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I find falafels at other places in Singapore really dry, but these were perfect and tasty! And the pita breads were like clouds.

The dish was actually very filling. Be careful when ordering the spicy flavour though!!

My photo is bad. There is more meat inside. One of six choices in their lunch menu. Good value for money. (Rating:😬)

So glad to finally try this place and it does live up to expectations. Loved the mezze and main dishes! Will definitely be back again
📷 (1) Hummus with Spiced Mushrooms, (2) Crab Toast, (3) Halloumi Salad, (4) Claypot Lamb Shoulder and (5) Malabi 📍Artichoke
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This was one of those experiences that changed my life. At that time a few months back, I was at a crossroads paved into ennui. A depravity of inspiration, of novelty and whimsy in gastronomy. Then came along Eli. Then came along Pita Bakery. It was love at first sight and love at first bite, respectively of course. Enchanté, I was never happier.
Bordered on the outskirts of eclectic Kampong Glam on Bali Lane, Pita Bakery is a cozy shack with just 5 tables (3 inside, 2 outside), but makes up for its unassuming tiny space with its moreish Mediterranean food that keeps a loyal band of falafanatics (falafel and fanatics get it hah) coming back for weekly takeaways and outsiders into the fold.
1️⃣ Fill Free ($9) - the holy grail, a beatific combination of Middle Eastern flavours stuffed into a pillowy, fresh-baked pita. We’re talking bountiful balls of scrumptious falafels and crisp turshi topped with a tantalizing blend of tahini, harissa and amba
2️⃣ Hummus ($4) - , thoughts?
3️⃣ Take It Easy ($8) - while the naming conventions may seem like something straight out of a comic book café, make no mistake, this is a place that gets their Middle Eastern food right. 8 balls of warm, crunchy and seductive falafel nestle in a perfectly shaped wooden tube, fresh for the picking to be dipped into either the hummus or harissa that these eight little dwarves come with
If you’re like me and find yourself falling in love with a Jew with no idea how to get around Kosher laws on food by the third date, look no further than Pita Bakery, which happens to be Halal, Vegan AND Kosher. On god do I dream of the pitas from there at times.

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I mean we’ve got this piping hot pie of creamed kale, halloumi cheese and lots of meaty mushrooms, resting beneath this gloriously crispy, golden, noodle-like pastry. Textural contrast: ✔️ Super creamy and cheesy filling: ✔️ They’ve got the makings of the perfect pie really. Except...3 bites in it all got waaaay too salty. Perhaps it was just an off day for them (our thicc hashbrown also had seasoning issues that night), but what started off as a great dish turned out so salty we barely finished half of it. Which was a real bummer cause otherwise it was epic.

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Pita sandwich with falafel, salad tahini, amba and harissa. The pita was cold but the falafel balls were satisfying. It’s a homely and simple sandwich.

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Peeled Russet potatoes are steamed, grated, and seasoned with corn flour and salt, then covered with foil and baked at 150 degrees for an hour. then cut into squares and fried it, topped with sour cream and fresh za'atar (wild thyme in Middle East). The texture of crispy hash brown at outside and Soft inside, mixed with chilled sour cream combine together in mouth, it’s really good 😋 💰$14.
📍Artichoke Sg.
161 Middle Road.

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Situated right in the heart of Kampong Glam, Tabbouleh draws a crowd from the many tourists looming around. The rice is similar across both dishes - long grains flavoured with traditional Lebanese spices. The chicken mandi ($26.50++) is supposedly cooked underground! We found the chicken rather dry, so the tangy sauce on the side was a welcomed addition. We aren’t big fans of mutton, but were pleasantly surprised by the lamb mashwi ($27.90++)! The charcoal-grilled cubes of meat were very moist, and so flavourful that the usual gamey taste was masked. Savoured this the most! Tabbouleh may be a good stop if you were bringing a friend around town, but otherwise too pricey even with Burpple’s 1 for 1.

This is a quintessential Middle Eastern dessert ($6) consisting of layers of filo pastry, honey and chopped nuts (namely almond and pistachio). The owner told us that their version of baklava is homemade and has a muted sweetness level, which I appreciated.

I liked the crispiness of pastry combined with the stickiness of the honey and rich earthy flavors of the nuts. It tasted very exotic but also reminiscent of some Chinese New Year biscuit with all the nuts. Just a fun way to end a delicious meal.

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Was amazed to see the selection of breads and dips at Pita Bakery. Everything is made fresh from scratch in store. They even have an overnight crew to knead the bread for the next day! I had the Free Fill Bread which included a generous serving of chopped vegetables and the filled with the most tasty, crispy falefels. It was so delicious especially with the side of Babaganoush (egg plant dip) that brought it all together. I really need to go back ASAP and try the sesame/za’atar/ ras bread and the other dips ahhhh

A mainstay at Mediterranean restaurants, tabbouleh is a parsley-based salad with burghum wheat, cherry tomatoes and onions. It's got some kind of tangy dressing on it that really goes well with the veggies (think Italian salad). This was really refreshing between bites of the heavier meats and carbs and the parsley flavor wasnt overpowering. Which is nice because I don't like parsley and eating it just by itself sounds weird to say the least.