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The house special tofu is a chunky, deep-fried square topped with crunchy cai po and minced meat. Dig in to find perfectly soft and smooth plain white insides, a great contrast to its flavourful exterior.


Worth every cent for the incredibly smooth flesh that this sizeable fish boasts. While cooked through to an opaque colour, it still retains a nice, bouncy bite too! The sauce is killer — a briny soy mixture that gets its punch from loads of black beans, sliced ginger and unassumingly spicy green chilli.

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First time eating dry ramen and it was really delicious! 🤤 And their gyoza is a bomb!

This was interesting to have. 6 pieces of baked parmesan cheese and served with honey on the side. Although good with the honey, I preferred it without.

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Homemade pizza base, minced chicken, pineapples and bell pepper. Nothing to shout about. I would skip this.

Lamb wrapped in smoked duck and cooked in Guinness sauce. Served piping hot with a crunchy bread, lamb was cooked well and flavourful but the Guinness flavour was not prominent. Nevertheless, i would order this again.

Consists of fried button mushroom, grilled teriyaki portobello and grilled king mushroom topped with smoked duck bacon, fried onion ring, vodka cream and tomato salsa.

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Highlight of the meal! Pan-seared Japanese scallop with scallop bits in aglio olio pasta. If you had to choose one main, I would recommend this! The Japanese scallop tasted fresh and cooked perfectly.

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Grilled lamb cooked with an eggplant sauce and comes with a side of roasted potatoes.

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