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love that the cupcake isn’t dry! texture of frosting was a bit too sugary

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For simple scrambled eggs and toast, I would say that this Gentlemen's Relish dish was disappointing and nothing amazing. While the scrambled eggs and toast individually were alright, there is no cohesiveness in the entire dish. The butter, sweet macarpone cheese, tomato paste didn't go well with anything except with the bread on its own. Matcha Latte was too sweet for my liking as well. Perhaps we picked the wrong dish and drink. Service was good.

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Only 2 small tables squeezed at the shophouse mini walkway. Not the best sitting area. A yuzu yogurt earl grey roll - $6.20 that didn’t have a distinct earl grey flavour.
Cream can get quite sweet but definitely tasted the yuzu.

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went during the weekends and it was packed but definitely worth the wait! had the full blood wagyu denver and was super good. if you would like some vege with your meal, the broccolini was good as well. definitely would visit again!

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Went on a weekend, it was just a few minutes walk from botanic garden, but do try to make a reservation especially the weekends as it gets really crowded. Loved the chill vibes. We got quite abit of items to share such as the fried camembert (i love cheese so this was good), as well as full blood wagyu denver and steak and eggs (would definitely recommend the wagyu denver, worth the price difference), we also had the grilled broccolini (really good unique taste ) as well as the cheese cake ( super soft even the sauce can be gelat after awhile because they gave alot hahah) but i would definitely come back to try the other items on the menu

10/10 will recommend to try their weekday lunch set! Their wagyu steak (denver) is a must try! It was incredibly buttery, juicy and tender!! Don't forget to order their sides (especially the broccolini) as well, they compliment the steaks perfectly well! FBG is very near the botanic gardens and the ambience was so peaceful and comfy!

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The Crabmeat Linguine ($22.80) features al dente linguine, blue swimmer crabmeat and cherry tomatoes in a creamy pomodoro sauce - this is tasty and satisfying!

Located conveniently near Botanics Garden MRT, my partner and I were able to enjoy great service, ambience & food at this steakhouse. Ordered a few dishes and I would recommend Wagyu Denver steak best. High quality steak cooked to perfection.

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Went to fatbelly steakhouse today near Botanic Gardens! Had the burrata and the denver steak definitely worth a try 10/10!

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delicious deep fried camembert! the truffled honey that came with it was the perfect touch, highly recommend getting this dish🤌 grilled broccolini was a nice savoury dish. got a medium rare wagyu denver, prepared to perfection👍 recommend coming to FB for a chill lunch, or a celebratory dinner! great experience👍👍👍

Fried camembert was nice and gooey, it paired well with the truffle honey. We got the wagyu denver steak which was very juicy and succulent, with broccollini on the side. We had cheesecake for dessert, the strawberry compote was nice and tart.

Was here on a rainy Tuesday Afteroon.
Had their Homestyle Pancakes ($16.50) and Matcha Latte ($7.50).

The pancakes were a tad on the drier side and the serving of fruits wasn’t enough for all 3 pancakes.
The Matcha Latte though was great, rich and not too sweet, perfect for me.

There are a lot of chickens and birds in the area and if the outdoor tables aren’t cleared fast enough once a patron leaves, the birds flock there for a feast.
And more often that not tables are left for a good 10 mins uncleared so birds are just everywhere at the table beside you.

I stood waiting at the “please wait to be seated” for a good 10 minutes before any staff even approached me (the place was not full). The staff who served the food and drinks though were super friendly and pleasant.