183 Upper Thomson Road
#01-03 The Longhaus
Singapore 574429

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08:30am - 05:00pm

08:30am - 05:00pm




08:30am - 05:00pm

08:30am - 05:00pm

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Yet another incredibly satisfying post-workout refueling ❤️

This sandwich ($10) is a sourdough burger bun instead of their sourdough roll, and I like it just as much. It's much softer but with the same tanginess and fluffiness.

It's stuffed with a large omelette, avocado, lettuce leaf and tomato slice. I really liked how all the simple ingredients came together in the bun. They were definitely generous with the ingredients. There's also a smear of spicy mayo inside which elevated the sandwich from 'nice but boring' into 'delicious and flavorful'. Especially when paired with their fantastic sourdough.


I love their sliced sourdough so much. And they warm the sandwich up for you too if you are eating in. Two slices of gloriously buttered and toasted sourdough sandwiched cheddar cheese, roasted vegetables and pesto.

It's just such a beautiful mix of textures and flavors. The crusty crunch of the sourdough and the soft, dense, sticky center of the bread. The salty sharp cheddar and the earthiness of the pesto. The tang of the tomato base that made up the roasted vegetables (kinda like a ratatouille).

It's just a really simple and well executed sandwich with a delicious medley of flavors. My only gripe was that the sandwich wasn't sufficiently warm to melt the cheddar, but didn't really compromise on taste.

The cinnamon bun was soft, moist and cinnamony, with a pleasant tang to it. The cream cheese wasn’t too sweet, and was a nice accompaniment to the bun :)

To everyone's delight, owners Chalith and Nur are back with irresistible bakes! Find their inconspicuous bakery at The Longhaus on fringe of Upper Thomson Road, given away only by the colourful stools outside the otherwise blank storefront. Savour the Onion Pizza ($14) or Vegan Bialy ($6), and let yourself be tempted by sweet treats like the Spelt Almond Financier ($5) and Banana Walnut Date Tea Cake ($5.50). Don't forget to have a Filter Coffee ($4.50) or delicious Cold Bew ($5) made from Cata Coffee beans.
Photo by Burppler aggs & xi :D

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A sourdough roll is roughly hewn open and stuffed to the brim with a cheddar omelette, lettuce and caramelized onion. ($9)

As usual, their sourdough rolls are amazing. Perfect tang with the crunch from the exterior and the pumpkin seeds. I love how generous they are with the cheddar. Granted, it's not melty any more since it's been out for a while, but there's such a generous amount of cheese that I didn't quite mind that.

The sharp saltiness of the cheddar cuts through the more one-dimensional flavor of the omelette. The omelette has really good texture though; nice and fluffy. The only complaint I had would be that it's slightly watery. The caramelized onion injected some sweetness which went perfectly with the cheddar. The lettuce leaf was strategically placed to prevent the inside of the bread from getting soggy and also just gave a touch of freshness to the sandwich.

It's a really good sandwich with nice flavors. The execution could be better (eg. Assembling the sandwich to order) but given the scale and the amount of effort it takes I really cannot complain.


The pumpkin seed crust was very crunchy and was my favourite part of the sandwich roll. The egg mayo, cheese & arugula went well with it!

I liked the babka a lot, as there were bits of chocolate and raisin in every bite, and the bread wasn’t dry. I love warm, cinnamony flavours and this was satisfying!

The roasted mushroom tartine was topped with different mushroom varieties, cheese, arugula and finished with pesto + olive oil. The pesto was great and I enjoyed how the mushrooms were juicy with textural variation as they were of different varieties.