Singapore’s first fusion jjamppong specialty restaurant, Nipong Naepong is here! With over 9 types of jjamppong on the menu, we guarantee you’ll have a taste of Korea you’ve never had before. Come check us out at #01-16, JEM!
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50 Jurong Gateway Road
#01-16 Jem
Singapore 608549

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

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And for something soup-ish and less guilty, the Vongole Ppong ($16.80) offers quite a spicy and flavourful kick (so a tip is to get their life-saving Lychee Yogurt to douse the heat). Great as a rainy day comfort food, the white wine and garlic base was a heavenly combination that tied in superbly well with the sweetness of the clams.

Thank you Burpple for the invite, Rachel for hosting us and @NipongNaepongSG for feeding us~~~

Revolutionising the traditional Chinese-Korean Seafood Noodles (Jjamppong), Nipong Naepong has recently opened in our sunny shores!

Located in Jem, their menu sees 9 different variations as well as sweet and savoury pizzas to share. Thus zooming in on the selection of ppong, you can now enjoy a 1-for-1 Burpple Exclusive deal available daily till 30th April 2018 and have your pick on the soupy, creamy and dry versions.

As a fan of cream-based dishes, my personal pick would be the "pink" sauce jjolmyeon (wheat noodles) - Ro Ppong- Roje ($17.80) and suggest skipping the slightly one-dimensional Alfredo-esque, Keu Ppong- cream. One of the top sellers, there is just something about the blend of tomatoes with cream that spells comfort food to me. Embellished with crowd-pleasing mozzarella cheese, briny flying fish roe and toasted tortilla, it also comes loaded with seafood like mussels and prawns.

Thank you Burpple for the invite, Rachel for hosting us and @NipongNaepongSG for feeding us!

🥘Burpple Eatup🍕

Ended the eatup with a dessert pizza, the Ni Pizza-Sweet Potato! Absolutely loved this!

Eat it Korean style and remember to dip the rolled slice in the accompanying whipped cream! Your tastebuds will surely be delighted!

🌟Burpple Exclusive offer (1-for-1 Ppong) via the app! Expires 30 Apr 2018 though, so visit asap!🌟

Another hit to go on my list of favourite bread-like food; the pizzas here were well worth my trip from the East to Jem for this Eat Up. Who would have thought that the signature thin crust pizzas here with a layer of sweet potato and cheese; rolled to dunk in a tower of whipped cream could be such an ingenious combination. Definitely NOT conventional- I am sold and in awe of this sweet snack that’s potentially almost effortless to over eat.

Sweet potato lover woohoo~

Really thin layer of pizza with a thin spread of mashed yellow sweet potatoes with a protective layer of cheeeeeese. Served with whipped cream, yes you roll it up too, and dip into the whip cream and nom it like how you eat a corndog.

🥘Burpple Eatup🍕

After all the Asian inspired jjamppong comes the Italian inspired ones!

The Ro Ppong-Roje which came in a deliciously pink sauce made with a rich cream sauce & tomato puree, topped with a lot of shredded mozzarella making it a definite umami bomb. I would advise one to attack this dish right from being served before it turns cold, otherwise the noodles and sauce will become too cloying and clumpy to enjoy.

🌟Burpple Exclusive offer (1-for-1 Ppong) via the app! Expires 30 Apr 2018 though, so visit asap!🌟

🥘Burpple Eatup🍕

Final jjamppong dish. This was quite similar to the Ro Ppong-Roje but was not as cloying/clumpy when turned cold due to the absence of mozzarella cheese i suspect. Not too bad for an Italian-Korean fusion dish.

Definitely for those who like cabonara pasta dishes.

🌟Burpple Exclusive offer (1-for-1 Ppong) via the app! Expires 30 Apr 2018 though, so visit asap!🌟

Not kidding but, my nickname is Ro and coincidentally this is actually one of my favourites, surprisingly. Because I'm not a cream pasta person. However, this pink sauce or combination of cream and tomato base really caught me by surprise. Remember to share this HAHAHA otherwise you might end up wasting food.

🍜-for-🍜: 1-for-1 Ppong till 30 April 2018 for Burpple Exclusive! Don't miss out 😉😏

This Alfredo-Jjamppong hybrid was really thick and made the chewy wheat noodles look like spaghetti hahahaha. If you wna snap a photo of your food, I would advise you do a quick one before your noodles soak up the wetness of the sauce, leaving you with dry and clingy noodles.

I thought it would be nice to include some mushrooms too so it'll feel more alfredo-ish hehe.

🍜-for-🍜: 1-for-1 Ppong till 30 April 2018 for Burpple Exclusive! Don't miss out 😉😏

Personally biased (towards anything creamy) I was waiting like an expectant child when I spotted this on our tasting menu. Happily slurping down the true it’s description- luxurious sauce, I am a fan of the Italian Ppong spin offs here.

I’d speculate how this would taste like with a Level 1/2 spicy option. Since cream and spiciness are 2 of my favourite things I look forward to a return visit to relish in some good fusion food. Better soon especially with the establishment’s attractive 1 for 1 Ppong offer (for a limited time).

🥘Burpple Eatup🍕

With all the food to taste, 2 jugs of Lychee Yoghurt was definitely not enough among 8 people! So we got to try a jug each of the Citrus & Grapefruit Teas!

Definite thirst quenchers but needed a good mix for the really sweet syrup to be blended properly.

🌟Burpple Exclusive offer (1-for-1 Ppong) via the app! Expires 30 Apr 2018 though, so visit asap!🌟

Been in Korea for months and I've always seen ade on the menu and I have never tried it before since plain water is basically the only drink I consume.

They serve 500ml & 1litre portions so it's good for sharing definitely! Not sure about the contents but it's prolly soda drink with some grapefruit drink mix (like the Yuzu kind you always see people buy from Korea). But surprisingly I kept going for it although I'm typically not the type who would drink while eating also.

The classic jjamppong with a perfect spicy kick. The taste is quite similar to traditional Korean jjamppong, just with a more atas flavour to it since it's served in a restaurant instead of a takeout like in Korea. I've just been back from Korea less than 3 months ago so no doubts hahaha. You can choose level 1 or 2 spice just like the Vongole.

I went for a second serving of the soup 😛

🍜-for-🍜: 1-for-1 Ppong till 30 April 2018 for Burpple Exclusive! Don't miss out 😉😏

The authentic Korean- Chinese crowd pleaser, Singaporeans might have just found a contender to a made up best jjamppongs list here? Despite my lack of exposure to many jjamppongs in our country,I am confident with brief but memorable jjamppongs in Korea that this was what all jjamppongs should be like. Loaded with seafood the key soup base was not just red to please the eyes but most importantly the palate. Could the soup be heated in a wok when I could taste faint resemblance of that piquant taste in the Tae Ppong? I’d gladly speculate but overall I couldnt stop helping myself to this divine broth being a lover-of-spicy.

The current 1 for 1 Ppong (for a limited time only) makes this a steal to savour. What are you waiting for!

🥘Burpple Eatup🍕

Third dish was the Cha Ppong which is the traditional Korean jjampong. Available in level 1 or 2 spiciness, at which level 1 that we tried already provided quite a kick to my tastebuds!

This dish came with a generous portion of mussels, squid, prawn and a pair of quail eggs. Definitely good for cold rainy days as this will warm you right up!

🌟Burpple Exclusive offer (1-for-1 Ppong) via the app! Expires 30 Apr 2018 though, so visit asap!🌟

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