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From the Burpple community

Tried the DonQ version really long ago before the entire hype started and enjoyed it, but had yet to try the St. Leaven's one until today. The Matcha crumbs and powder on the outside had bitter notes, but the cream inside had a sweeter profile, which some may prefer. Would prefer DonQ for the more bitter Matcha, but I did like the addition of chocolate in this bun though!

Unfortunately, I have not tried the best-selling Uji Matcha Cream & Chocolate buns from Donq Boulangerie, so no point of comparison, but St. Leaven Bakery’s rendition ($2.80) certainly satisfied my matcha craving. Studded with matcha crunch and powder, the bun’s exterior came as a textural surprise and a nice contrast to the soft bread as well as the custard within. Generous with the matcha cream, they do feature the pronounced earthy tea flavour that is well-balanced with a sweet and milky after taste. So those who dislike the overly bittersweet notes and grassy quality of matcha would probably enjoy this more. Best eaten when lightly heated, it does get that classic lava ooze but as pictured I cut into it before popping it into the toaster and you get to see that bit of chocolate in there. Warmed, the smooth custard wasn’t too cloying and makes for a good tea time snack.

This was pretty good. The filling had a cottony creamy texture which was quite unique and satisfying

It's decent. Never had a pao de queijo that I liked so far, always feel that it can be done better

$2.80 | Finally understood the hype over this! Managed to grab 2 when I went in the afternoon. Topped with matcha crunch and powder, matcha bun was soft and fluffy. Filled with lots of matcha custard which are smooth and milky and ooze out when you bite! However, it’s a pity that you can’t really taste the chocolate in the custard.

Perfect for tea time!

Matcha Bun ($2.80) consisted of matcha crunch & green tea powder on top of the bread as green tea soft bun filled chocolate custard filling (can refer the picture for description of matcha bun) so basically I don't really understand why they wanted to do similar concept for matcha bun as donq bakery but they saw a lot of people bought matcha bun and always sold out within a couple of minutes after releasing on the shelves. They think that they should be trying to make matcha bun for attracting people to buy it. But I didn't saw people wanted to buy matcha bun and a lot of matcha bun left it at shelves when I was at there around late afternoon time. I felt the quality for matcha bun was not up to the standard even though they managed to replicate most of it. The matcha bun (cream) was quite milky and creamy for me as I didn't taste much chocolate custard inside the filling. The matcha crunch was quite hard for me and the green tea powder like to keep dropping off from the bread (felt a bit of waste when the powder was on the plate) saw @cinnamor011 doing matcha bun reviews on last two weeks so I didn't wanted to write it at that time. oh yes my top of the matcha bun got hit at Zojirushi Toaster Oven (u can google it and it is still selling at electronic store) as it was quite high height for toaster. my family and I even saw fire burning off on matcha bun *internal shock* and so I didn't wanted to talk about it anymore. you all can referred the picture that the top of bread is being cut off and revealed matcha filling from top of the bread.