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We had the I'm Hungry and Take It Easy

It was really filling and really good! Ö
The falafel was crispy and flavourful, and the pita bread was amazingly fluffy :D

Guess you could call them the TWG of coffee. Shop was elegantly dressed up, vibrant colours. Cafe was beautifully decorated. Prices are on the steep side, overall pastries were good. There is a coffee encyclopedia, you can choose which blend you prefer.

This palm-sized portion was rather small, but the hummus was very delicious. I particularly enjoyed the chunky chickpeas that remained in the mix, and the addition of paprika elevated the whole dip.

Who needs pizza if you can get your pita so crisp and light.

Loaded with garlic and cheese and accompanied with a velvety smooth homemade hummus .

Everything is about TOP notch quality and balance at Pistachio Grill.

The best place for middle eastern and Mediterranean food .

Few restaurants wow me these days but pistachio Grill definitely sits at the TOP of my list. This place puts Michelin graded restaurants to shame literally 🤣.

If I can go back to the same place within 10 days - it says a lot .

Chef kaled nailed every dish with such finesse , care and sincerity . Soul food is what I call this .

The Chicken was tender and marinated with complex flavours - I can’t even break down its components because everything was held together so perfectly .

The saffron rice was light and fluffy and I assure you - you just can’t have enough of it .

The extremely salad with the tangy yoghurt sauce was a nice way to balance out the meal.

Everything is about top quality , balance and flavours at pistachio .

Service is extremely extremely good - you get to see Chef Khaled going amongst the restaurant to see his customers - extremely humble and talented Chef who cooks with so much love .

If only we had more of such places to visit in Singapore .


Small counter space but they have so many selection of coffee! Love this place. Always great for good coffee.

Tried the Sidamo Mountain coffee ($9) today with the Millie Feuille Grand Mika Matari ($9).

Preferred this pastry more than the croissant we tried in our previous visit.

The coffee is complex and smooth. Not acidic. 👍🏻

Will be back to try more variety of the coffee.

Special Burpple Set Menu

Good value and tasty!

It was a hit and miss with this, the chicken skewers although abit dry but so flavourful. The lamb was gamey to me so I didn’t enjoy it so much. I didn’t use the 1 for 1 beyond for this as there was another discount from eatigo, and we had 3 people. Do ask for extra garlic sauce that comes with it as its sooo good ! The pizza is a miss as it was a very thick slice of bread and abit of cheese.

Optics-wise it mightn’t look too fancy, BUT LET ME TELL YOU THE FOOD WAS AMAZING!!! The grub tasted as good as the menu looked bad (which honestly, set the stage for a v v pleasant and hearty lunch). The rice dishes were extremely fragrant and well-spiced, and came in big portions. The condiments and sauces were also amazing. We also had a kafta (this wrap looking thing in the pic) and a vegetable moussaka which tasted incredible — we have no idea how they made a veg mush taste so GOOD.

All in all, we spent ~$70 for 2 mains and 2 sides, w the burpple 1-for-1 deal. We left feeling filled but not fat, which I think is a pretty impressive.

We were so glad we gave tabbouleh a shot. It wayyyy exceeded our expectations and was more than worth it. It’s now on our list of places to dine at, and we’ll definitely be back!! With more friends!

Love the soft and pillowy pitas. Hummus, babaganoush and tahini were all fragrant. Pickles were just the right amount of tartness. Would recommend to get another pita as they are extremely generous with the hummus. Limited seating though.

Ordered the Fatteh Breakfast, which was falafel, halloumi, poached eggs and pita bread. This was very filling and tasty, and something different from the usual brunch options. The restaurant was very beautifully decorated, great place for a lazy brunch.

Using the Eatigo voucher, this whole spread for the 3 of us came up to $32.01!

I don't have a whole lot to say except EVERYTHING WAS DELICIOUS and I am extremely pleased with my experience. Service was friendly and accommodating, and the ambiance made me feel like I was in Lebanon (well probably the touristy parts). I especially enjoyed the za'tar portion of the manaquis, and the labneh. If I were to give a critique, it would be that the chicken was too dry so maybe just order the hummus without toppings instead.