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I’ve always been a big fan of Japanese food, especially Teriyaki. I can have everything with Teriyaki 🤣🤣

This cafe actually serves Japanese fusion, which means there is actually local twist to the Japanese food. They’ve got a wide range to choose from, ranging from the rice to noodles to Onigiri.

Most of the food are available for the entire day, except for their dinner menu which is available only from 6pm daily, and the breakfast sets that is only available from 8-10am

Craving for hotpot is real when the weather is freaking hot and you still want to torture yourself for this kind of meal 😂😂😝

I’ve always preferred going back to basics, hence I’ve ordered this “Two Pesos hotpot set” which required me to stir fry the meat first till it’s half cooked before cooking the soup with the ingredients provided. Well that’s the fun of hotpot right? Cook yourself before eating.

Every hotpot set comes with either rice or noodles, and you can always add on some other ingredients to your liking. Since it is a self service concept, you’ve to refill the soup on your own whenever you need more.

Decided to try something different rather than the typical chilli Pan mee. Got the da pu noodles which was noodles with baked pork + minced pork. Added a heap of chilli ( as seen in photo) that did not come with the noodles. After all the noodles looks boring and innocent right?
10 mins later I was tearing. Unknown to me was the chilli oil below. I must say it’s quite shiok, though the flavour doesn’t match up to kin kin IMO...


Whole meal bread with roasted sliced pork, fried egg and lettuce. I actually appreciated the slight blandness of the pork and it was a good portion as well.

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(Rating:5/5🌟) Creme brûlée fresh milk (rm14.90) A layer of chewy brown sugar pearls and creme brûlée at the bottom and filled with fresh milk. Can’t deny that The Alley has the best pearls as their pearls was flavorful and chewy! The creme brûlée went well with the milk. The drink itself wasn’t that sweet like JLD’s and Tigersugar’s although you can’t adjust the sweetness and ice level. This has became my Top 1 fav brown sugar fresh milk 😋

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(Rating:4/5🌟) Matcha burnt cheesecake 🍵(rm18) First time trying Burnt cheesecake in matcha flavour. It may not look so great but it tastes really good and rich in flavour! I bet you’ll like it if you’re a real matcha lover 👌🏼

Do you know that 103 Coffee Workshop have got a lunch promotion on weekdays, where there is 50% discount on coffee upon orders of your mains? You’ll be able to enjoy your meal, with any coffee orders at a discounted price. How about ordering cups of House Latte for these pretty art?

Always happy to be back there for beautiful art like these. Their head barista, Irvine Quek is the current, World Latte Art Champion 2018 and I’m always very blessed to have my coffee made by him whenever he’s around. If he’s not around, feet not the other baristas there are equally talented as well, with the current Malaysian Latte Art Champion, Nicky who’s going to take on the world stage in Berlin soon.

Wish her luck of you’re going to pop by .

(Rating:4.5/5🌟) Nagoya Mazesoba🍜 (rm23) Love this dish not only because of the flavourful sauce but also the noodles texture quite smooth. The portion looked small but it’s actually quite filling. Their Ajitsuke Tamago (rm2.50) was much better than many other ramen shops’. Overall, a good dish! 😋

This was a really good cup of joe. No unpleasant acidity or bitterness at all. The place is also really crowded during lunchtime, so come early if you want a spot.

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The traditional definition of ramen takes a twist in Super Ramen. There’s a variety of different noodle/rice bowls in their menu and some with influences from local delicacies like laksa. The Pork Broth Ramen with tomahawk (RM29) is what I came here for. The tomahawk is very surprisingly tender, the meat wasn’t tough at all. But it was heavily seasoned with Cajun seasoning which didn’t blend well with the Japanese tonkatsu ramen. The tomahawk was huge though, so you might want to share that with a friend. The ramen itself was decent, but didn’t stand out to me. The yuzu and passion fruit (RM13) drink was refreshing.