Chendol Soft Serve

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Pandan jelly (chendol), coconut shavings and gula melaka drizzled all over the soft serve. Surprisingly, it’s not too sweet. Worth a try, but most probably wouldn’t order it again because I personally find it lacking in chendol flavour.


Chendol soft serve was really good, it was literally chendol but in ice cream form. The best thing about it was that the soft serve itself isn’t actually too sweet - but admittedly after a while, the flavour becomes much much stronger and the sweetness intensifies🤯 had to take a break from the sweetness so I let it melt a bit halfway through and it became smoothie form😂 it was still not bad or even equally good👍🏻so it would be best to share this cup of goodness, especially because it’s pretty huge for one person, they don’t shortchange as the soft serve is really filled! Really worth the price for a huge cup.

What could be better than having an ice cold soft serve in this sweltering heat? Head down to Overrun with your friends for their best-selling Chendol Soft Serve ($6) or Durian Chendol Soft Serve ($7). If you're feeling adventurous, try their flavours of the week that range from Bubblegum, Thai Milk Tea to even Mango Sticky Rice!
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Still my favourite soft serve, Overrun’s is crazy smooth and exactly what you’d expect from a Chendol soft serve. Comes with coconut flakes, gula Melaka and squiggly green chendol.


This was pretty good with the ice cream being flavourful. Just that I would rather eat good chendol at less than half the price 😆 this was nice for a hot day too!

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If you are burnt by the sun when you are in the haji lane area make sure you stop by this place for their ice cream.
It’s rich in flavour and the toppings for chendol is just amazingly paired !!
Only down side is their weird operating hours. They are not exactly open for dessert hour on weekdays


I know where to get my Chendol fix whever i craved for one. Hmm.. still couldn’t find a place which make better chendol ice cream than them. I will stick to u till i can find one then.. 🍦🍦🍦

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When in Bugis, don't miss this hotspot for a cool treat: creamy Chendol Soft Serve ($6), swirled with pandan jelly, grated coconut and gula Melaka. Tastes just like the real thing, and it's great for sharing.
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Rainy day? This Chendol Soft Serve ($6) just make your day 😊
Total enjoyment & I love that I can indulge & not worry about sweetness overdose as it is just right 😋


Swirls of smooth and creamy chendol ice cream topped with soft pandan jelly strands, grated coconut and lashes of gula Melaka syrup. This was yummy, but note that this is pretty massive and you'll need at least two people to share this with (my sweet-toothed companion and I really struggled to finish this).