Hot Sukiyaki Soba

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Excited to try this because Iโ€™ve never been to soba specialty restaurants in Singapore. The soba had sort of a whole-wheat texture, which made it slightly harder. This helped to prevent it from being soggy in the hot soup! The soup base was salty but they provided a flask filled with bonito stock so you can adjust the saltiness. Price is quite steep imo but it is a place worth trying, if you want something different from the thousand ramen shops in the area.

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Was looking for a warm bowl of noodles on a rainy day and decided on this bowl that comes with sukiyaki beef and a poached egg. Soba was good without being too soft. The broth was tasty, albeit a little salty, but bonito broth is provided by the side to dilute the soup so all was good!

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Nothing fancy about this :/

And who knew there could be so many variations of this simple dish. Loved the Hot Sukiyaki Soba ($18) that was bathed in a flavourful broth, served with sliced beef, shiitake mushrooms and livened up with a touch of yuzu. Also recommend the Dry Kamo Maze Soba ($16) which was slightly thicker soba noodles tossed in a Chinese-flavored sauce and topped with sliced duck meat and duck meat balls. The #onsenegg that came together with both dishes was just perfect - such a generous yolk that popped in our mouth as we bit into it! #burpple


They do it so well here. Loved the addition of the onsen egg and the slightly charred negi or onions. So slurp worthy this bowl of soba.

Get this if you like a slightly heavier, beefy and sweet broth. Big portions and affordable. I changed it to Udon because I'm an Udon person. Enjoyed it! (7.5/10)


Thin soba noodles, sliced beef, spring onion, shiitake mushroom, dashi, half-boiled egg, snap peas, yuzu, soy sauce

Nadai Fujisoba offers what i deem to be one of the best soba in S'pore. The {Hot Sukiyaki Soba} has the basics of a immaculate broth down pat. This is enhanced by slices of sukiyaki beef, thinly sliced snow peas for crunch and silvers of yuzu peel for a restrained approach to the slightly oily dish. The perfectly poached egg spilling it's salacious secrets in yellow across the hot broth.

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