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Venturing into the world of Michelin-starred noodles, and yes, this is the famous one from Crawford. Slurp into a bowl filled with al dente thin yellow noodles, generously topped with chunky minced pork, succulent sliced pork, pork liver, a tad hard crunchy dried sole fish, two bouncy meatballs, two wantons, and a sprinkle of chopped spring onions.

While the noodles are cooked fresh, it seems the ingredients had their prep time earlier. The sauce boasts a well-balanced mixture, heavy on vinegar, with hints of lard oil and chilli heat for that extra kick. The noodles soak up the sauce nicely, though they didn't quite reach the lip-smacking level.

As for the soup, it was rich in meaty goodness, with a touch of umami from the seaweed addition, it's definitely a standout. I think it will taste better in soup than the dry version.

Honestly, I'm not sure if it's worth enduring an epic queue for this bowl. If you're in a rush, head to their branch at the other end of the same coffeeshop for a quicker fix.
🚩Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle, Crawford Lane, 466 Crawford Ln, 01-12, Singapore 190466
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They were good. But are they rlly deserving of this price? It really tastes more like ice cream than gelato

Very mild cheese, toast was super crunchy and thin. The amount of fruits were overkill for something so mild, there's no funk at all

If you're adventurous, I highly recommend picking something else. The food here is quite safe

Blue cod. The garlic butter lemon sauce was somewhat mild although still velvety. Boston mussels were tiny but toothsome.

The blue cod itself had a nice crust, the meat was cottony and slightly stringy. Maybe it could be cooked slightly less or maybe it's just the type of fish

Overall pretty good

Super tender. Bone marrow was amazing. But the sauce had a touch of sourness which I didn't like. It needs abit more umami too, even tho it's alr thick enough. Cheese risotto was pleasant

Good but it's really not worth double the price of good versions at normal restaurants

One of their signatures. Pictured is half portion cos they portioned out for sharing.

Tender veal filling, creamy sauce. A good ravioli

Generous portion for a starter, a lot of meat

Pretty decent, thick and creamy and pasta was good as well

Both were good, breadsticks were biscuity and had some flavour surprisingly