Sage Cream Cheese and Berry Compote

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The sourdough toast was soft, chewy and tangy in the middle (my friend likened the texture to a minjiangkueh), while the crust was crunchy.

The nut butter wasn’t overly chunky, and was pretty nice, but I would have liked it better if there wasn’t a coconut oil taste. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed it, with the honey providing some sweetness.

The sage cream cheese + berry compote had a nice balance - the sage wasn’t overpowering! I liked that the cream cheese was very light and not jelat at all :)

The sourdough toast with sage cream cheese and berry compote ($4) was ok, nothing spectacular. The latte ($5) was yums. I probably will come back again for it. They had many bakes, both sweet and savouries up for grabs. Prepare to queue and wait. Was there on saturday 9am and the queue was long.

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This is truly one-of-a-kind bakery/cafe as unconventional toasts & sandwiches are up on their menu, all created with their made-in-house sourdough bread.

(clockwise from top left)
• Hummus with za'atar: Thick & creamy blended chickpeas topped with Middle Eastern herbs (of which the cumin flavour was strong) and olive oil, loved it!!
• Sage cream cheese with berry compote: The herbed cream cheese was slathered thick, but the compote was slightly too watery in my opinion, hence causing a little mess when eating. Also find that the berries did not add sufficient tang and sweetness to the whole toast. (and pardon the half eaten toast cos my bf was hungry 🌚)
• The whole she bang bialy: Garlic and sesame seeds-infused cream cheese with a sunny-side up topped with Siracha sauce. Simple ingredients, but the combination works so well! You get the crisp from the crust, chewiness from the bread, tang from the cream cheese, yolky goodness from the egg, spice from the hot sauce, and fragrance from all the other small bits of ingredients. A must-try!!
• Egg salad with dukkah and pickled onions: Yet another interesting flavour with hard boiled eggs coated in a creamy and mildly-spiced dressing, finished off with sourness from the pickles. This is my personal favourite!

I've also ordered a cold brew for myself and it was surprisingly good as well - mild, slightly acidic with a smooth finish, definitely a game changer that changed my perception of kopi-O.

tldr; The toasts came in thick slices, toasted till crisp with a tender interior, slathered/topped with a generous amount of ingredients. 10/10 would recommend this place to any bread-lover.


Couldn't decide between "everything cream cheese" and "fried egg + hot sauce", so of course I did not hesitate when presented with the option that gives you both.

I thought I'd get the sage cream cheese they slather on their berry compote toast, but my oh my, this was something else — generously studded with chopped garlic and sesame seeds (thought I tasted sautéed shallots too). 😋

I've never had bialy before and I expected it to be bagel-like, but it's less dense and more moist with a lovely fermented tang. Combine that with a sunny side up, Sriracha and that schmear of cream cheese and I'm sold! Do try it if it's available.


Ordered the toast with sage cream cheese and berry compote ($4), and lemon sesame tea cake ($5) to share, and both were so good?!? I love the Sourdough toast which is so moist and still easy to cut through, not like some other sourdough bread which I've had elsewhere which can be really hard and tough to "saw" through. Only downside is that it's too small! We can only blame ourselves but then we were heading someplace else thereafter for lunch. The cream cheese was sinfully good and berry compote not sweet at all, instead it had a nice tanginess that balances out the cream cheese.

Limited seating although on a weekday late morning it wasn't a problem but I think they missed my toast order because it took almost half an hour before we got to sink our teeth into it! Thus, despite that there weren't many other customers...

Sage Cream Cheese Berry toast.


for $5 and $4 respectively, these toasts were everything i had wished for to satisfy my late morning hunger pangs!!! the toasts itself were nice and crispy, but with the addition of the sweet / savoury goodness on top, these became amazing. i'll definitely be back for more! 😋💓


This artisan bakery is located at Serene Centre which is at Bukit Timah. The sourdough is extremely HARD but the toppings on top is delicious!!! The Hummus Za'atar EVOO toast is so good. You could see that they spread a generous amount of that on top of that sourdough and it is so creamy. The Sage Cream Cheese Berry toast was good too. You can also see they spread a generous amount of cream cheese on the sour dough as well. Just a wonderful medley of sweet and sour. Please do not order the Coconut Cold Brew though. So bitter and.... yuck. lol

If they have an outlet near my home, I can totally see myself visiting on a weekly basis to get my bread fix.

The Bakery by Woodlands Sourdough
Address: 10, Jalan Serene, Serene Centre, Unit 01-05, Singapore 258748

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Thanks to @burpple I got to know about this hot new bakery at Serene Centre. I initially ordered the vegemite and cheddar toast, but upon seeing this beauty being prepared behind the counter I quickly switched my order and boy I am I glad I did.

Fresh out of the oven, the sourdough was pleasingly crusty outside, yielding to a soft, stretchy center within. The savoury sage cream cheese slathered on the toast was a complementary contrast to the sweetness of the lush berry compote.

Unsurprisingly, they were all sold out when we wanted to buy a loaf to take home.