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@putien_sg well-loved traditional Madam Leng Handmade Mooncakes 莲姐手工月饼  are available at all 14 outlets while stocks last, or via https://inline.app/order/putien 
Handcrafted flaky pastry crust with premium Yam or first-grade Purple Sweet Potato fillings. These decadent mooncakes are made without preservatives and boast the natural sweetness of yam and purple sweet potato.
▪️Purple Sweet Potato 紫薯: $32 for a box of 2; $60 for a box of 4
▪️Yam 芋泥: $32 for a box of 2; $60 for a box of 4
▪️Purple Sweet Potato w/ Single Yolk 紫薯单黄: $36 for a box of 2; $62 for a box of 4
▪️Yam w/ Single Yolk 芋泥单黄: $36 for a box of 2; $62 for a box of 4
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The chicken liver pate sounded very daunting but is definitely worth a try. Pairs very nicely with the waffles.

The last visit we had my absolute favourite, the Shakshuka with added chorizo, the best Fish & Chips in town and the Burrata heirloom tomatoes, and this time round the Shakshuka made its way to the table again with new tryouts of the Slipper Lobster Po Boy ($24) and Mushroom on Toast ($18). The former was an excellent breaded and deep fried slipper lobster sandwiches between soft buns, iceberg lettuce and chipotle that was instantly devoured within seconds. The latter, though a non meat dish, probably stole the show as the medley of mushrooms that contains the elusive blue foot mushrooms was perfect on top of a toasted bread, served alongside a dollop of vegemite custard to adds to the earthiness flavour and a side of sous vide eggs in a mushroom consommé. Definitely not a Van Gogh masterpiece, but we managed to create an eggporn shot of the mushroom toast which hopefully will whet your appetite further. To end off the meal, we had the Rosemary Panna Cotta ($16) which comes with ricotta ice cream and figs, a sweet ending to a wonderful brunch meal.
✨ Cheek Bistro
📍 21 Boon Tat Street, Singapore 069620
🛵 https://cheekbistro.oddle.me/en_SG/
🍴 [Not Sponsored]


Being bowled over by an eggplant isn’t something that happens often. But that night, I was. The smoky, soft vegetable was accompanied by hummus, za’atar and caramelised soy to supremely delicious effect. I wanted another the moment I took a bite. Too good.


New to the menu, this is stunning in every sense of the word. Besides the visual impact, the glossy, juicy beetroot glazed in kampot pepper caramel, and displayed on ultra light, crispy puff pastry, tastes spectacular. It is a brilliant match with the accompanying King Salmon Rillette.

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Chef Alan brought this plate of balls straight from the oven and they smelled insane.
We couldn’t resist gobbing on the Comte Cream like it was going out of fashion before popping the cheese bread balls into our mouths. Slightly hard on the outside, they are softer within, and are tantalisingly delicious.
Warning: It’s very hard to stop once you get started on them. But you must because there are so many other delectable dishes on the menu to try.

It’s official, 2020 is the year I became a lamb-eater. Helping to seal the deal was this rendition of the meat by Chef Jay and his team at Cheek Bistro.
Although it was very slightly gamey (at least to super-sensitive me), I could overlook it as the combined charms of the melt-in-the-mouth fat and fine layer of crackling caramelised glaze (made from lamb jus and balsamic vinegar), were too lip-smackingly tasty.

The Hasselback Potatoes aren’t cheap at $16++ but oh my goodness, are they outstanding!
These potatoes which are scored with precise cuts are fried till golden-brown on the outside, come with a truckload of sour cream and finely-chopped chives. Eating them all together is simply heavenly.
If you love potatoes, you must not miss out on giving this a go.

My friends could not stop gushing over their waffles loaded with chicken liver parfait but the whipped ricotta has been my preferred for a while now. Loved how the light, lemon-scented cheese harmonised with the date jam and pickled mustard seeds. I was quivering with joy at every bite.

What a revelation! All other popcorn in the world probably dream of being this. Enhanced with some smoked miso, it‘s simultaneously sweet, toasty, succulent and crunchy. An absolute dream to eat and a must to order.

Coated with a thin layer of Hokkaido potato flour before deep frying, this 辣子鸡 was hella addictive! Boasting a crunch, this made for a good snack to have while waiting for your main dishes to arrive. My only qualm was the spice, would have preferred if they were sweat inducing but hey, I guess this helps to maintain my glam at a restaurant 😂✨