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Singapore 179806

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11:30am - 09:45pm

11:30am - 09:45pm

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11:30am - 09:45pm

11:30am - 09:45pm

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From the Burpple community

Not much alcohol taste, coffee taste dominant. Unusual to pair tiramisu with a fruity jam

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Guilty pleasure but a bit pricy

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We got the nachos as a second side dish and this came with a plate full of nacho chips, topped with beef chilli, salsa, sour cream, a small amount of guacamole as well as a slight dose of jalapenos. Nachos were fairly crispy and we loved the crunch with each bite. We also liked that the beef chilli was fairly generous and it is only slightly spicy so you don't have to worry!

However, given that the beef chilli and sauces were all distributed very unevenly, it might be better for the restaurant to serve the other toppings in separate side dishes so that everyone can decide how much toppings to add for their chips. 😅 Also, we felt that the price of $20++ was very steep, although this was meant to be a starter only.

Do note that you can enjoy a 25% discount if you are using the Entertainer, as The Masons Table is available on the platform!

Truffle fries are our go-to starter dish and it is no exception at The Masons Table! The fries are thick-cut and pretty crispy and we liked that they were freshly-fried, since they were served to us piping hot! The fries were doused in a pretty generous serving of truffle oil and this gave the dish it's signature truffle fragrance. You can pair it with the tartar sauce at the sides if you want, although we felt it was a little strange and the fries on their own are yummy enough!

For $14++ however, it was fairly expensive given that the bowl of fries wasn't even large in the first place! Nonetheless, it's great as a sharing dish.

Trust us, even though the burger looks really small, the fries will be generous enough to fill your tummy! The beef burger was the highlight of the meal and we felt it was well done as the bread was soft while the beef patty was tender and juicy. Furthermore, the burger comes with a layer of melted cheese on top of the beef patty and that was just awesome!

The fries were also served piping hot and they were crispy! However, you may wish to note that these are normal fries and they are not truffle fries. You may want to check with the restaurant if there is an option to upgrade to truffle fries since they do serve truffle fries. The dish was $24++ but we enjoyed 25% off on The Entertainer.

To be honest, what we loved most about The Masons Table was the dining environment. It was really spacious and there were not many diners when we visited on a weekday, so it is a really conducive place to have a catch-up with your friends! 😁

One of the highlights of my meal is to devour this earl grey cake with distinct notes and the strawberry sorbet which was so refreshing and not artificial!