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Small and quaint cafe. Slightly pricey but it’s made up for by the quality of food and service.

Small and quaint cafe. Slightly pricey but it’s made up for by the quality of food and service.

Rather disappointing with the works ($27), eggs were bland, cheap Asian tomato, weird pairing of a slice of seasoned salmon, tasteless wedges, salty bacon and sausage. Truffle Eggs Prosciutto ($22) - didn’t like the combi of the sweet brioche with savoury food. Not worth my stomach space for these.

Very generous amount of smashed avocado to go with oozy organic jammy eggs and sourdough. Love the brilliant refreshing sweet cherry tomatoes & basil watermelon with fresh cream on the side.

The popiah skin was thin enough, and I liked the crispy bits which gave a nice crunch. It actually tasted quite clean and not too heavy, but the turnips could have been slightly juicier. Overall, a pretty good popiah with good proportions of skin, sauce and ingredients! Also, the chili version is apparently very spicy according to my friend, so opt for the non-spicy version if you have a low spice tolerance.

Ordered the Truffle Egfs proscuitto and The Breakfast Works using burpple beyond 1-for-1 deal.

Truffle eggs were fluffy with a hint of truffle and the crispy kale was so good. Both portions were also quite filling. Very worth it.

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Island Creamery has lost the charm of its earlier days. Service is curt and unfriendly, which was quite a turn off. The serving of double scoop ($7) in each cup also varies considerably and is definitely not worthwhile! Enjoyed the kopi and banana, which were richly flavoured. The teh tarik felt a tad thin and too sweet. The soursop pomegranate was most disappointing - nary a hint of soursop or tartness.

$27 for The Breakfast Works. Not worth it if you do not have Burpple Beyond (1-for-1).
❤️ Loved the buttery toasted Brioche and the creamy texture of the scrambled eggs.
💔 Bacon was overcooked and a tad too salty (and dry) for my liking.
🤣 There was only ONE slice of “smoked” salmon (inverted commas cos TBH it just tasted like stale sashimi). For $27, I would definitely expect more, but since I was using Burpple Beyond, I have no complains!
☕️ Coffee was amazing! We had a hot Mocha ($5.50) and a hot Vanilla Latte ($5.50). Full-bodied. Smooth. Loved it. 💯
I would definitely come back here for a satisfying cuppa, but for the food... I guess there’s still some room for improvement!

📍JUJU, Singapore Botanic Gardens📍
💸 Acai & Houjicha bowl (Large): $11.50

Nestled in Botanic Gardens🌸, JUJU was a lifesaver in this sweltering heat by serving up some refreshing smoothie bowls!🥵 The flavours for the smoothie bowls are on a rotational basis (be sure to check their insta before heading down) and the flavours are acai and houjicha for this week. We got the mixed flavours and wow, really enjoyed the best of both worlds.😍 They were super generous with the portions, and the acai and houjicha had really intense flavours!! It also came with toppings like chia seed pudding, frozen blueberries, banana etc., but the acai and houjicha were sooooo good that we wouldn't mind just having that itself.💯 Glad that its healthy, which means that we can have more and still feel guilt-free hehe 🙆🎊 Noticed some other interesting flavours for their smoothie bowls while we were there, and we'll definitely be back to try them all😍

Tbh... EXTREMELY pricey but at least it was good!! The whole plate of food was just real yumz like the avos were so well-ripened, eggs were perfectly fried, chorizo was rly tasty & had a good bite and sourdough was good too!! Portion is rather big but still... the price is on the steeper side :/


Ok I know it’s expensive, but srsly it’s bloody good. We got the Butterscotch Banana Pancakes ($19.9) and it’s gigantic, good for sharing between 3-4 people cause it can get surfeiting. Even so, god damn, every element was perfect. From the ice cream to the cornflakes to the syrup to the pancake.... geeeezzzzz. The pancake was so crunchy on the outside yet so fluffy & soft inside!!!! Not dry at all. I think they used buttermilk cos the batter was damn fragrant sia ugh omg rly damn nice :-( I wld travel down just for this!!!!!!! 🥺🥺🥺 idk how they made it but wa NO OTHER PANCAKE WILL SUFFICE NOW.

Gotta say this is one of the best brunches I’ve had in SG. Love how every component in the dishes complement each other. Everyone knows eggs aren’t easy to master. But these eggs here are close to perfection. Just the right amount of wet & dry!

Would recommend.

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