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The beef is awesome! Highly recommend to try their steaks 😍

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At $8 (S), it comes with a bowl of broth that contains 3 big prawns and some pork ribs, along with a separate bowl of dry noodles in their special sauce.

In my opinion, the broth was diluted and didn’t taste fantastic at all. On top of that, their pork ribs were pretty tough and the prawns didn’t have a good bite to them. Their only saving grace was unfortunately the noodles.

Cosy place for tea

While most cafes would be exploding with queues - crown bakery still has a space to house me and my appetite for a good croissant.

Go for the croissant and tea or coffee set at 7.80 ( excluding taxes ) and yes - it’s any coffee - not just the regular black coffee .

The croissants here are probably the best ( in my opinion ). Crisp outside and moist inside . Ask for your pastries to be toasted before serving .

And you gotta ask for the tea set - it’s not in the menu 👍.

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A4 Wagyu 🥳 • • • • • •

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I really really love the window seats overlooking the main road at Atlas! Might be better to visit on a weekday instead of a weekend as it’s super packed and squeezy - not my definition of a chill weekend brunch. I can envision sitting here for hours on a weekday morning or afternoon doing work on a laptop, reading a book, or just people watching with a cuppa.

- Ice Tea Macchiato
- Milky Way
- Truffle Fries
- Summer Chicken Stew
- Butterscotch Banana Pancake

Pancakes from Atlas’s brunch menu consisting of their signature fluffy pancake served with butterscotch bananas, maple-glazed cornflake crunch and honeycomb ice cream. The menu indicates a +20min wait time, which certainly does hold true, so do be prepared to wait if you order this! Fortunately for us, we ordered the pancakes together with the creamy mushrooms to share, and these came just a few minutes before we were done with the mushroom dish, so the timing was perfect.

These pancakes are really awesome. I enjoyed this much more than the creamy mushrooms! Though the pancake is thick, it’s super crisp on the outside, yet warm, fluffy and pillowy soft on the inside. Love the butterscotch bananas with have a creamy, melt in your mouth texture. The honeycomb ice cream is also really nice - it’s sweet but it’s okay once eaten with the pancake. There’s also little globules of crunchy honeycombs studded in the scoop, which was really nice! The maple-glazed cornflakes were also a great addition to the dish as they’re sweet yet slightly savoury, and add a welcome crunch and change in flavour to the pancake and ice cream. The combination of varying tastes and mouthfeels make the Butterscotch Banana Pancake a winning dish, might be a little too sweet for a main, but it’s great for dessert and I would definitely order this again the next time I visit because it’s so good!!!!


The hot and freshly brewed counterpart to Atlas’s cold brew Matcha Warrior.

Matcha taste is not too bad, there is a slight bitter aftertaste. However, it was too milky and dilute for my overall liking. The chilled Matcha Warrior would be a better option than this even though it’s milky as it’s cold and refreshing for a hot day but my advice would be to skip this and order the iced tea macchiato or Milky Way.

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Tried this at Lunar Coffee Brewers and the one at Atlas is just as awesome. It was such a hot day out and this was the perfect beverage to cool down with. I love the sweet, yet slightly savoury creamy foam on its own, and also when its mixed with the refreshing clear tea below.

Must must must order this beverage if you’re at Atlas Coffeehouse or any of their sister cafes!!