basket like bowl shaped container and served to us. Innovative presentation that pleases one’s eyes.

📸 & ✍🏻 By Burppler Jasmine Lim

I will forever buy cakes exclusively from Qi bakery, the cakes are adorable but the ingredients used are either high quality or the baker is a master at making these pieces of art taste SO GOOD!

I paid Rm 6.50 for all this. So full. I think they give you more at night because the portion I had today was bigger than lunch yesterday

I had spinach, beef stir fry, and sweet sour pork, only paid 8.50. The sirap and soup was free. I had 2nd cup of sirap after. Really affordable and filling. perfect for hungry broke dudes

For RM6, I didn't expect to get this many Lap Cheong (Chinese sausages) and Si Ham (cockles).

Pretty worth it if you ask me.
As for taste, it's alright, nothing special.

You can have keema (minced beef curry) here and it's great.

The keema also has veggie bits in it, like potatoes and cucumbers.


The beef here is pretty pricey (Rm88), it's imported from the U.S and I was sceptical. After trying it out, I would say it's on par with A1 wagyu, that's pretty good.

Despite being a Korean BBQ restaurant, they'll cook this beef for you, because more likely than not, the customer will overcook this meat.

It comes medium rare and you can admire the pure taste, since they only season it with a little bit of salt.

They currently have a squid game dalgona challenge as well if you're interested, winner gets a dalgona candy.

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Anchovies fried with onion and chillies, it's a bar snack here and it works.

Not to mention, this place serves the best Guiness I have ever had in Johor, actually anywhere in Malaysia and Singapore.

It's crisp, it's cold, it's like you're drinking it at St.James gate in Dublin.

They also serve Irish stew (RM30) if you're hungry

Come here for the Guinness, and have a bite of fried anchovies.