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Selera Rasa’s Nasi Lemak basmati rice is really fragrant! The sambal chilli and otah also had the right amount of spiciness.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/adam-road-food-centre/

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I had already reserved a place even though I didn’t need to as it was a weekday. I had primarily gone for a early morning run around the botanical gardens and I knew once I was done I would be damn hungry. As such I reached the place, and was seated. Loved the lighting of the place and somehow it felt very cosy. After giving much thought I ordered “Bagel Eggs Benny (16SGD)” and loved the way they presented it. It came with a toasted bagel topped with Kurobuta Ham followed by Poached Eggs and Italian Parsley (added a great flavour to the entire dish) serving as the base. I also ordered some fresh orange juice to my quench the thirst. Overall a good place and the food didn’t disappoint at all.

I love crown bakery for everything they do.

There’s just so much pride - from the plating to the execution to the freshness of the ingredients .

A well baked croissant , perfect scrambled eggs and a side of fresh crips greens 🥬 and of course a good cup of latte is quintessentially the perfect brunch for me .

I don’t need the the fancy eggs Benedict or poached eggs or bacon or salmon or fancy French toast or worst still the big breakfast (which sounds more like lunch than breakfast )😂

Just keep it simple .

This is the breakfast that I dream of having everyday .

At 8.90 , I am quite certain this is most value for money breakfast considering the quality of food.

1 for 1, 7-course meal at $78++.
Boyfriend really really enjoyed the Wagyu Marble score 7-8 Tri tip and the Char Siew (beef ribs)! It was tender, juicy and flavorful.
We were served a small serving of passionfruit sorbet to clear our palette which really helped before the REAL DEAL - Wagyu beef steak.
Creme brulee foie gras tasted interesting.
Loved the choc lava cake too, though would prefer if there's no raspberry within.
Pretty small place hence reservation is highly recommended. Ambience can be nicer but it does get cozier at night.

[165SGD for 2 people : 2 mains + 2 side + 2 desserts + 2 glasses of wine]

I called for reservation for my bf and me. Wanted to use the Burpple deal but when we arrived onsite, we were told it were “fully redeemed”. The second bad surprise is that we specifically chosed that restaurant for the 7-course menu but none were available, the manager giving the excuse “you need to specify that you want the 7 course menu in your reservation”.

We were also denied to change table on our request on the excuse that the other tables were “reserved” even if we ... reserved....

The style of the restaurant tries to copy French new gender where “industrial / everyday” features are used. However it s not an excuse to use cheap stools without a back or cheap plates ( our fries were served in an aluminium frier plate) when we spent 80SGD per pax.

Some pointers to the food:
-the truffle fries aren’t made using fresh potatoes 🙅🏻‍♀️
- The sauce accompanying the beef is simple cheap beef stock reduction
-The 45 SGD 400-day score 4-5 deckle wagyu beef was.... let s say.... okay... 🙆🏻
-the 55 SGD score 9 wagyu is not as good as the one above. It doesn’t not taste like a noble part of the beef as it was way too chewy🙅🏻‍♀️
-the best part of the diner was the desert and the only point I would give to the restaurant would be a creative one for the Panna cotta foie gras🙆🏻

7 courses of mostly meat. Main course was disappointing as the meat cut was tough & chewy. Ok for 1for1 but doubt will go back there again.

Mid week dinner date at fat belly, ordered sauteed thyme mushroom and truffle fries for a start. Onglet and Deckle as the main dishes and Foie Gras Panna Cotta to end off the dinner.

The mushrooms, personally I like it especially when there is onion mixed in them. Tasted delicious with that combination. As for the truffle fries, the amount of fries being served is generous.

Here comes the main dish for the night, I ordered the wagyu deckle while my dinner date ordered Onglet both medium rareness it's just nice for us as it's not too bloody. Personally i prefer the Onglet more as its more meaty and less fatty. Well that's personal taste preference, if you like more juicy steak the deckle will suit your taste buds. The beef is being cooked over charcoal and has a charred taste, which I really like it a lot.

Had Foie Gras Panna Cotta for dessert, personally I would prefer foie gras on it's own and not being an ingredient for dessert. It comes with fig sorbet with almond crumble which I like more than the Foie Gras Panna Cotta.

They do have an open kitchen concept where u can watch the food being prepared and plated before it's being served to you from the bar counter seating.

Reservation is a must as it is a very small restaurant and it fills up quickly after it opens for business. Do take note that they are going through a two week renovation soon, do call and check before you make a trip there. Definitely will visit again for the 7 course!

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The onglet steak was absolutely amazing! The steak was so flavourful and juicy that I couldn’t stop for another bite. The sides were great as well, the sautéed mushrooms were well seasoned and truffle fries were palatable.
Service was very good, the staff were attentive and friendly. I can’t wait to come back here for another round! Highly recommend this steak place!

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Finally got to try Fat Belly for myself after hearing so many around me rave about it and sure they weren’t exaggerating about how good the food was! Loved everything from my starters of creamed kale & spiced sweet potatoes to the amazing onglet that was SO JUICY to the warm sticky pudding dessert that went so well with the cold ice cream 💯 can’t wait to be back for more already!

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This was the highlight of our 7-course (that totalled up to countless items) dinner at @cornerhousesg that wow-ed us item after item.
The complete 4-part to “The Onion Revealed” comprised the baked onion cup, onion tart, onion chip and an onion tea.
This onion cup in its most natural form, was baked and filled with onion purée and confit, with a sous-vide egg and shaved black truffles. The result was a comforting taste of satisfaction to the senses.
The tart and chips topped up the experience with different tastes and textures; before a cup of onion tea. Simple as it looked, but the small tea-cup held an emulsion of onion and cream, made from 3kg of onions and 2days’ work to produce a mere 200ml.
We felt delighted and proud as we savoured this exquisite creation and many of Chef Jason’s other amazing dishes during our memorable dinner in the most beautiful restaurant with the best services.

Tried the at the AIA Glow festival. 2 dressings to choose from, either chocolate or peanut butter! Peanut butter tasted weird with the smoothie bowl in my opinion, would recommend chocolate instead. Liked both the dragonfruit and mango flavors, but the blueberries in them were still frozen and stuck tgt! :-/

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We had the 1 for 1 7 course meal and were delighted with the experience. The flavours were down to earth yet robust and surprised our tastebuds. Pretty good place to bring your date for a casual yet classy dinner at this speakeasy