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[CLOSED] Chotto Matte

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Located in a quaint little shophouse along Blair Road, Chotto Matte is a Japanese Fusion restaurant and bar offering a fantastic range of a la carte dishes (including fresh catch from Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market) as well as an indulgent yet affordable omakase option. Helmed by Chef Alan Tan who recently revamped the menu, Chotto Matte also boasts an excellent selection of Japanese whiskeys and sakes to be paired with the exquisite cuisine.


From the Burpple community

Did not expect so many tempuras when it arrived at the table! Super yummy tempura coating and tasty prawn meat which goes super well with the yuzu mayonnaise at the side!

Torched salmon, cucumber, tobiko & yuzu mayo. Every piece is super tasty and bursting with flavor!

Tasty succulent pieces of Wagyu beef that goes really well with the special wasabi sauce at the side. Only disappointment was that the Onsen Tamago Wagyu Don was unavailable, which was the dish we wanted to try the most!

This dish was pretty like an art work! Powdered seaweed in a flower design all around the plate, with two huge pieces of cod resting on top of cheesy risotto. The cod was cooked to a very nice texture and was seasoned well with what tasted like miso, but the risotto was a little lacking in flavor and was too dry for me. Still really enjoyed the dish!

It is in this Chotto Matte donburi. The after effects of this smallish bowl lingers still, like a soothing, salty sea breeze flowing in the air around me. The delicate, gold rimmed-bowl comes covered and houses a scoop of rice topped with Japanese seasoning, some shoyu and truffle oil, and more importantly: a generous serving of salmon roe, neatly cubed tuna and negitoro and a serving of sea urchin. The finishing touch: a bright sprinkling of spring onions.
Therein lay perfection - a perfectly balanced portion of rice to sashimi. Remove the cover and you're treated to a wave of aromatic sashimi - of course helped by shoyu and truffle oil. Nestled amongst the cubed sashimi pieces sits the sea urchin, enticing in its creaminess and bold orange colour. Greedy, I scooped up a large third of the sea urchin and had it with a small spoonful of rice, sashimi and roe. The flavours danced upon my tongue, the creamy uni melting in my mouth, the roe bursting with the first nibble, the intense saltiness kept in check by sweetness of the Japanese rice. The clean flavour of the tuna balancing out the intensity of it all. I ate slowly, savouring each bite, but still, it disappeared quickly. Bowl clean, not a grain left in sight, I sat there, in awe of this bowl of glory - the flavours leaving me in stunned silence before I asked my husband: "if I burp, will I get to taste it again?" @chottomattesg #ChottoMatte Guys, this is on the entertainer. You must try it! #EntertainerApp

What an interesting name for a Japanese restaurant, a reminder to self that I should partake in the dinner at a leisurely pace. Indeed, this small restaurant and it's neighborhood was quaint enough for me to chotto matte for everything a while more.

This wagyu foie gras fried rice was ok, flavourful and plump Japanese rice with creamy and smooth foie gras. The wagyu cubes were however overcooked, hence lacking in juice and flavour. You should be able to enjoy the fried rice and foie gras, but don't bet on the wagyu.

I also ordered a board of sliced chargrilled wagyu ($38++) which was really bad - poor cut and overcooked - so I shall not post that. Truffle balsamic was as expected doused with truffle oil so skip that if you don't like artificial truffle flavour.

I'll still come because it is a comfortable restaurant. In fact I made another reservation for next Friday. Plus, there's 1-for-1 now so that made the prices reasonable, though still not cheap considering they aren't serving really good beef.