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I like the smoky char adds depth to the flavour. This charcoal grilled Peking duck is priced at a steal, RM38.80 (~S$12.70).
Where to dine?
OUG Jade
Genting Highlands, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang

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Look to this dessert parlour in OUG for Bentong ginger-inspired sweet treats and hot meals. For something substantial, have the DSR Bentong Ginger Stew Chicken Rice (RM15) that sees tender chicken in a pungent ginger gravy and a fried egg. The meal also comes with a free beverage! Save some space for the DSR Peach Gum Stew Egg (RM9), a silky custard that features a strong eggy flavour, or the DSR Bentong Ginger Bang Milk (RM9). Another must-have is the refreshing DSR Cendol (RM8) — shaved ice with fragrant gula Melaka and toppings such as longan, sweet corn and cendol.


YUMMY. I liked their rendition of the classic dessert. The usual toppings plus longan! The shaved ice was laden with fragrant gula Melaka. However the ice melted before I got to dig in, so EAT FAST.

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Super nostalgic plate. Reminds me of my grandma’s cooking. Ginger-HEAVY chicken stew with perfectly fried egg.
Beware of the hidden ginger slices because bentong ginger can be very pungent! (But if you’re a ginger fan then go ahead!)
PS. Their hot meals come with a free hot beverage too.

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So much eggy flavour and wobbly! Could tone down on the sweetness and could use more moistness because it was quite dry, and it can be pretty jelak.
They are still new to the scene so service can be quite messy. But if you’re really craving for modern desserts and ginger-heavy meals, this is the perfect spot for you!

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This is not my first time to have my breakfast here, I come here purposely just for the Chinese "Fried Ma Ti Gao" , is only RM1.10 per pieces. Their stall is open inside this shop. For me, theirs "Fried Ma Ti Gao" is the best in KL & PJ. Strongly recommend to have their "Fried Ma Ti Gao" , "Youtiao" & "Xian Jian Bing".

8.5/10 ( Fried Ma Ti Gao)

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We would brave the crowds in the market and jostle for a parking lot just to have this hearty bowl of seafood and pork noodles. I am glad to say that it’s still as good! This time I introduced my aunts to it and they loved it.

Come to Down to Bones for some really awesome foods. Pork rib that is grilled till perfection in their special sauce, coleslaw and buttery mash. Worth to try.

Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang [RM18.80] 🍔 I love the burger so much. The fried chicken was crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside, perfectly cooked.
I like the way they use peanut butter mix with crunchy anchovies and spread it on the bun. As for the rendang sauce was rich, aromatic & thick, with a runny egg yolk that burst when you take your first bite. That feeling was so awesome!
I’ll be back, soon..


The lime soda based drink has a stick of cinnamon placed into the glass to impart a earthy sweetness, safe to say that it really does. Give their craft beer selection a try as well, such as The Ang Moh Leng Teh (MYR33), a Penang craft beer that’s brewed by Bay Bridge Brewery in San Diego.

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