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First time trying their original signature diabetic series. It’s actually not as sweet as the pseudo ones i’ve come across. The bobas have a nice chew to it as well. Not too chewy like a well done steak and not too nua like a bowl of flaccid noodles. Overall i think it’s not bad but don’t expect me to queue an hr for this.

5 for $14.50; 10 for $26.50; 16 for $41.50;
Besides being known for their girls, Taiwan is also a famous attraction for pineapple pastries. Hails from Nantou, SunnyHills pineapple cakes are made and imported directly from Taiwan. With no preservatives, the pastries can last no more than 3 weeks. Shaped like a Tetris block, the outer layer of the pineapple cake is smooth and not flaky. Pineapple paste has a nice bite to it, not too sweet and you can still taste the pineapple bits in it! The only downside is the expensive price tag. Honestly, I still prefer Chiate’s cranberry pineapple tarts but SunnyHills is almost a winner in my opinion.


I was alittle disappointed when I found out that the boss is no longer cooking his signature meepok personally since a few years ago. Ever since, i rarely visit the stall over at Jln Tua Kong because the standard has really dropped and I’m just not down for an insincere bowl of meepok...Disappointing... However, I happened to chance upon another of Ah Lim’s outlet at Joo Chiat which is just a couple of feet away from Feifei wtm. Boss’ son is cooking personally and it does tastes much better than the Jln Tua Kong outlet. Noodles are springy and the sauce has an indescribable wine taste that is pretty unique. The $5 and $6 bowl comes with deshelled boiled prawns. It is alittle pricey for a traditional bowl of meepok but do give it a try if you’re ever in the area. Meepok will nvr taste the same again.

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A friend introduced me this laksa place over at Telok Kurau, which happened to be called Katong Laksa. It is a long standing laksa stall that has braved the weathers for more than 20 years as my friend recalls. The laksa gravy is fragrant and the chili goes well with it when evenly mixed. Fairly generous amount of cockles which are juicy. Personally, I’m not a laksa fan, no thanks to 328, but I think after this meal I just became a convert.

$4.50 for S; $5.50 for L
Kinda pricey for wanton mee but it's really really one of the tastiest I've had so far! Now this is the hokkien style of wanton mee i believe, pls correct me if i’m wrong. Personally, i always dub this the “white” kinda wanton mee because of the clear sauce that they use. The clear sauce is really uniquely fragrant and not too oily. Most wanton mee that you find in hawker centres are the “black” kind because they usually use a darker and thicker sauce in their noodles. The Eng’s noodles are slightly thicker than ur usual mee kia and really chewy. Wantons don't have those overcooked stray skin that are peeling off like they are infected with leprosy, which i think is an amazing job well done. Also not forgetting the generous char siew slices that are equally tender! Really worth it! Lastly, if you are up to the challenge, you can add in the super spicy chili at your own risk! The chili bottle even states “Beware of Hot Chilli”. They are not kidding you guys...
Be here early if u wanna avoid the queue! Do not come too late because they close at 9pm

Chocolate: 8” $38, 10” $58
Durian: 8” $48, 10” $78
Tucked along the narrow street of prata haven, Jalan Kayu, lies this unassuming cake shop. From afar it looks like one of those shady massage parlors from Chinatown. However, in it stood a big boned fella, brimming with confidence, as though he knows this will not be the last time you are here to buy his cakes. True enough, Jane’s cake station may seemed a little snobbish with only 2 flavors of cakes in its arsenal. But that is exactly how you know they are good. Jane’s chocolate cake standard is really decent. Except for that hint of saltiness that baffles me, the rest is simply impressive. Chiffon is moist not dry. Chocolate fudge is not too thin nor thick. The fudge also does not harden after long hours of chilling in the fridge unlike most fudge cakes, which is amazing! I personally prefer Jane’s over Lana’s. No offense to Lana lovers out there heh. Overall, i give it 4.5 chopsticks outta 5!
位於在惹蘭加由路中的店屋裡,居留了一個小蛋糕店。Jane’s 蛋糕店只賣巧克力以及榴槤口味的蛋糕。可見得店長對於自己蛋糕的水平十分有信心。巧克力蛋糕的威風濕潤而不會乾巴巴的。巧克力糕層在冰廚裡凍了幾小時也不會硬化。只是巧克力味道有一口不明的淡鹹味。但也蠻特別的吧!整體來說,我個人蠻喜歡Jane’s 的巧克力蛋糕 讚讚讚!

Dish tastes as good as it looks. 6hr smoked pulled pork mixed in linguine with parmesan cream sauce and topped with an onsen egg. The linguine is wicked af. Slightly al dente and the unique carbonara sauce is one of a kind. Sadly, I don't take whole tomatoes. So no matter how expensive your cherry tomatoes are, lim peh just not enticed. Overall, I think i will rate this 4 chopsticks outta 5. 用獨特的巴爾馬干酪煮制的卡爾博納拉,配上切碎豬肉片味道非凡!義大利麵的口感也夠Q 讚!5雙筷子我給你4雙!swee bo


Tucked at a corner below a block of hdb lies this zhi char coffee shop which serves bloody good asam catfish. You know people usually attack the belly part of the fish because it's the most tender. But with the catfish, every part of the fish is equally tender and the asam gravy is pretty wicked! Personally, I think the other zhi char dishes are so-so but the catfish is one not to be missed! Not sure if the catfish is a cheap fish but for $28 a whole fish it's damn worth it! Pls be reminded the catfish needs to be ordered like 2-3 days min in advance. Recommended to make reservations for dinner as well. This place is pretty small and the crowd starts pouring in after 7pm.
想吃鯰魚嗎?那不如到黃家咖啡店一趟. 大量推薦這家的亞參鯰魚! 魚肉又嫩又新鮮,配上亞參醬汁味道更佳! 別道的煮炒品質還好,但鯰魚儘量別錯過!

I became a fan of the tendon ever since I first went to Japan. So i got overly zealous when i heard raving reviews about this place. Had to queue for about 30 mins during a weekend dinner hour. Do come earlier if you want to avoid the queue. There's a set meal available that comes with udon. But in my opinion, the tendon itself is enough to bloat your happy belly. The tempura is as impressive as it looks. Contains assorted veg, prawns and chicken fillet. Batter is crispy and not nua on the inside. The rice glisten like the mother of pearl rice. Not clumpy and the special tendon sweet sauce goes really well with it. The only ingredient missing here is the fried onsen egg which i deeply missed back in Japan. Personally i will root for this over Ginza Tendon.
日式甜不辣飯怎麼能少了Kohaku! 這家在Suntec頂樓的甜不辣店大受歡迎, 也代表了各位顧客的肯定!飯裡包含了雜菜,炸蝦,炸雞柳片. 飯裡的珍珠米不會太黏而不膩,配上特醬味道極佳!慕名而來的記得提早到以免排長隊!

So i came for this overhype shiat that everyone has been talking about since the pokémon days.. I gotta say i'm royally disappointed. I mean i like the concept that everything is automated and looks neat. Even the cutlery dispenser is pretty cool. But honestly the food really need some serious qc..My grilled chicken was tough af. Given that it's thigh meat, man..I guess my chicken must have been doing squats everyday before it got culled. The sauce was alright but my mashed potato was like potato cream...yuck. And i thought ok maybe it's just one dish that they f it up..so i ordered the Japanese Curry Rice ($5). I mean u can't go wrong with that or at least i never tasted a really bad Jap curry rice before. Well, what do you know..They just have to prove me wrong and i was f in the a once again.. For god sake I have never tasted Jap curry rice this nasty before.. There was like almost no gravy in existence at all. Rice was clumpy af that when i scooped it up the whole base of rice just lifted along with my spoon. I give it to you that you have a real sturdy set of cutlery but boy, i'm not here to be amazed balls by ur cutlery!! I swear in my last name that the microwaveable food that 7-11 serves taste easily 10 times more satisfiable than this crap..And what's more, 7-11 is easily available anywhere. Why do i need to travel to Sengkang..Sorry for the profanities but i can't hold it in any longer. Bottom line, this is nay for me... 概念是不錯但食物味道真他媽的需要大量的調整


Newly opened opposite my place. Finally had a chance to visit it. Ordered the crispy crab linguine under the staff's recommendation and boy it was decent! Crispy soft shell crab with the al dente textured linguine was a deadly combination! Pasta sauce was alittle spicy though. Try this dish if your not hot enough! 脆皮蟹肉配搭義大利麵。蟹醬雖然有點辣但麵條的口感彈牙恰好!蟹肉建議大家盡快吃避免脆皮被蟹醬搭爛

Simpang Bedok is commonly known as a supper place where tons of prata houses including the famous Spize is located. Now you can add Burning Oak into the Simpang Bedok food list. Located at the former old hawker centre behind Spize which is now revamped with many other concept stalls, the Burning Oak serves bloody good cow meat! The gyudon and Porkcheek combo is a must try! The wagyu beef is tender beyond belief and the pork cheeks needless to say, taste even more tender than butt cheeks ;) Owner claims that the beef is slow-cooked in a vacuum container for 24hrs to bring out the tenderness of the beef..Unbelievable..be there early cuz they sell out fast! 超好吃的牛排豬肉飯!慢熬的牛肉以及鬆軟的豬肉嫩到融化在嘴裡!甜味爆慘了!大量推薦大家去品嚐!