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💕Beef Rendang.
The meat was tender.
💕Chilli Prawn.
Prawn are fresh, and it’s not spicy.
💕Sambal Brinjal and Lady finger.
📍Curry Wok.
5 Coronation Road #01-04

A simple yet satisfying waffle that fulfils the criteria of a good waffle with its crisp exterior and fluffy buttery interior, paired with maple syrup and (why not!) MORE butter. Couldn’t really taste the sourdough component (might have been the speed of my inhalation of the waffle ;))

Crown can get pretty crowded on weekends during brunch. So do come early :)

Queue’s as long but standard seems to have fallen. I’ve been a long time fan of Selera cause of the fragrant basmati rice. Today, I was sorely disappointed, chicken was not tender, fish seems over-fried and literally everything was not served warm enough. sadness :(

Made using traditional Florentine methods, then roughly ‘scraped’ when serving, it gives this textured appearance but a creamy finish in the mouth. I also like their thoughtful variations to key flavours: pure, rich Dutch chocolate, which you can have on its own, reappears with mild sweetness of orange, and also as a crunchy mix with peanut brittle and banana.
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Sambal Brinjal & Lady’s Fingers (S$10)
Beef Rendang (S$13)
Home-made Ngo Hiang (S$11)
Chilli Prawns 🦐 (S$13)
Century Egg Tofu (S$10)
Nyonya Chap Chye (S$10)
Sambal Sotong (S$13)
Available at @CurryWok_Sg
Yummy 😋 dishes with a home-cooked feel.
Like that the lady’s finger was cooked just right without the slimy feel.
No wonder customers have been coming back for so many years.
Curry Wok
Address 🏠 : 5 Coronation Road, # 01-04 Coronation Arcade, Singapore 🇸🇬 269 406
Tel ☎️ : 6464 8878
Open ⏰ : Wed - Mon : 11am - 9pm
Website 🌐 :
MRT 🚇 : Tan Kah Kee (DT8)

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Established since 2004, Currywok serves up heartening and homely dishes! We had their Curry Chicken ($11), Sambal Kangkong ($10), Sambal Sotong ($13) and some Coconut Agar Agar ($4) and Fresh Lime Juice ($2.50) to end of the meal. The lady boss was also kind enough to serve us an additional dish of their signature Nonya Chap Chye ($10), all of which I love very much!

Ever since my grandma stopped cooking, I have been longing after delicious home cooked meals and the dishes at Currywok definitely help with it. The lady boss also shared with us that their food are cook-to-order and are not laden with MSG.
I especially love the Curry Chicken as every piece is tender and the gravy is light yet flavourful. The Sambal Sotong was the crowd favourite; every piece is cooked to perfection and soaked in sambal. Special mentions for the agar agar as well which is the old school kind that is firm to the bite ◡̈ .

So, come on down to Currywok for a nice, satisfying meal with a homely touch.

Thanks to @ninetyfoursg for the invite and Cat from @currywok_sg for the hospitality and meal. Will be back again soon ◡̈

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Sorry to break it to you, but the bakery no longer does Toasts! In their place, Breakfast Plates that still feature their yummy yummy bread.

For something that’s kinda like toast, go for the tartines — topped with an obscene amount of mushrooms (or cherry tomatoes) and cheese. Bright, salty, soft, crispy all at once.


We wanted medium rare.

They recommended medium rare.

It wasn’t medium rare.
My plate was pretty much well done 🤦🏻‍♀️ This is a photo of potato’s steak, & I had to saturate the hell outta the reds & add some tint to it to make it look better in photo 🤷🏻‍♀️ The truffle fries & sticky date pudding that I got with the set were good, though. . . . . . . . . . #sgfood #sgfoodies #burpple #instafood_sg #sgcafe #sgig #igsg #exploresingapore
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Among all the dishes that we tried the other day, this has got to be my favourite of all! 💖 Free from preservatives and hand-made with mackarel chunks, it was flavourful with a distinct, lingering aromatic tinge of spice! 🔥 Well suited for those who loves spice, where the one here is distinct albeit mellow and not too overwhelming! ✨. Texture is soft albeit thick and chunky, along with a pleasant umami note as well! Reviews for the other dishes will be up soon in the next few upcoming posts! .
Thanks Cat from @currywok_sg for hosting whipping out a sumptuous spread for us, as well as @ninetyfoursg for extending the invite! 🙆🏻‍♀️😋 .
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BBQ Stingray - Seasonal Price
Kong Bak Pau - $12
Sayuh Lodeh - $10
Serving for over 15years of home-cooked dishes, Curry Wok have been well liked by the neighbourhood. Family recipes is the key to their delicious meal that have 家的感觉. Other popular dishes include Curry Steam Fish Head & Curry Chicken w Potatoes. They serve set meal too. Do drop by for a taste of home. Thanks to @nickblitzz for inviting and @ninetyfoursg @currywok_sg for hosting
The Curry Wok

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Very good garlic chicken with rice. The taste of garlic is nice and strong with the chicken and it’s just the right kind of salty. This is really not bad. I’ve tried it twice and both times I’ve found it very tasty on a student budget.