Salted Egg Crab

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5 munchies: The star dish from all the Tastemakers' eatups I've attended thus far – clean-tasting Sri Lankan crab meat that was so chunky and succulent, oozing natural sweetness. Here comes the salted egg sauce that was smashing – thick, creamy and buttery with a smooth consistency. What made the savoury sauce stand out from the rest was the addition of curry leaves and chilli padi for some nutty aroma and kick. If only we had deep-fried man tous or fries to wipe the plate clean!

This was a hosted meal by Diamond Kitchen.


The smoothest, the creamiest, award would go to this plate of beauty. If they have fried mantou on the side, I would used them to drip and clean up the plate. The smell of the curry leaves and salted egg was so divine, ignited and wetted my appetite, and the colour was so inviting. The meat was so succulent, and clean and fresh. Dip that into the sauce and you will definitely go mmmmmmm ☺️

Fresh, sweet Sri Lankan Crab wok-fried in thick, luscious & creamy salted egg sauce, curry leaves and chilli padi.

The sauce's so good, I had to stop myself from grabbing the plate and lick it clean.

Not all salted egg sauces are made equal – Diamond Kitchen's clearly outshines almost all others (if not all) with the perfect balance of flavour and texture.

The savoury quality of the salted egg is definitely the hero, enhanced with curry leaves and chilli padi for an uplifting kick. The creamy consistency is neither too gluggy nor watery – it clings just enough to the shell and is absolutely delightful mopped up with the sweet flesh of the crustacean.

My favourite dish of the night. The sight of this alone was enough to make me start drooling. The crab was fresh with an abundant amount of flesh. However, the star had to the wet salted egg sauce that was generously doused over the crab. Unlike other salted egg crabs, the sauce here is wetter and a lot of creamier. This results in the sauce really being absorbed by the crab so each bite is oh-so sinful and delicious. Towards the end, I was dipping the crab in the sauce because I just could not get enough of it. The sauce is seriously finger-licking good stuff. Must order this when here if you're a fan of salted egg dishes.


Gan Xiang crab vs salted egg crab. Gan Xiang is a special sauce made by the head chef, it is made of 30 ingredients including 2 types of curry and ppl that know it is sworn to secrecy. It is a mean sauce that is peppery and spicy. As for the salted egg yolk sauce, there is enough oomph and you can really taste the salted egg distinctly. Gan Xiang crab definitely wins in term of uniqueness but salted egg yolk crab would win on tastiness.

Definitely my favorite of the night!! Thanks Burpple & Diamond Kitchen for having us - this made me really happy. Fresh Sri Lankan crab, with rich, creamy, absolutely tasty salted egg sauce. Finger-lickin' good!

When asked which was the better crab among this and the gan Xiang one, I had to think really hard to make a decision. This salted egg crabs' sauce were so creamy and delicious that I licked all my fingers clean after finishing up the crabs! The sauce was addictive and of sufficient quantity. Will come back if I ever have a salted egg craving!


someone wiser once established the law of diminishing value? i dunno man, i think thats load full of "crab". i mean have they even try the crabs here? the salted egg yolk crabs here are like the diamond of all crabs. anyway, that law has no power here. period.


Luscious and creamy salted egg sauce that was so good that I wanted to lick the plate dry. The Sri Lankan crab was super fresh and the sauce brought out the sweetness of the crab meat rather than overpower it. My favourite dish of the night!