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Strawberry Basil Gelato

$4.70 · 41 Reviews

🎉TGIF🎉 time for cheat weekends🥰 say hello to sugar rush👋😂✨ finally deviated from my usual white chrysanthemum cocoa bits from @bopgelato to try their strawberry basil and earl grey lemon grass😊💕 and wow as always their flavors is one of a kind - I might need three scoops next time😂🙈 hope for more future expansions and innovation soon hehe🤤❤️
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I finally get the hype over this ice cream boutique. The strawberry basil flavour is really refreshing and light, especially suitable under the hot tropical weather of Singapore!

I’m going to visit this more often!


One of the beat ice cream i ever had. VERY REFRESHING

It is so named because the shop creates gelato inspired by the botanical flavours of nature.

That means fruits, flowers, pods, herbs, and spices.

The owner was inspired to make ice cream since more than a decade ago, experimenting with all types of flavours, till he wanted to settle for something more natural, unique and healthy at the same time.

Go for the Strawberry Basil, Pandan or Pistachio if you are there.
Favourite Gelato shop in Singapore?


($8.70). This Katong shop dishes out gelato infused with botanical flavours. Especially enjoyed the strawberry basil which is not artificially sweet. Also glad to have ordered slightly before the lunch crowd poured in!


White chrysanthemum flavour was refreshing and unique! Earl grey lavender did not disappoint as well. 👍🏻 Tried a couple other flavours — strawberry basil was pretty refreshing as well, however a little sweet for my liking, sea salt hojicha was slightly disappointing as the flavours don’t really blend well together in my opinion. The thyme cone is a must try as well!!

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It’s ice cream paradise in this garden-themed store that melds offbeat botanical flavours like White Chrysanthemum, Strawberry Basil and Spiced Pear with freshly made, fragrant Thyme Cones ($1). From $4.70 for a single scoop — absolutely worth the dough to have one all to yourself.
Photo by Burppler Pearlyn Chua