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From the Burpple community

instead of a build-your-own pasta, i decided to get a pasta from the menu! having tried their smoked duck pasta with pink sauce, this tomato-based pasta was not as good as the former as it tastes similar to other pasta restaurants as well 🙂 i would totally recommend smoked duck instead~

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Love the beef ragu sauce, smoke duck was tad bit salty. The pasta was too soft for personal taste, quite overcooked. But service was 11/10 constantly checking if you have enough water. Chill and clean place.

Love the fact that they put in effort into making their pasta fresh and different from other Italian restaurants. Prices are good, and I love the chili lime fettuccine in pink sauce.

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I really love the pasta here and I’ld give it a 9/10 but my experience has almost always been not 100% positive.

Arrived before 1:47pm, was told the wait would be 45 min. Waited 45 minutes and got my table for one person at 2:32pm. Ordered my food. The pasta came 19 minutes later at 2:51pm. Finished eating and was in the middle of drinking my water when I was asked to leave the restaurant at 3:13pm.

In total, I waited 1 hour and 4 minutes for my lunch which I ate within 22 minutes and was then basically asked to leave 🙃

There was also this Blackhole 5% off the first bill which one of the waitresses asked me to sign up for and gave me the impression I could use it. But the terms and conditions which weren’t stated on the website or on the table was that the 5% wasn’t applicable on orders that were under $20. So even though the 5% discount is quite small, in principle I felt a bit tricked that only when I was paying for my meal that I was told the 5% would not apply.

I feel that restaurants should be more upfront and transparent with their customers on (1) how long they can spend in the restaurant; and (2) the terms and conditions of their discount promotions. While I enjoyed the pasta and clearly waited quite long (1 hour and 4 minutes) for one plate of pasta, as a customer, I felt quite shortchanged and rushed. Really hope they can improve their communications and customer waiting time so that the customer experience won’t be so negative and frustrating.


Squid ink mafalde, creamy pesto, caramelised cherry sun dried tomatoes, smoked duck, bird’s eye chillies, chilli flakes, EVOO, grated parmesan.

Pesto flavour was strong and taste good even though it got gelak towards the end - luckily this was alleviated by the sour sun dried cherry tomatoes. Mafalde reminds me of mee hun kueh and is my default pasta choice here.

Adding both bird’s eye chillies and chilli flakes make all the difference. Without these, their pastas are just alright. Spicy pasta is their USP.

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Building your own food is always a hit or miss.

As someone who does order customisation pretty often, I really love this concept. I was so close to ordering all the toppings, just imagine how it would look.

There were 3 pasta types to choose from and I picked Mafalde bc I want one that could hold the sauce really well and the shape seems ideal. Texture was just the way I like it, firm to the bite.

When I first saw Pink Sauce, I thought it would be some exotic flavour. Realised it’s actually a blend of Cream & Tomato, resulting in a creamy yet tangy flavour without being too heavy.

The black paste you see here is actually the Truffle Pate. It was good, definitely satisfy the truffle desire. However, I can do without bc the the paste & sauce were good on it’s own.

Here is my exact order for anyone who is interested.
Pasta: Mafalde | Sauce: Pink Sauce
Toppings: Smoked Duck Breast | Sous Vide Egg | Truffle Pate | Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Grated Parmesan

I can’t wait to be back!