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Fat Prince is simply Middle Eastern cuisine done right, and I've found many gems on their new menu
Their Duck Pastilla, in particular, was a show-stopper. Not enough can be said about the heavenly blend of vegetables and almonds with some stunningly flavoursome shredded duck — juicy and devoid of any gameyness. Parceled within a delicate layer of filo pastry, which also imparted traces of fragrant butteriness, the dish was a sublime exercise in combining textures.

This place is quite popular. We ordered the non veg thali set, with an extra order of garlic naan (yumm). It was enough food for my husband and I. I thought it was a little pricey (considering you are just a few minutes away from Little India, and amazing cheap food at Tekka). I suggest sitting inside... much classier ambiance. My husband enjoyed the meal more than I did. The service wasn't great, and I'm not usually fussy about that.

What exactly: “Chicken morsels skewered with whole mushrooms, marinated with garlic mayonnaise & mustard paste served with saffron rice.” — menu

Price on menu: $20.00

Thoughts on food: Not sure what I was expecting but the taste was a good surprise. Saffron rice tasted kinda bland (not sure if it was supposed to be that way?). There was only one mushroom.

Will I order this again: No only because I want to try other dishes. As someone who gets sick of the taste of a food quite quickly, this was a good mix of flavours.

Will I visit this place again: If I am in the area + there is 1-for-1.

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What exactly: “Fresh lamb leg cubes in middle eastern stew.” — menu

Price on menu: $22.00

Thoughts on food: Lamb is fresh, dish as a whole a tad too oily.

Will I order this again: “Compared to what you ordered? Yes.” — my friend

Will I visit this place again: If I am in the area + there is 1-for-1.

Middle Eastern inspired restaurant is not something we would usually get excited about due to the lack of familiarity with the cuisine. The lack of what to expect contrasted well with the quality of dishes we had, such as this Cauliflower Kushari, which is really quite forward thinking when we look at the weekend brunch landscape today.

Sinfully delicious, this Fried Cauliflower with Egyptian Jewelled Rice, Smoked Japanese ramen Egg, Mint and Puffed Corn work magic when tossed together.

We have quite a feast of meals lined up today, very excited!

Great company good food 👌
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I’ve always wanted to try pita bakery but in the past they didn’t have a seat down area. Now it has around 10 seats? Fill free sandwich has vegetables and falafel w a spicy sauce and a yoghurt sauce. Would be great if there was some hummus but I guess I will have to go down and get their tasting set to try their hummus!


"Be still my beating heart" — that's the kind of unbridled excitement that this lamb shoulder invoked in me.
Slow cooked in the oven overnight, the rich latent flavours were drawn out impeccably, as a torrent of juices flooded my palate with an eloquently layered blend of varied flavours, but with lamb gameyness distinctly absent. More importantly, the protein boasted of an unparalleled suppleness scant in most lamb dishes — simply beautiful.

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Tasty meats but the wait was pretty long. Not ideal for when you want a quick meal, but otherwise pretty good for the 1-1 deal

Finished every last drop of this 😋
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Loved the unique fish kebabs in particular! The crispy cauliflower was really yummy too!
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My favorite spot for authentic middle eastern food. Loved the kebabs and the falafels. Hummus was great too! Ambiance in the restaurant is a plus too!