Date: 7/6/2020
No queue on a quiet afternoon.

After so long, I still think Borobudur Snacks Shop Pte Ltd has the best kueh Ambon.

Student price is only $2 a cup with pearl. Cheap and good!! At Bendemeer mall, there’s itea, tea talk and bober tea. They are the cheapest for student price.

I tried bober tea because of the burpple one-for-one deal.
I must say I quite like it and I have been going back.

But a few areas for improvement.
1) Consistency with sugar level- it is an issue. Sometimes 30% sugar is not even sweet- tasteless at best. Just go for 50%. If you are v particular about not taking too much sugar, to combat the inconsistency, poke and drink on the spot. If it is tasteless, I will request the staff to add a bit more sugar. There was once I bought two medium cups. Both my mom and I requested for a top up of sugar when 30% was tasteless. When the drinks came back, hers was much sweeter than mine.
2) Their bubble tea WITHOUT ice is NOT cold (=not nice). I like my bubble tea cold, but without ice. I usually go for large-sized cups, and it usually takes me a while to finish my tea. So I will order without ice to avoid diluted tea.
3) Today I bought two cups of milk tea and I spilled one cup. Then I realised the two cups of tea were not sealed. My fridge has pearls and bubble tea all over 😨. But to be fair, this is the first time it happened. So it could just be an oversight.

Date: 3/11/19
Queue was short. Had wanted to buy Liho bubble tea but since the nearest outlet is at Tampines mrt, we decided to give itea a try. Bought two oolong latte at $7.80. Couldn’t even finished half a cup though I was really thirsty. Had to throw it away. Terrible👎.

The cups were full of ice, and the drinks simply tastes like diluted sweetened milk.

I had to enquire about the free cup that comes along with 2 same drinks ordered because the staff didn’t mentioned it verbally. Their business must be very goo.
The free plastic bottle with straw was out of stock, so I settled for the (porcelain) Mug. They passed me the Mug in a mouldy box. ☹️
The tea is really not nice. I’m not sure why famous food bloggers say it is not bad.

Ok, just go for the normal milk tea. It is much better. 100% sugar is fine. Not too sweet.

Dominating close to half of the @foodrepublicsg outlets around Singapore, @fuxiangsignatures is best known for its award-winning Signature Curry Chicken which uses a total of 21 secret herbs & spices. From a small stall in a coffee shop, this homegrown brand rapidly expanded to 7 stalls islandwide. Hopefully, I’d see them opening an outlet in the west soon!

Featured are their Signature home-style dishes.
👉Fish Head Curry Assam👈
👉Sambal Crispy Pork👈
👉Curry Chicken Biscuit👈
👉Emperor Cream Sauce Chicken👈
👉Curry Chicken👈

Overall, the tasting experience here was way above average, and I’d recommend this place to anyone craving for curry that is close to our hearts. If I had to pick my favourite out of the lot, it would be their Sambal Crispy Pork that was crispy yet succulent at the same time. For those who can’t take the spice well, their Emperor Cream Sauce Chicken is your best bet. You might wonder if there is salted egg in it... But in fact, no salted eggs were harmed in their recipe 😳.

Thanks Elphin for the kind invite and @fuxiangsignatures for the currylicious spread of their signature dishes!

P.S. Learning how to make chilli paste from scratch was pretty interesting 👍!

Another hidden gem in bugis! At the 3rd floor of fortune centre in a corner, this quaint tiny shop sells good and affordable Japanese food! The mentai don is just $11💕 the sashimi slices are hugeeee almost fillet like. The don is slightly small in size but the other sides are really generous in portion. The makis are really good too! ( only available after 1230) do come early to grab seats, they close early at 230 and sometimes runs out even before that🌝✨ I didn’t try their curry but I’m sure it’s great toooo;) top in my list for great and affordable jap food🤤
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Kolo mee.

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An Instagram post by @pengloh initiated my visit to this prawn noodles specialist.
Opened just three months ago, this casual eatery is an offshoot of “Big Eater Seafood” (a.k.a. “大食家海鲜”) with branches in Upper Changi and Jurong West. Unlike those with a full range of offerings on their menu, the more centrally-located “大食家大大大虾面” at 89 Killiney Road focuses on prawn noodles but they do have a couple of dishes (century egg minced pork porridge is one) for those who don’t take crustaceans.
After reading what Peng had to say about their soup and dry noodles, I had to order both.
Shown above is the latter, the 大食家大虾炒白米粉. Roughly translated, it means “Signature Big Prawns With White Bee Hoon”. I think it is a bit of a misnomer because the insanely tasty gravy colours the noodles an appetising reddish-brown.
Completely unlike the other “white bee hoon” I have had, this boasts of “wok hei”, a gloriously umami, slightly thick sauce that has its rich flavour intensified by loads of fried pork lard and fresh “khng chye” (can someone please enlighten me on its English name?). Besides large prawns, the noodles are fried with slices of lean pork too.
Although the menu is made up of only portions in one size meant for individuals, I found both our orders to be very generous. Those of you with a small appetite can share a serving and maybe add on a side dish like the Salted Egg Chicken or Shrimp Prawn Roll ($5.80 each).

Date Visited: 14/7/19 (Sun)

Was looking for a place to have dinner with my family. Browsed burpple app and found this place near my parents’ place.

Crowd built up after I reached at about 7pm. We were second in line.

Parking limited to parallel lots outside the eatery.

Order the following dishes
Their signature herbal Bak Kut Teh (Soup)
Their famous dry Bak Kut Teh
Hua Diao wine chicken
Oyster Sauce Cabbage
Pig trotters
You Tiao
(3X rice)

Use the one for one app and total cost for the food comes up to about $31 only. Really value for money.

Drinks are expensive though. Coke and coke light cost $2.30 each. Ordered 2 aiyu jelly at $3.50 each. So total damage for drinks >$11.

With one for one app I must say really v good value for money for the food.

My parents really enjoyed the food.
Dry Bak Kut Teh and Hua Diao chicken are stir-fried in their gd quality special dark soy sauce and has an intense aroma.

Trotters are tender. The gravy is GAO!👍🏽

BKT soup is herbalicious!!

Base soup for different soup items is the same. So order one or two soup items will do.

Most importantly, the service is very gd. Had multiple refills of soup. Refills came promptly. Refilled soup was equally aromatic and herbalicious! Not diluted Loh! 👍🏽👍🏽

Shopping around Suntec City? Satiate your bubble tea cravings at this spot, specialising in a myriad of unique pearl flavours that change daily, such as mocha, coconut and rock salt. Take Burppler Melissa Chee's lead and go for the salty-sweet, nicely balanced Black Tea Rock Salt Macchiato with Rock Salt Pearls ($3.90). The refreshing Strawberry Green Tea with Honey Pearls ($3.90) is another winner.
Photo by Burppler Jowell Chee

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When we talk about Lei Cha Fan, the first thing that comes to your mind would probably be the green (tea) soup that is served with your rice. The soup from this stall is light, clean, and easy on the palate.

Most of the time, the bowl of Lei Cha Fan itself is slightly plain, but this stall’s Brown rice Lei Cha FAN (the rice, literally) blew me away. This is the best I have tried!!!

Being a Chinese vegetarian stall, the vegetables are usually fried without garlic and onion. One would expeft the flavours to be (slightly) bland.

Nope. It is one of the most wonderfully flavoured rice I have tried. They don’t use msg btw.

The brown rice has a wonderful aroma from the assortment of aromatic herbs/ spices like lemongrass, ginger etc it was cooked with. It goes very well with the array of vegetables! So, order the brown rice!

It you have friends who have tried but don’t like Lei Cha Fan, or brown rice, bring them here to try this. It will change their mind about thunder tea rice being bland and unexciting.

By the way I tried the Nonya rice dumpling opposite this stall. Soft, overcooked and a tad too wet/ mushy for my liking. Can’t remember the name of the stall, but it was disappointing.

Dessert Stall:
166 Jalan Besar #02-58, 208877 (Berseh Food Centre)

This stall serves wonderful desserts. The plethora of hot and cold desserts they offer is amazing.

The aroma of the coconut sugar emanating from their stove is amazing good! It is irresistible!

Hot desserts like red bean soup, tau suan etc only goes for $1.20! It is almost unbelievable.

I order two cold desserts due to the hot weather. Both the chendol and bur bur Cha Cha are yummy!! Their shaved ice are impossibly fine and soft... such that they liquified in your mouth!

My next one to try would be their coconut (brown sugar) ice kacang ($2).

Maybe I didn’t pick the right sandwiches. After I tried the fried chicken burger which was nice but didn’t blew me away, I tried this. Then I think I prefer the fried chicken. 😂

This is good for the health-conscious crowd. Definitely not mindblowing. Not for me at least. They could have added more sauce. All I could taste was the cold meat. not worth $8.

Maybe I will go again and have their impossible patty melt. It was sold out by the time I reached (12noon).