Pork Porridge

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I decided to give Johor Road Boon Kee Pork Porridge a try as Mui Siong Bak Chor Mee is closed when I went down on Sat (😩) and I can’t decide what is more surprising: 1) having to wait 1 hour plus for the porridge, or 2) how gooood it actually is😍!

I ordered Mixed Pork Porridge with Century Egg ($4.50) which comes with sliced pork, meat ball, pork liver, pork stomach and century egg. Although this is not the super fine kind of porridge, it is still very smooth, fragrant and flavourful.

The pork liver is slightly pink and crunchy, and the handmade meat ball is well seasoned. Each component is well-executed and there is no porky aftertaste. My only grouse is that the youtiao is quite soggy - wish there is more crisp to it.

I tried this without any expectations and I must say that I’m pretty impressed - glad the long wait paid off!

📍 Johor road Boon Kee Pork Porridge 🥣
638 Veerasamy Road, Singapore 200638
⭐️ Hainanese style porridge
Sharing my parents’ hidden gem 💎 one of the oldest and best OG porridge stalls in Singapore 🇸🇬 love their thicker and grainier texture yet smooth like mung bean soup☺️ price starts from $3, and there are various options such as pork, chicken, sliced fish, cuttlefish, or a combination of the ingredients💓 the win is in the fragrance of the congee broth which is aromatic and flavorful with hint of sweetness!❤️ highly recommended to go early in the morning before they sold out or the insane queue kicks in‼️( I waited 1 hour at 9am)
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Start of my weekend with a perfect bowl of Porridge. Their Porridge is thick, flavourful with a combination of Pork, Cuttlefish, Egg and Century Egg ($4.50)
Location: Johor Road Boon Kee Pork Porridge, 638 Veerasamy Rd, Singapore 200638
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Had #porkporridge on a rainy day lunchtime today with my colleague. This has been on my food radar for sometime. Happy with it. $3 per bowl and has generous portion of ingredients. First time trying so didnt know to upsize is just $0.50 for Big. 🤦🏻‍♀️ So we chose small. This is at 638 Veerasamy Road. Its near Jalan Besar Mrt Exit B.

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When we talk about porridge we think the bland old dish that we eat for warmth and when we are not feeling well. Well thats not the case for this porridge found at Veerasamy Road which to my surprise it not boring at all.
I had the porridge with pork and egg and I have to say the taste and texture was amazing. The porridge was hot and taste absolutely heavenly with pork and egg to make it into congee. Match made in heaven. And the textures from the fried bread, meat, chopped spring onions, tangchye and fragrant fried shallots was just right. My recommended place to go visit.

Pro Tip: You can add amazing fried chicken from the store next door at the same food center with your porridge to make it a sinful combo.

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Heed Tastemaker Michelle Kayla Tey's advice and come here early to snag a bowl of silky porridge, as this humble dish commands a long queue and sells out just after lunch time (or earlier, if it's a rainy day). Go for the crowd favourite Pork Porridge (from $2.50) that comes with a generous portion of minced meat, liver, chopped onions, tung choy (salted vegetable), fried shallots and a dough fritter (you tiao). Tastemaker Vanessa Kou describes the thick, smooth and exceedingly satisfying porridge to be surprisingly flavourful on its own, and also recommends adding an egg ($0.50) to stir in and further enhance the taste. Pro tip: Want to beat the queue? Call ahead and order to take away your porridge!
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Michelle Kayla Tey

Good for breakfast, lunch or dinner; Johor Road Boon Kee Pork Porridge at Veerasamy Road stocks a wide variety that is perfect for any weather - but especially comforting for the rainy days we have been experiencing recently.

A must-order and their signature, please try their Pork Porridge ($2.50/$3) that comes with minced meat, innards, chopped onions, tangchye (preserved salted vegetable) and fragrant fried shallots. Thick, smooth and exceedingly satisfying, the homely bowl was surprisingly flavourful. And similarly, the other combinations such as Slice Fish and Cuttle Fish ($2.50/$3) was nicely balanced and cooked just about right with the fresh ingredients where in each spoonful you can still detect the creamy grains. Loving the simplicity and the warmth it brings! Oh and be sure to add an egg to enhance the full-bodied congee.

[Do expect a long wait at times in the afternoon, but well worth it!]



Johor Road Boon Kee Porridge - Pork & Liver Porridge (💵S$3.50) : Pork, Minced Meat, Liver topped with ginger, radish, spring onion, Fried Chinese Donut aka YouTiao & a raw egg (Top up extra S$0.50). 🍲

Porridge & Congee are only reserved for rainy or days when one is feeling under the weather. But this, this is comforting. As good as those you find in Hong Kong. 😋

ACAMASTIPS💮: I cannot live without eggs, Honestly I don't know who can. It's the foundation of food, civilisation actually. 🥚
So I implore you to add the egg, burst the yolk & let its richness flow all over. Gosh the experience of it is so arousing. 🖖🏻


I don't think I've ever waited more than 15 mins for congee, and this just broke the record and doubled it at that. It was 1pm on that fateful day.

The portion is generous for its price ($4.50 for the pork+fish+egg+century egg option) and the pork slices and pork liver were expertly cooked to tenderness and creaminess respectively. Spring onion, fragrant fried shallots, and savoury tung choy (preserved vegetables) were also thrown in for added oomph. Worth trying if you're in the area, but do head down earlier to beat the lunch crowd. Closes at 3pm.