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Angus sirloin, mashed potatoes, mushrooms, and cooked greens. Beef was cooked medium-rare (just the way I like it), though I thought that the fat could have been cooked more to render more of its goodness. The mashed potatoes were seasoned well and had a rustic charm to it, compared to the ‘usual’ creamy mash that you get.

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OMG the POPULUS Scramble! Gorgeous scrambled eggs on croissant topped with 🥓 (S$18)
Those eggs were like lava oozing out. So good so soft and so creamy! I actually finished it up! Hack the calories and cholesterol!

Snagged the Burpple exclusive deal! This was so delightful to look at and have.
But be warned of 2 things: the ice cream melts very quickly and this is easily mitigated against when you have preferably 3 pairs of utensils vying for a piece of this sweet prize 😋.
The waffle was rather savoury which complements all the sweetness you get above.

The first impression of a slovenly put together burger was completely demolish with just one bite.
Artisan sesame burger bun meets 2 crunch: one from the red cabbage slaw and two the crunchy fried chicken patty- that was true to its description. Then thoughtfully added to intensify the indulgent factor this burger presents, a layer of back bacon rests below the thick and substantial chicken thigh.
A messy affair probably but far from sloven, I apologise.


our lemon and white chocolate one was a refreshing end to dinner! the soft serve was studded with flower petals within and I was initially picking them out but realised their purpose when I accidentally swallowed one lol. citrusy and floral flavours go together quite well.


Waffles with the limited edition black forest sundae, love the brownie! The popping candy kept popping popping in our mouths🙈
Like the idea of placing the soft serve on a waffle biscuit which was then placed on the buttermilk waffles, this made the ice cream melt more slowly and the waffles did not turn soggy as well.


Interesting, taste good and filling. The only downside, the beef is too tough to be a wagyu.

Its right beside The Lokal at Outram Park. The drink is fairly OK, the wifi is pretty usable and there is a power socket under my table. I came at 5PM on Sat so the shop isnt crowded.

4/5 would come back again for a change of scenery.

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Fav part about this dish was the hummus on top of the steamed pumpkin. Texture of the wagyu dependent on when you’d come here. Overall a pretty well paired dish. I’d definitely order it again.


Soft poached eggs with hollandaise sits on potato roasting, sausage, smoked salmon rolls, baked beans and mixed salad. A great meal to kickstart the day.

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The grain bowls here are such a joy, with an explosion of flavours and colours from fluffy quinoa, wheat and barley and the fresh salad sides. The seared beef was unfortunately a tad too dry and tough.


Meh - tastes like the stuff you get at WHEAt, but sweet vinegar instead of sesame sauce. Not impressed. Would not come here for this.

I like the combination of healthy grain bowls, craft beers and coffees
Had the seafood grain bowl that's pretty tasty with Rye and Pint Pale Ale (not bad)
The long black is OK... hope the craft brews will be better though.
Will be back to try the other stuff.

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Here’s an unexpectedly delicious healthy find at Populus that I really enjoyed. The roasted cod loin was just a touch dry, but the soba noodles tossed with marinated mushrooms, lightly pickled vegetables, broad beans, spring onions and lime sesame dressing was packed with a punchy zestiness and crunch that made for easy eating.

Taste: 3.5/5


Voracious meat eaters might avoid this like the plague, but give this salad a chance and you might be pleasantly surprised. Looking monotonously bland in green, this mountain of veggies is anything but. Munch through well-dressed swathes of kale, charred broccoli, spinach, cottage cheese, marinated feta and grains on a slice of wholegrain bread. Top up $2 for a sous vide egg!

Taste: 3.5/5


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