Black King

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I ordered this with high expectations, as Iโ€™ve read plenty of good reviews. Unfortunately it is not one of the best ramen that Iโ€™ve had.

Current favourite is still Nantsuttei for a good tonkotsu ramen.

Thumbs up. Although I love ramen, I've been a bit jaded recently, with many tasting about the same. But Nagi lived up to its reputation. This black ramen has actually normal broth, but with a layer of blackened garlic and squid ink. There's also a ball of delicious black minced pork. Overall the broth and noodles were great. Try the intriguing chilli. Apart from the lack of a default ajitama, the disappointment here was the thin and dry chashu. You can select kakuni instead, I'd recommend that.

If you are someone who likes a strong punch in your meal, then this is definitely for you! Ramen Nagi's Black King (SGD$15.90) has a thick and strong garlic taste within the silky broth, finishing off with chashu, minced pork and black sesame.

Personally, I still loveee their original butao king as that is more mild and I could taste the richness of the pork broth. But if you are up for a switch, this might be a delightful choice!

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Price: $15/pax
Location: @ramennagisingapore
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A bit disappointing by the dining experience and the ramen. 1. Not solo diner friendly. I prefer to sit alone but I was assigned to be seated beside a couple. They were talking very loudly and I asked waiter that if I can change a table. But they told me all is reserved. That was Tuesday, 4 tables were not occupied until I left the restaurant. 2. Chashu had no flavour at all. 3. Soup was very oily. I won't be back again and I didn't get it why it's popular in Singapore.

#chashu with very good bite and a distinctive lovely sweetness. #ramen #squidink The pork mince didnt do much for me though, and instead marred the experience a little. #japaneseramen #noodles #ramennagi

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Tried the Black King Ramen ($15.90) and was pleasantly surprised by the flavours ๐Ÿคค๐Ÿคค Also really liked that there is the option to personalise the bowl of ramen - from the soup thickness, to the toppings.

Service and food were really good. The soup was fragrant which blended well with the squid ink. The squid ink did not stain my teeth like I expected it to. The egg was flowy and delicious. The interior design of the restaurant is really unique and I felt like I was in Japan. I loved the open kitchen concept in the restaurant where I can see the chefs meticulously preparing my food and my food was served hot immediately.

Stylish store tucked in the corner of suntec city, itโ€™s interesting how they name their ramens by colour (e.g red king, green king), canโ€™t wait to see whatโ€™s their next flavor.

Iโ€™m a fan of the black king ramen - itโ€™s made from garlic and squid ink making it really tasty. Itโ€™s soup base is thicker than the tonkotsu but not too overpowering. The tonkotsu is their signature dish, great for whoever wants a good oโ€ classic ramen . Portion was filling.

Get their tea, itโ€™s bottomless!

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Had the red king while my bestfriend had the black king which was broth with black garlic while mine was with chilli oil and cayenne. They allow the customisation of the richness of the soup and such, so you can pick according to your preference. Not much ingredients, not a wide variety to choose from, so I ended up wth a lot of noodles and broth, but nothing to pair it with. Though it was not bad, I donโ€™t see myself returning unless Iโ€™m really craving ramen in the area.

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