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The Japanese equivalent of local chilli pan mee 😂. Dry ramen that comes with extra rice to clean up your leftover sauce and ingredients. The ramen texture got a nice bite to it, other than that the mince taste like Chinese version 😅. Pricey at Rm30.00 for ramen without broth.

Trust the Burpple community when they say this dry ramen spot in Sri Petaling IS worth the drive. The broth-less Nagoya Mazesoba (RM23) sees thick noodles brimming with minced pork, scallions, seaweed, and an egg yolk. Mix them together and savour the umami bomb of flavours from the blend of spicy pork with the soy and mirin sauce, plus the egg yolk that adds creaminess. Pro tip: Don’t finish all the sauce with your noodles! They provide a small scoop of rice to soak up the remaining goodness. Ps. Spot their second outlet at Plaza Arkadia!
Photo by Burppler Rynz Caryn


(Rating: 5/5🌟) The matcha tiramisu (rm17) was probably the best matcha dessert I’ve ever tasted in Malaysia! Loved the cake along with smooth cream, matcha ice cream, a layer of red bean which was not sweetened at all and the bitterness of the matcha powder on top.

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Penang’s famed pork burger spot has made waves among the Burpple community for their grub that's yummy and easy on the wallet. Dive straight for The Dark Knight (RM14.90) for an awesome combo of fried cheddar crisp, caramelised bacon bits and the signature punchy sweet chilli sauce. Another big hit with the community is the mushroom-heavy Orgashroom (RM13.50) with a juicy pork patty and housemade cheese sauce. Love bacon? Add more crunchy Fried Bacon Strips (RM6.50) to your burger for extra decadence – no regrets!
Photo by Burppler Carmen Chan

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The cake was light and fluffy. We initially though it was marshmallow on top but nope it was just cream dusted with literally over-the-top tiramisu powder. Absolutely loved that the cake doesn’t have the typical overpowering taste of liquor.

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What a stunner this was. Sandwiched between a thick crispy waffle were some whipped cream, fresh strawberries, and finished off with a dust of powdered sugar.

The chrysanthemum softserve was light and refreshing. Really liked how it came with only half a waffle as there might have otherwise been too much waffle to finish the ice cream with. The osmanthus jelly was really nice too.

I’ve always been a big fan of Japanese food, especially Teriyaki. I can have everything with Teriyaki 🤣🤣

This cafe actually serves Japanese fusion, which means there is actually local twist to the Japanese food. They’ve got a wide range to choose from, ranging from the rice to noodles to Onigiri.

Most of the food are available for the entire day, except for their dinner menu which is available only from 6pm daily, and the breakfast sets that is only available from 8-10am

Craving for hotpot is real when the weather is freaking hot and you still want to torture yourself for this kind of meal 😂😂😝

I’ve always preferred going back to basics, hence I’ve ordered this “Two Pesos hotpot set” which required me to stir fry the meat first till it’s half cooked before cooking the soup with the ingredients provided. Well that’s the fun of hotpot right? Cook yourself before eating.

Every hotpot set comes with either rice or noodles, and you can always add on some other ingredients to your liking. Since it is a self service concept, you’ve to refill the soup on your own whenever you need more.

Decided to try something different rather than the typical chilli Pan mee. Got the da pu noodles which was noodles with baked pork + minced pork. Added a heap of chilli ( as seen in photo) that did not come with the noodles. After all the noodles looks boring and innocent right?
10 mins later I was tearing. Unknown to me was the chilli oil below. I must say it’s quite shiok, though the flavour doesn’t match up to kin kin IMO...