Masala Dosa

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No two sides to this, MTR’s famed Masala Dosa rightly deserves its reputation and is probably the best version I’ve had to date. The outside remained crisp throughout the meal, and has an almost umami-like, brown butter taste(which I suspect comes from ghee), and the fluffy potatoes inside are subtly spiced and light on the stomach. Beautiful.

Taste: 4/5


More expensive than other dishes here but totally worth it. The sprinkle of chili magic dust have elevated the dosa skin one notch. It hugs so well with soft-to-your-palette potato filling. 🤗

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Recommended by their owner after we ordered many dishes. Inside the crispy Dosa is a hugh mash potato filling with mustard seed. We split them in pieces using spoon but quite difficult to share. Good Dosa that none can miss! 👌

MTR is a pretty small shop in Little India but it’s bustling with people generally all eating their masala dosai, and with good reason! A deliciously spiced potato filling is encased with a thin, crispy shell. Eaten with their turmeric based sambar and coconut coriander chutney, this is definitely one to write home about.

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Crispy, fragrant and so damn delicious. And those refreshing/complementary dipping sauces, which tie everything together. Oh and who could forget, unfolding this beauty to reveal the star of the show — spiced and cubed potatoes so tasty it’s almost criminal? If my heart were a shape, it would be triangular, like this dosa.

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Enjoyed this! Spiced potatoes and onions filling in a crispy crust that had distinct fermented rice flavour. Comes with curry and chutney pairing.


Date visited: 18/5/2018 (Fri, 7:40pm)

There was a queue of 5-6 people at the cashier when I reached. Had to place my order before I could get a seat.

Fortunately, it wasn't a long wait. I wonder if the queue was short because of the heavy downpour.

Getting a seat wasn't an issue at all. Was directed to an empty table after paying up.

Despite being informed that the wait for my food can take up to 20 mins, I didn't have to wait long as food was served pretty fast. (10mins at most).

Uddin Vada was the highlight of my meal. The savoury vada was crispy on the outside, and warm, soft and fluffy on the inside. Wow! Absolutely scrumptious with chutney, sambar, or even on its own! Love it!

The mango lassi was WAY TOO SWEET (for me). I do like the taste of it (mango yakult), but wish it was less sweet. I drank about 1/3 of it before I topped it up to the brim with plain water, but it was still too sweet for me. If you don't fancy overly sweet drinks, I suggest ordering 1 cup to share with your partner. They have cups and plain water on each table.

Unlike others, I did not order one of the most popular items on the menu; Masala Dosa.
I must be the only person here not to like potatos in my dosa.
I ordered the plain dosa. I really enjoyed the thicker-than-normal crispy dosa. It was flavourful, rich and a little oily as it was cooked with ghee. One of the best I have tried, but after I finished the dosa, I suffered from a surfeit of carbs.

Godhi Dosa, like the plain dosa, was crispy, and tasted (more) savoury with the spices added.
Nope, they aren't spicy, contrary to the description on the menu.

Chapati is an item no one ordered there, probably because most of the Indians (can) make them at home. They are very chewy. They smelt sweet, & they tasted sweet (0% savoury flavour) as well. There's a slight taste of butter and milk.

Rava idli was amazingly soft and fluffy. But I'm just not a big fan of coriander. While it tasted nice, it is not something I will order again.

All in all, my dining experience there was a good one. The staff were friendly, place was clean, and food was flavoursome. There is a wide variety of carb dishes, but I wish they offer a wide(r) variety of vegetarian protein/ vegetable dishes for a more balanced selection of dishes.

Anyway, I also over-ordered. The food I ordered appeared deceptively light, but they are actually VERY filling. Two of us shared the food in the photo and we ended up with leftovers-1 chapati, one Godhi dosa and one cup of mango lassi.

Even though the food I had was good, in retrospect, I believed I would have enjoyed the food a lot more if I didn't over-order. I really overdosed on carbs!

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Pleasant surprise. No wonder it's a signature dish.

After hearing and reading so many positive reviews on the Bisibele Bhath ($5) and Masala Dosa ($6), I definitely have to order these two items on my first visit. With restaurants in Bengaluru, Udupi, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, the brand has a long history with its roots starting in 1920 before being renamed to the current MTR (Mavalli Tiffin Rooms) in 1951. Between the two vegetarian dishes that were ordered, both equally shined on its own rights. With an awesome flavour profile of spicy and tangy, the Bisibele Bhath is a rice dish made of lentils, vegetables, nutmeg, cashews, curry leaves and tamarind pulp, served with raitha and a dollop of ghee (a kind of clarified butter). It will be hard to choose a favourite but the Masala Dosa tipped the scale slightly for me. The Indian pancake that’s made from rice batter and black lentils is stuffed with a spice mix of potatoes that has been laced with ghee. The accompanying chutney dipping sauces were just magnificent and goes so well together with the dosa which got me wanting more from each bite.
MTR (Mavalli Tiffin Rooms)
Address: 438, Serangoon Road, Singapore 218133