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The Mad Sailors

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Inspired by our very own "Mat Salleh", The Mad Sailors pays homage to the best of Britain with our gourmet fish and chips and other classics. Get in there!


From the Burpple community

Came with a group of friends and I got its Sambal Fish & Chips ($17.90). It came with two large slabs of fried pacific dory that were slathered with spicy sambal sauce. The dory was soooo fresh! The meat was soft and juicy, and the crust was really crispy. The sambal was more like nasi lemak sambal, the kind that’s more sweet than spicy. Really value for money.

Really enjoyed the meal at the Mad Sailors. Got the sambal fish and chips and the pesto dory fish, both were delicious and the portions were huge!! Three of us shared the two dishes and we were so full :)

Really not bad. The cream is not overpowering. The fish is also well seasoned.

~ A Curious Tale Of The Origin Of Fish & Chips ~ πŸ₯‡

Once upon a time, after pirating and treasure hunting had reached its peak popularity and had become the Get-rich-quick πŸ’΅ vocation of every young boy, there really wasn't much treasure left buried in thick jungles or deep underwater. All the pirates were poor, and unmotivated, and worse still, most of them were stuck in the middle of an endless blue, the great vast ocean 🌊.

A πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³ chef on board one of these ships had a brilliant idea πŸ’‘ , they always hauled in lots of fish, and the crew were already sick of steamed/stewed fish. So he came up with a golden plate of treasure - the Fish and Chips. Meant to look like gold treasure, the dish was a hit among the seven seas and is now known as a good old classic.

Were these pirates, no sailors, mad? Probably. But this cool crib serves the good old classic with modern sauces like the masala, and its golden. "Mad genius!", I'd say. One of the servers have very smooth hair πŸ§›β€β™‚οΈ too, jus' sayin.

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Trying this new place just cuz I'm in the area and cuz there's 1-for-1! ✌️

Featuring the Pesto Cream Dory Fish ($17.90), as it was the best dish! Texture of the fish was not like the usual Dory we have in Fish & Chips, it was firmer and it still had the skin on which allowed it to be crispy! The sauce had a very light Pesto taste which we cleaned off the plate with the extra fries we had.

Paired the deal with the Haddock Fish & Chips ($18.90). It was okayyy...

Also tried the Masala Fish & Chips ($17.90) as it seemed to be featured. This was excluded from the deal and it can stay that way, because we didn't really like it. We had a problem with the green sauce, so it was kind of weird.

Overall, not super impressed with the food, but since it was right in the middle of Haji Lane, the place will get points soely because it was pretty happening!

The food here is great! We had Masala Fish and Chips, and Sambal Fish and Chips and it was really savoury.

Had the Butter Beer as well. It reminded me of the one we had in Universal Studios. Maybe come up with a Carbonated version? Will support!

The combination of the sauces were spot on with the fishes, and the fries were hand prepped, with skin still on, even though we could do with more Masala sauce on the side with the fish.

Service staffs were friendly, courteous and felt welcoming throughout the entire dining experience.

Location was easy to get to, and felt cozy on the second floor, with the amazing deco around the shop.

Definitely will visit again! Keep up the good work guys!