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Signature Fei Po Char Siew Noodle

$9.90 · 7 Reviews

Kowloon cafe’s triple mix set comes with an assortment of soy chicken, char siew and crispy pork belly. The star of them all was the Signature Fei Po Char Siew that was so tender and fatty, covered in a sweet glaze - it was the first to be wiped out from our table. A relatively good portion for sharing and you can top up with carbs to complete the meal - Sesame Rice ($2), Rice ($1.50) or Sesame Noodle ($2.50) which was decently springy without the alkaline aftertaste.

Fancy a light bite over a good spot of tea and in the mix stand a chance to win a 3D2N all-expense paid staycation at @msocialsingapore when you vote for your favourite tea-inspired menu?

Happening from now till 31st July, the world’s first @Dilmahsg Tea Inspired Awards celebrates tea-inspired creations, from savoury dishes, pastries to drinks at THIRTY participating cafes and restaurants. And one of them is Kowloon Bay HK Cafe, know for their signature roast meats and other Hong Kong favourites. Served on a crispy bite-sized pastry, they presented a simple pairing of their Fei Po Char Siew Canapes with Dilmah Exceptional Lively Lime and Orange ($5.90). The tender, slight fatty and well marinated meat comes with a sweet finish which goes nicely with the aromatic tea that is infused with a sparkle of lemony tartness and balanced with citrus. On the menu, they also offer an intriguing combination of Braised Rose with French Vanilla Pulled Pork Semola Spaghetti ($8.90). So do check them out.

Make online reservations via @chopesg and share your photos of your tea-inspired treats with the hashtags #TeaInspiredAwards #TeaInspired #DilmahSG to win additional prizes. Also read up more about the competition, the participating cafes and restaurants here:

📍Address: 17 Petir Road, Unit 01-07 Hilion Mall, Singapore 678278

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Enjoy tea infused food, drinks or food pairing with tea from 1 June to 31 July 2017 at participating cafes and restaurants, plus you'll get to stand a chance to win an all-expense paid holiday at The M Social 5 Star Luxury Hotel in Singapore and delightful gifts of tea from Dilmah.

One of the first participating restaurants is @kowloonbaysg known for their Char Siew. Get to sample their Signature Fei Po Char Siew Canapés pair with Dilmah Exceptional Lively Lime and Orange Tea at just $5.90!! Tender yet slightly fatty char siew slices and slight citrusy tea, it's a perfect excuse for snack.


When i saw the bowl i tot i made a mistake for paying double the price of a hawker centre char siew noodles but boy was i glad to be wrong!
Signature fei po char siew noodle didnt disappoint and the char siew was probably the best i've ever had. Super tender and fatty, the char siew had an amazing sweet savoury glaze as well. The dark sauce drizzled over only served to amplify the umami of the char siew, while it worked with the noodles and the chili for an amazingly fragrant bite deserving of accompanying the char siew.

No service charge but no complains about that! Service was pretty good though


Returned with mum since we were around Hillion Mall wondering what to have. Decided to order these two meats and paired it with their Sesame Rice (which was pretty similar to the rice we get with Chicken Rice).

Sure; they could probably do better in terms of presentation but the Char Siew was still pretty much as tender and sweet as it used to be; it is also noted that the Char Siew was also sliced thicker than the ones served with the noodles that I previously had. The Crispy Pork Belly was also pretty impressive; despite the slightly coarser meat that we had, the skin was biscuity crisp and the meat was pretty flavourful from the spices rubbed into it — could have been better if it was slightly more fatty but still pretty good looking past the texture of the meat!

Was told that their Signature Fei Po Char Siew is one of the highlights on their menu, and hence revisited to try that out. A pretty palatable bowl of noodles here; it's decently springy and tossed in a savoury, dark sauce but it's indeed the Signature Fei Po Char Siew that is in the limelight here — caramalised and sweet while tender, soft and juicy; the only qualm was that I wished it was more chunkier for more bite. That being said, it's probably sliced this way since the portion here is just nice to compliment with the noodles; would probably have to go for the single portion of solely meat the next time to get myself satisfied!

Newly opened Hillion Mall (connected to Bukit Panjang MRT Station) is giving Bukit Panjang Plaza a run for their money. There are so many popular food chains here (Dian Xiao Er, Danro, Ssikkek Korean BBQ and even TUK TUK CHA!!!!!!) as well as new openings like this buzzy Kowloon Bay HK Cafe.

Instead of having the Char Siew Noodles with Wanton ($9.90) which is featured on the menu, go for the Signature Fei Po Char Siew Noodles ($9.90) instead. I hear the latter promises FATTIER char siew slices, definitely returning for it next time. 😱😍

Taste wise, the char siew is beautifully caramelised to a dark brown glossy finish — much like the ones from Char (still the best but so far from my house 😭). There are some fatty bits, but not as cray as Char's. All in all, I wasn't expecting such glorious char siew in my noodles — this totally blew me away! #Burppoved