Grilled Octopus, Burnt Butter, Capers, Bean Purée

$27.00 · 7 Reviews

Left is served with olive oil, right is served with browned butter

There's capers but luckily it's v mild, I didn't even know which component contained capers lol

The pea puree and garlic aioli were pretty decent, octopus was on the firmer side with some crisp. Only problem is the portion, it's under seafood so you'd think it's a main but turns out it's tapas sized.

The staff will remind you about that when you order though

But boy oh boy, he under estimated us 💪🏻 When we came together, the happiness was so overwhelming that our appetite grew enormously 🤣
But of course the quality of the food, the taste of the dishes, the aromatic dining atmosphere & the friendly service staff did play a huge role in our joyful dining journey 😘
Ready for the list? Here we go:
1) seasonal mushrooms truffle oil toast ($8) So GOOD!
2) homemade sundried tomato bread extra virgin olive oil & balsamic ($2.50) Simple crispy & nice!
3) cauliflower florets fritti spicy mint aioli ($10) Fabulously Addictive!
4) homemade tofu foie gras mirin sauce iced lettuce ($12) Super silky soft!
5) stuffed shiitake with prawn fritters ($9) Not bad
6) silken tofu le jardin de rabelais tomatoes mesclun sesame dressing ($12) Whet your appetite further
7) cold pasta konbu truffle oil ($23) Chilled & Refreshing!
8) angel hair pasta sakura ebi konbu chilli ($27) Heavenly that we had double!
9) grilled octopus white bean purée capers burnt butter ($27) Superbly springy & yum!
10) iberico pork jowl gremolata lemon ($18) Thinly sliced tenderness pampering our tastebuds!
11) wood-grilled chermoula chicken charred lemon ($15) ok ok la but meat was soft & tender
12) pan seared foie gras poached egg maitake mushroom cep sauce ($27) I’m not a fan of foie gras but my company was wowed by it
13) grilled stockyard ribeye salsa verde ($300g) ($58) Super juicy & soft & enjoyment was elevated by the simple salt
14) 36 hours duck confit truffle emulsion mesclun lemon-mustard vinaigrette ($19) Surprisingly tasty, yummy & soft!
15) tiramisu kahlua wild cherry in kirsch ($12) Always the right dessert to go for, yum!
16) chocolate fondant vanilla ice cream ($14) Yes! Yes! Yes!


This was a small dish with oversized flavours. The capers and burnt butter gave the octopus so much umami. The octopus was also expertly grilled - very tender with a slight char. We were so impressed and made sure we mopped up every bit of the sauce.

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Must Go👍🏼

This char-grilled tentacle had a wonderful bouncy bite to it, served with a smooth white bean purée, briny capers and fragrant browned butter.
All the way up my alley 🤤


By the time this last-minute add-on order arrived at our table, I was feeling pretty full. However, after one bite, guess who was ready to plunge right in and gobble up the entire thing? Yup, this turned out to be a dish that hit all the right notes and then some!
Deeply smoky, the octopus was expertly grilled to the point where tenderness and a little bounce in the bite intersected. As juicy and naturally tasty as it was, the burnt butter sauce elevated the octopus to higher levels of satisfaction. The white bean purée and capers proved to be good complements too.