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Regardless of type, what constitutes a good dumpling for me is simple: a soft skin and a nicely-seasoned, juicy filling. The ratio of those two is key. Furthermore, the dumplings have to be freshly made on site.
中国拉面小龙包 - hawker stall #02-135 at Chinatown Complex Food Centre, is always buzzing because theirs fulfill all these requirements. The hive of activity centres around the tiny team that handmakes every single dumpling and the customers who mill around, awaiting their orders to be ready.

My second pregnancy has seen more prawn noodle cravings than I thought possible. Instead of complaining, I’ve been keeping my tastebuds peeled for all the best prawn noodles this island is said to have. This week’s prawn noodle fix sees me slurping down a mix of yellow noodle and white bee hoon tossed with a handful of fingerlickin pork lard, and coated with a savoury sauce spiked with some of that oh-so aromatic prawn broth. Though I asked for a chili version, it wasn’t spicy enough so I topped it off with a dollop of their tangy chili sambal and it did the trick. The bits of kang kong in the noodles were a nice surprise and added a delicate soft crunch. I had the 大大 version, and at $9.80, it was one of the more pricey prawn noodles I’ve had but it was worth it. Fresh prawns, deliciously thick prawn soup that was hard not to slurp all of - now this is what makes me (and my baby) happy! I shall return for more; and maybe try the 大大大 version!

Pork ribs are by far one of my favorite BBQ cuts. I’ve had them all sorts of ways - Memphis style, sweet and sticky, smoked and of course with salted egg yolk. But I haven’t quite tasted any like this - topped with aromatic toasted desiccated coconut that’s been tossed with curry leaves. I ordered it because it looks so much like serunding (which I’m crazy about) and what a fluke! The coconutty “confetti” added a caramel overlay that was incredibly tasty. I was tempted to ask for another helping of said topping and sneak it home. Thank you Meatsmith for creating an Indian inspired menu at your latest Little India outpost.

Finally made our way down to Bird Bird Sg's new location at Frankel Avenue. Went for the good ol' Old Bay Seasoning fried chicken with corn bread waffles. So good! Gravy was on point and best when doused over the chicken piled on top of maple syrup soaked waffles. And I do think we've tasted one of the best grilled cheese sandwich in Singapore! Damn, it was the perfect combination of 5 gorgeous cheeses - haloumi, Brie, cheddar, grana padano, and herb & garlic cream cheese. Salty, creamy gooey heaven in a perfectly grilled crisp vehicle; good crusty bread. The kimchi-tomato soup that came with it was the kicker. Yes we slurped it up even after we ran out of sandwich to dunk in.


Been on a prawn noodle phase of late and watching videos of people making hokkien prawn mee just stokes my craving. Found out about this joint online and was ecstatic that it's so damn near the office. The stock was deliciously sweet and full of prawn flavour. The dried shrimp chilli gives it an umami lift. What a scrummy slurp!

Due to lack luster prawn noodles of the past, I gave up hoping for that glorious bowl that will astound me. So imagine my delight when a long forgotten stall I used to visit when I was younger popped into my radar while I was watching telly. This lady was slurping on said noodles and I was sold. I got the $11.80 large bowl because I am that greedy. The broth was so rich with that briny prawn umami flavour it as hard to stop. You got to give credit to the generous amounts of pork lard and fried shallots too. Thankfully they give soup refills. The dry version is equally addictive because of the shiok sambal liberally tossed within. What can I say - I'm hooked enough to be thinking of it one week later.

Char siew is usual my preferred protein when I'm out eating noodles. This time, there weren't any as they only specialized in chicken. I got the kway teow and they made for a silky bed for the chicken that was well showered with a light soy sauce. Pretty comforting lunch time food. I had them with a bowl of dumpling soup (also nice and comes with three plump dumplings)


First time dining at Food Republic @ Capitol and chanced upon a pretty decent bak chor mee stall (Capitol Bak Chor Mee). The mee pok noodles had plenty of bite (in other terms al dente) that I rarely get at other bak chor mee places. Incredibly shiok!


Some might say "this is a salad, it has veggies!". To me it's a tastier option that fills you up and keeps your insides clean. The ahi tuna was super fresh and tasty. I had the spicy one. I could eat this everyday.


I think Acai bowls are the new froyo (think Llao llao). Ultra delicious and super clean, it comes with textures like granola and cocoa nibs. A medium is good enough for lunch but if you're a glutton like me you might want to have lunch first before eating this.

Wet or dry, the absolute basis of a good hor fun lies in its wok hei. That necessary smoky lick from a well-seasoned Chinese cast iron wok is irreplaceable and hard to obtain. But good cze char places pay attention to these minute details. Had this plate of satisfying noodles when I was sick last week. San lor hor fun when done right can be super delicious. Most important thing is not let it get bland. The fish slices here were generous and meaty and fresh - another important must-have. I was impressed I came back to buy some home for dinner for my boyfriend. He loved it too!

Never had dry ramen before but decided to since this joint just opened near my office and it looked amazing. The noodles appeared exactly like the photo on their menu - impressive. Taste was also not disappointing at all. The spicy minced pork and poached egg is a winning combo with the al dente noodles. I usually prefer thin noodles for ramen but Kajiken's thicker strands somehow work. Of course I added my own lashings of chilli oil and white vinegar (bottles are on the table) to jazz up my first dry ramen experience or should I say mazesoba (that's what they call it). Apparently someone from Nagoya created this bowl of magic and it's taking Japan by storm. Well I'm glad it has reached our shores.