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Well grilled, it had a nice crispy exterior while being supremely juicy and bouncy inside. It's not called the chicken oyster for nothing lol, I'm just happy I finally found a yakitori place that serves this

Really crunchy pieces of goodness that's very savoury and umami due to the garlic sauce. Best to go with some rice else it could be too salty by itself

The dressing is super umami but the waiters don't know what goes in it lol.

Theres this very mild weird taste but otherwise it's quite ok

Not the usual sweet and sour stuff, this is one version that's really reminiscent of what I had in Japan for breakfast. I guess it's an acquired taste but not really too hard to stomach

Quite aromatic and you can tell it's not the run of the mill stuff

Available during lunch. For some reason the lunch menu isn't available online but u can request it during dinner as well even if it's not on the menu. It comes as a set with other stuff

The gyutan has a nice chew which I really enjoy but I believe some people prefer it to be melt in the mouth so just FYI. Their tare was really good though; I'm not sure what's different from normal or maybe it really is normal but it pairs with the smoky gyutan so well. Not sure why the seaweed keeps sticking to the spoon but it makes it hard to eat. Quite value for money for the taste.

The lunch sets are definitely value for money as it comes with the a potion of salad, pickles, appetizer, soup & your main!
We had the luck to try out the meaty options, such as the Yakitori Don ($14), Gyutan Don ($18), Mille Feuille Katsu Don ($17) & Steak Don ($19). For those who prefer something lighter / seafood, you can try out the Salmon & Tuna Poke ($18) or the Salmon & Avocado Don ($17). Diving into the evening menu, you do get a couple of rice bowls too, but it's the yakitori menu that takes over! Indulge yourself in the different parts of chicken, such as the Gizzard ($4), Heart ($4), Liver ($4) & Oyster ($4.50). Or share this personal favorite of mine, Liver Mousse ($16) that's served with Bourbon & Yuzu Marmalade.
Enjoy everything with sake by the cup, or order a bottle to share!
Thank you @burpple for this eat up invite & the team at Birders + boss man, Adam Chen, for your kind hospitality!
More reviews up on the Burpple in abit!

I'm not gonna lie, I thought that the Oysters ($4.50) were actual, legit mollusks and not the cut of chicken that comes from the hollow of the dorsal side of the ilium bone near the thigh, but after I devoured one entire chunk in record timing, I ain't gonna complain.

It's seasoned very simply with just lemon zest and some salt, but the backbone of the flavors comes from that absolutely astonishing charcoal smoke from the grilling process. It's chock full of the sensual smokiness of the charcoal grill, and the tartness of lemon zest just serves to heighten the stellar savoriness of the smokiness and salt coalescing. The bird itself is so juicy, you'll have its juices running everywhere as you eat it up.

This was a hosted Eatup, made possible by the wonderful people over at Birders and Burpple!

Birders' Steak Don ($19) stars a charcoal grilled topside cut of steak lying invitingly upon a bed of warm koshihikari rice with an explosive onsen egg and a smattering of crisp, deep fried garlic bits. While the beef isn't the most tender of bovines (it's a topside cut after all), it's still more than acceptable.
The flavors, however, is where the money's at. Savory, meaty and slightly sweet flavors from the teriyaki (I suspect) marinade mesh perfectly with the sensually smoky aroma from the charcoal to give you one supremely sublime selection for any occasion.
This was a hosted Eatup, courtesy of the good folks over at Birders and Burpple!

One of the lunch sets that we tried during our Eat Up was the Katsu Don! With cheese layered within the chicken before being battered up & deep fried, you've got yourself a juicy & gooey katsu.

Paired with sweet Japanese curry & eggs atop the rice, this is one sinful but extremely satisfying rice bowl.

At $17, the Salmon & Avocado Don fills you up nicely while still keeping you healthy AF with its thick, ocean fresh slices of sake (salmon) sashimi, abundance of ripe, creamy avocado, and tamago (sweet omelette). While Birders is most definitely not a sushi/sashimi restaurant, their sashimi is passably fresh and well, albeit unremarkably, executed.

The salmon & avocado is perfect on Mondays as compensation for your weekend of avarice and degenerate alcoholism.

This was a hosted Eatup, courtesy of @burpple and @birderssg!

Birders' $18 gyutan don is certainly gonna put that tongue of yours into rigorous action as you lick the bowl clean. Forget about manners, you gotta plant your face straight in, go in real deep with your tongue and lap it all up.

Seven slices of splendidly savory, masterfully marinated beef tongue are charcoal grilled to perfection before being laid out on a bed of warm Koshihikari rice. Beef tongue tastes exactly like beef (well, duh), but the difference lies in the texture and bite. Normally, with a tender bit of beef, your teeth would sink straight in as you bite into the bovine. For the tongue, you bite in, but there's a slight bounce as the beef tongue pushes back slightly before it yields to superior force.

Also, the wobbly onsen egg is carefully planted in the centre of it all to be the glue that holds everything together, and lubricates the rice alongside the excellent sauce drizzled over the contents of the bowl. Birders' gyutan don is gonna get your tongues wagging, believe me. So get down there lickety-split and enjoy this baby in Birders' insanely value for money lunch set!

This was a hosted Eatup, courtesy of the good folks over at @birderssg and @burpple!

Birders, which is owned by local celebrity Adam Chen, now offers lunch sets comprising of a surprisingly addictive salad, an appetizer, the entrée itself, and a bowl of miso soup. This extensive ensemble definitely deserves your hard-earned dollarydoos on both the quantity and quality fronts.

Exhibit A here is the Yakitori Don ($14 + 10% service charge for the whole set), which builds upon Birders' signature charcoal grilled yakitori. Each bowl comes with a stick of chicken meatballs (tsukune), thigh meat, heart and liver. Now, don't shy away from them chicken innards, they are VERY well marinated, and other than a pleasant change in texture and bite, you won't even notice that you're having chicken organs.

Top off the stellar, savory seasoning and the careful drizzle of the sweet & savory teriyaki sauce with the strong charcoal smokiness and you've got an absolute winner of a chicken dinner. (Actually it's lunch but just humor me here.) The runny soft boiled egg is on station to be mixed into the Koshihikari rice to lubricate and breathe life into the bowl of carbs, and to add the rich creaminess of the yolk to the chicken sticks.

This was a hosted Eatup, courtesy of the good folks at Birders and Burpple!

The Mille Feuille Katsu Curry ($18 for this lunch set option) is one hearty option that'll put you straight into a food coma right after with its more than generous portion.

Thinly sliced pork belly is layered atop one another and glued together with cheese. After getting laid out like a Mille crepe, the rich, indulgent ensemble is breaded in Japanese breadcrumbs and deep fried to a perfect golden brown.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! The terrific twosome are then sliced in half before they take a dip in the wading pool of standard issue Japanese curry that's been fortified with modest chunks of stewed carrots and pan fried potatoes. Of course, curry without rice is like Hardy without Laurel, so the obligatory serving of Koshihikari rice is on deck to complete the iconic duo. But nobody expected the fluffy, slightly wet omelette to show up, but show up it did, and show off it certainly did.

The mille feuille katsu, curry, rice and omelette fuse together to form one helluva hunger and gut busting meal, and that's not even counting the accoutrements of the set meal. They comprise of a surprisingly addictive salad, an appetizer and a bowl of miso soup. Come ravenously hungry for this one. You have been warned. Oh, and did someone say 'food coma'?

This was a hosted Eatup, courtesy of Burpple and Birders!

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