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Pork jowl with riso pasta was good, though the fish is a better choice. Scallop starter was refreshing with fresh raw scallops. Dessert was a bit disappointing with too many tastes on a plate.

Sweet corn, yellow mustard seed, burnt leek, Indonesian long pepper sauce

PS: As benign and luxuriously white chocolately as they look, they actually contain a pretty potent "serum" of foie gras that really knocked everyone off the table. I guess what I should really have captured was everybody's reaction, especially mom's.
I must have a pretty immature palette but I don't get this combination EVEN if both foie gras and white chocolate are supposedly just different forms of fat. Nonetheless, a stunning feat for the eyes
#neverjudgeabookbyitscover #truffle #cornerhouse #finedining #burpple

Got the Iberico Pork ($68++ 3 courses) and this was prolly the only highlight — tender, medium done slices topped w its own jus, served w creamy polenta. Service was average and food was a bit unexciting overall, but a picturesque place!

The burnt leek adds such beautiful dimension to the dish, that distinct smokiness and mild sweetness provide depth and contrast to the meat. But I still like my iberico secreto better. 😂 Ok, that's all.

Sold. Then when it came, those burnt broccoli florets. YAAS. All things yaas. Those pieces of meat are one of the reasons why I love meat so much. Ok, that's all.

This foie gras dish did just that for me – it reminded me of one of Mom's signature dishes. The liver benefits greatly from the "lu shui", a classic Chinese cooking method which involves simmering the ingredient in a mastersauce/stock made with Asian spices — star anise, fennel, tangerine peel, ginger, et al — and Chinese wine.
Can I just say that we need more chefs like Chef Jason who continuously meld different culinary techniques together so we are constantly reminded of how diversely different our food cultures are yet they can still be as complementary?
The grapefruit and apple keep the flavours clean and balanced while the rice crackers add texture. The colour of the plate helps brighten up the whole experience too. Ok, that's all.

Interesting presentation 👍🏼 Pandan icecream sandwiched between 2 biscuits. Decorated with gula melaka sauce and some kind of sugar..

Toothfish seared to perfection, paired with sauce made from butternut squash. Too bad, the portion was too small for the such a good dish, hahaha! 🤣

Prepared in sashimi style, soaked in soya that brings out the freshness of the fish itself. Very refreshing and light as an appetizer to kick start the meal.

#SingaporeBotanicGardens will be hosting an annual #SBGHeritageFestival from 30 June - 9 July 2017 to celebrate the rich heritage of Singapore's first #UNESCO World Heritage Site. During this period, public can expect specially curated menu, programmes & promotions.
🌸SBG's Heritage Festival 2017:
•Specially curated menu, programmes, promotions
•Carnival with plant sales, snacks stalls
•Programmes: yoga, qigong & children’s activities
•Concerts & performances
•Food Demo & Workshops
•FREE entry to National Orchid Garden
•FREE guided tours & talks
Promise there's more, go check out! ☘️
Photo was taken during SBG's Heritage Festival Food Trail Preview, courtesy of @nparksbuzz.

Be blown away by this deconstructed Kaya Toast, part of Heritage Discovery Menu ($128++) specially crafted for Singapore Botanic Gardens Heritage Festival.

Chef Jason's tribute to our beloved Kaya Toast was a perfect finish to the meal! Luscious Pandan mousse sandwiched between crunchy muscovado sablé, a sweet symphony of coconut foam and gula melaka, plus refreshing pineapple sorbet to balance the flavours.

Interesting and delightful dessert course to round up the overall meal!

Had the Patagonian toothfish that was nicely executed. It's was done just right and a fork was all you needed to enjoy this dish and the fatty fish pulled apart easily between the layers.

The cauliflower was also roasted well and served with crunchy hazelnuts and capers to balance the texture and taste.


Headed by acclaimed chef Jason Tan, this classy garden restaurant serves what they call French-inspired, gastro-botanica cuisine, which aims to celebrate sustainably sourced seasonal produce. Their Business Luncheon menu ($58 for three courses, $78 for four courses, available Tuesday to Saturday) offers an initiation to their one-Michelin-starred cooking. You'll be spoilt for choice with options that sound as delicous as they look — think Iberico pork with polenta, buckwheat and beurre noisette, and Patagonian toothfish with cauliflower, parmesan, garlic, hazelnut and lardo. Don't miss their signature "My Interpretation of Kaya Toast" for dessert! Pro-tip: This is one of the places that offers their set lunch menu on a weekend, so make a date for a Saturday feast!
Avg price: $70 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Michelle Kayla Tey
Reservations available via Burpple

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