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These were the starters from the dinner set menu.

Lobster Kueh Pie Tee
Lamb satay (they changed it to pork if you don’t take lamb)
Roti Jala with chicken curry
Coconut shrimp

Everything came perfectly portioned for a small group of eaters. Our favourites were the roti jala and satay.

A plain miss for me. As I coincidentally had foie gras during lunch, so foie gras at dinner with the bbq quail did not exactly excite me and felt more like a redundancy. The quail was quite underdone so the meat was pretty juicy and the tannin in the Langhe Grign 2019 complemented it very beautifully. As a young wine, the bouquet was very good. We wished we could have more of this under the pairing package. The chewy morsel on the side was good.

Bafun uni was sweet and creamy, with chawamushi on a bed of generous shredded king crab. However the wine pairing was a tad off and we both felt the previous sake complemented this dish better. Secretly wished that there was torched shirako under the uni. Would be perfecto..!

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Charmed our way to a mini mountain of truffle by asking the chef to continue shaving those dark beauty from France. Was a feat and totally unglamorous to squeeze this indulgence whole into my mouth. Total blew our gustatory socks off as a grand finale to the mains before we proceeded to dessert.

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Lunch set: mains

𝐑𝐞𝐝 𝐦𝐮𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐭 - Air-flown from France, this was well-executed fish with its crisp skin from the searing on high heat and tender soft meat from the oven baking. While seemingly blasphemous to stuff a crustacean into a molluscs, their unique take on a prawn dumpling with the mussel being replaced as the ‘dumpling’ skin truly impressed us in its powerful seafood flavour. The accompanying purée and sweet daikon braised in seafood broth also played up the natural mullet flavours.

Insta: cafehoppingkids


𝐁𝐛𝐪 𝐠𝐚𝐥𝐛𝐢 - Modern rendition of korean bbq with the beef first slow-roasted for 48 hours and finished on the grill. This resulted in tender beef retaining its fragrant juices with a good but uneven sear. While it lacked in char, this was made up for in the smokiness of the Fiddleheads Fern. We fell in love with the spring seasonal Morel Mushroom that was robust in earthiness and stuffed with sweet-savory gang-doenjang (soybean sweet potato stew). This was served with gobo rice and a side of refreshing greens. The burdock root claypot rice made for a tasty yet light accompaniment with its naturally sweet and earthy flavours.

Insta: cafehoppingkids

Snacks: prawn
Fresh prawn seasoned with wasabi mayo atop buttery kombu brioche, topped with chives and tarragon. Texture-wise, this was a perfect medley of soft prawn, juicy popping bites from the ebiko, and fluffy yet crisply toasted brioche. This was my personal favourite after the chawanmushi but if nitpicking, did find that the wasabi element could have been a tad stronger.

Insta: cafehoppingkids

Chicken was tender, noodles tangy and the sauce and chilli was nice too!

Dive into a spread of Yellow Croaker dishes @putien_sg. Marked by their radiant yellowfins, they are known for their tender and boneless texture.

Catch the exciting line-up of SEVEN dishes including their Signature 100-Second Stewed Yellow Croaker. Such as this new dish - Yellow Croaker in Sambal Sauce. The crispy fried dish is well-balanced with over ten kinds of spices including shrimp paste.

Delivered fresh from Ningde, Fujian, the yellow croaker fish is cooked and presented in unique ways such as with sambal sauce, fried with Chinese kale or stewed for 100 seconds.

The Yellow Croaker in Sambal Sauce ($39.90) is one of the new highlights, which happened to also be my favourite of the evening. The fish is first deep fried before it is topped with a homemade sambal made with over 10 different spices, tomato juice, shrimp paste and soy sauce. It is like eating a fish chip as it is fried till crispy, paired with the savoury, sweet, spicy and tangy sauce. For a balanced meal, you can also order the newly launched Chinese Kale Fried with Salted Yellow Croaker (from $13.90). Both dishes will be available permanently on the main menu from 29 March.

Previously only available on the set menu, the following yellow croaker dishes can now be ordered as an ala carte option, the Yellow Croaker in Chopped Chillies ($39.90), Pan-fried Yellow Croaker ($39.90/500g) and Yellow Croaker Fillet Soup ($19.90). I will highly recommend the version with chopped chillies as this homemade fermented sauce will surely bring the spicy kick, complementing with the sweetness from the meat of the steamed yellow croaker.

The original yellow croaker dishes in the main menu such as the 100-Second Stewed Yellow Croaker ($13.90/200g) and Yellow Croaker Claypot Soup ($19.90) will continue to be in the menu for diners to enjoy.
📍 127 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208514
🌐 https://putien.oddle.me/en_SG/
🍴 [Media Tasting]

One of the best King Crab & Garlic ($95.00++)
Location: @burntends_sg 20 Teck Lim Rd, Singapore 088391
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Other dishes from the dinner Omakase. What a treat.

Abalone was steamed to perfection in sake and with its liver sauce as a side dip. Luxurious.