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Black King

$15.90 · 54 Reviews

Had the red king while my bestfriend had the black king which was broth with black garlic while mine was with chilli oil and cayenne. They allow the customisation of the richness of the soup and such, so you can pick according to your preference. Not much ingredients, not a wide variety to choose from, so I ended up wth a lot of noodles and broth, but nothing to pair it with. Though it was not bad, I don’t see myself returning unless I’m really craving ramen in the area.

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Headed there with the intention of trying out the Black King because it looks really good on the advert. Changed my mind and tried the Green King instead~ HANDS DOWN for this unique fusion ramen with cheese, it tasted really good and the portion was really generous! It's conveniently situated at Suntec too. Highly recommended :)

First time hearing of black sesame ramen and as a fan of black sesame I had to give the black king a try and it sure didn’t disappoint! Tried my friend’s Red King and absolutely loved it as well!! Can’t wait to be back back to try the other kings!

With blackened garlic and squid. Ramen Nagi is definitely one of the better ramen joints in Singapore serving shiok and thick tonkotsu broths and noodle texture is customisable.


Taste: 4/5

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Similar to Japan, you fill up a slip indicating your preferences for the various aspect of the dish (e.g. soup richness, noodle firmness, etc.)

I'd recommend the light richness as it gets saltier as the richness increases. And it can get quite 'jelat' after a while. Also, there is an option of belly or shoulder (chashu) pork as part of the ramen. Although the serving of the belly was seemingly smaller at first glance, it proved quite different when you start eating. It is very flavourful and soft, although not melt in your mouth.

Ramen Nagi is probably the place one would go to for a quick fix to ramen cravings. Reasonably priced, quick service, no frills dining.

$15.95 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
My 2nd fav ramen is the GREEN KING ramen , tonkotsu broth , mixed of basil and Parmesan shreds , giving that cheese mayoee broth ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• My ratings : 4.96/5
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27 Oct’18, Sat⛅️
📍Ramen Nagi 凪
- Butao King🍜
- Black King🍜
- Red King🍜
- Gyoza🥟
Didn’t expect the gyoza to be those mini bite size one, don’t really recommend that cos eat like nvr eat like tt...

Strongly recommend u all to add-on the tamago (Egg), omg, it’s jus so nice it sold out quite fast!
Damage: Abt $27

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Black King ($15.90) and tamago (+$2)
Broth is darkened with blackened garlic, squid ink and a black ball of minced meat, black sesame, topped with crispy fried garlic and spring onions. Very rich and flavourful. Better than Ippudo’s. But a bit too overwhelming for my liking but this is Hubby’s favourite

visited ramen nagi during dinner time!

food was phenomenal and they really lived up to their name of universal noodles/ramen.

we enjoyed our dishes of green king ramen and black king ramen.

would definitely go back again for the food and the atmosphere!