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💸$50 for 18cm, feeds 8-10 pax comfortably👌🏻
Got their strawberry cake multiple times for birthday celebrations and really enjoyed everything about the cake especially how light the cream is🤤

And of course, I got this because of strawberries.😂😘🍓($6.50)
Cake was light, soft, fluffy and airy with a nice sweet taste. It no wonder they are the favourite for most people.😊
Another cake that I got attracted to was Oimo($6.80), Purple Sweet Potato with Almond Tart and Homemade Custard.😍
Tart may be hard but was also crispy. The sweet potato infused cream was simply tastisfying with real sweet potato in it. I believe that sweet potato fans will love it.😋
🚩Chef Yamashita, Blk 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, 02-44, 082001
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Ichigo soufflés, Uji matcha azuki & chestnut Kuri mille feuille. All taste really good! 👍🏻🍰😋

Just about everything-Japanese, expect exquisite and beautifully crafted cakes and pastries from Chef Yamashita such as the Mille Feuille and Ichigo Soufflé. Since it’s strawberries season in Japan, expect no less than big, juicy and sweet strawberries used in these cakes. The Mille Feuille is made with layers of puff pastry, layered with fresh cream with raspberry jam and strawberries placed at the top. If you prefer something lighter, opt for the Ichigo Soufflé which is a Japanese light cheese cake topped with fresh strawberries.
Chef Yamashita
Address: 1, Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Unit 02-44, Singapore 082001

nice and fluffy. 6.5 per slice. #chefyamashita #ichigo #strawberryshortcake #dessert #cake #cxyixdessert #burpple #hungrygowhere #8dayseat #whati8today #igfood #foodstagram #singaporeeats #sgeats #sgfoodie #sgfoodies #sgfood

One of the best strawberry short I have had before 😋
♡ Light and fluffy!!
☆ $6.50

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light cream with sweet melon. still prefer their ichigo though. hahaha

Helmed by chef Yamashita (the Japanese baker who propelled Glace and Flor Patisserie to cake fame in Singapore), this quaint bakery in Tanjong Pagar Plaza turns out delicate and pretty Japanese-style cakes. Surprise your favourite girl friend with the popular Ichigo (from $28 for a 12x12cm cake/$6.50 a slice), a strawberry shortcake that sees a light and fluffy sponge cake base topped with fresh cream, strawberries and seasonal fruit. It's simple but beautifully decorated, and will strike a chord among cake fans who like fruity cakes that are not too sweet.
*Whole cakes have to be ordered three days in advance. Orders and payment can be made via their website.
Photo by Burppler Kat X

chocolate ganche: $6.70
luna roll I think about $5.20?
I had the chocolate cake, nth to scream about. their strawberry shortcake is wayyyyy better. I prefer my chocolate cakes moist and more chocolate filling too.