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Butterscotch Mascarpone Cheesecake

$12.00 · 6 Reviews

Light as air and not too sweet cheesecake drizzled with butterscotch. I personally like both rich New York-style and light Japanese cheesecakes, but I can see the appeal of this.

Veronica’s idea to retreat here after dinner was a stellar one as I’ve been eager to try this cheesecake that I’ve heard amazing things about. It’s everything the reviews say – dreamily light, deliciously decadent with the butterscotch and just a little bit playful thanks to the sprinkle of salt. It might be a lightweight, but this little package is dangerous – I’ll happily clean the whole thing off myself. 😝


People rave about this dessert on the menu, and so I went there with expectations. The first bite in was great; the body of the dessert tastes very much like the lighter version of ice cream. However, after a few mouths, the vanilla flavour masks the mascarpone, rendering the dessert overall slightly 'boring'. We didn't fancy the butterscotch caramel sauce - it had a bitter aftertaste.

I could have been overly critical, though I do not deny how the lightness of the cheese, accompanied by a solid biscuit crust makes this dessert such a quick one to finish.

PS. I am in love with EO's playlist, together with the ambience of the bar/restaurant. Service was impeccable.


Diaphanously light and creamy chilled mascarpone lacquered in a molassy butterscotch glaze that's just barely holding the house together. Like stray snowflakes on the roof, the scattered grains of sea salt didn't just paint a pretty picture, they also played off the sweetness of the butterscotch beautifully, heightening the flavours in each bite.

Taste: 4/5

So glad I managed to eat this again and this time in the company of others who could validate my love for it. A super simple, no-frills dessert that hits the spot - creamy mascarpone drenched in butterscotch topped with salt flakes 👌🏻


Hear me out. I have a theory: The only reason this ethereally light mascarpone cheesecake is able to stay put on the plate is because of the butterscotch sauce poured over it. Yes, it's been said I can be a little strange 😂.
On a more sane note, the taste of this is divine to the nth degree. Those little sea salt flakes on top spark off the butterscotch in a way that ends up heightening each of their qualities to their best.
I can't stress how much you need to try this.