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Nice wine, short ribs, pistachio ice cream. .

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Ordered breakfast works n truffle egg. The portion is big for the breakfast works and the food is nice also :) service is fast and really worth it with the 1 for 1 beyond deal.

Tried the 1-for-1 7 course meal. The dishes leading up to the mains were pretty good. Liked that they innovate by presenting in a different manner. However the main steak was disappointing as it is too chewy? Well at least dessert was great so it still wasn't too bad. An advice that if you want to go for steak you shouldn't be trying this set meal as you would be disappointed.

Left: Truffle Eggs Prosciutto
The saltiness of the prosciutto complemented the creamy scrambled eggs and crunchy kale. You can taste a hint of butter in the toast which is soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside.
Right: The Breakfast Works
Have your greens and meats in this complete breakfast dish. Loved it.

Portions for both are huge, so come with a very ravenous appetite or perhaps consider sharing - there’s more than enough good stuff to go around.

My first time trying Fat Belly and it tasted so good! Both my friend and I tried the Denver and Deckle cut and it came with our favourite sides! We were seated at the bar table and the view was awesome! I get to see the chefs cooking on the spot and it was quite insightful for me to see such cooking demonstrations live. We’ve got the tiramisu cake to share and I swear, it tasted just as good as the one I’ve tried in Italy! I would love to have one more portion but I’m so full with just the mains! Will definitely come back for their other desserts! Great dining experience!

Finally got to try Fat Belly after hearing so many good reviews and they did not disappoint! Came with a friend to share the Denver cut and Deckle cut steaks, along with sides of truffle fries and mushrooms. The steaks were cooked medium rare to perfection and the wagyu marbling left me wanting more despite feeling super full towards the end of the meal. The mushrooms were fragrant, fresh and buttery, while the truffle fries were nice and crisp, and tasted surprisingly light. We got the tiramisu to share as well. While I'm not a desserts person, I thoroughly enjoyed the tiramisu! Restaurant ambiance was awesome. We were seated at the bar tables and were treated to a view of the finesse and professionalism the kitchen crew exhibited as they worked through the meals (: 11/10 experience, will definitely be back (:

Ngoh Hiang - A mixture of fresh minced pork and prawns provide great flavour and a firm, springy texture. This is combined with vegetables such as water chestnuts, which add a surprising bite of crunchiness.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/the-curry-wok/

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I havent had many Cupcakes but this is the best by far. Feels hefty but it was quite soft. The cake itself was really rich and the Salted caramel cream was super intense. Perfect size, would have been too much if it were a sliced cake since it's so punchy from the first bite

Amazing place for an amazing weekend breakfast experience. Had their Breakfast Works coupled with their Lemon Mint Tea. The tea complemented the hearty breakfast well and it felt simply amazing.

Fair warning; you need a hearty appetite to stomach their generous portions.

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Midweek brunch cravings calls for some
scrambled eggs! Truffle Eggs Prosciutto (~$22) was a pile of scrambled eggs and salty shaved prosciutto on thick brioche toast! ☺️
Toast was chunk and really crispy on the crust, yet suuuuper soft in the middle! It got really soggy real quick and was quite plain and dry🤷🏻‍♀️ Scrambled eggs were quite anticlimactic since it wasn’t seasoned much and it could’ve been more volumous :-( However I liked how crispy and crunchy the kale was, very much like kale chips 😛
Was a nice brunch but honestly quite average and not worth the price imo

Ig @goodfomood

I had the Carbonara with Onsen Egg ($18) and Mocha ($5.50). Really enjoyed the carbonara , it was creamy but not overwhelming. They were really generous with their portions and the service staff was really friendly.
Will definitely come back again!