Coconut Egg Tart

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A different type of tart than their classic egg tart. The coconut tart ($2.20) has lots of real coconut bits in it compared to other coconut tart outside and does not have artificial flavouring.

I would say it is not bad but I still prefer the traditional one.

Saw a long queue outside this bakery & decided to get a few egg tarts to see what the crave was all about, and it did not disappoint! Pastry was crispy (not the typical soft egg tart crust) so it gave a nice crunch when we bit into it and the custard was soooooo smooth that it just melts in ur mouth!!! It was not overly-sweet too, which was a plus point! We also tried the coconut egg tart ($2.20) & we loved it bc the strips of coconut inside the egg custard gave the tart a nice texture & the coconut added a nice flavour to the tart without overpowering the egg taste! It really depends on personal preference, but we liked the coconut egg tart more! Although they are slightly pricey, we would definitely come back for more!

I pass by Tong Heng on my way to work everyday but this is my first time popping in for a post-dinner snack. The signature diamond-shaped egg tart ($1.90) is clearly what most people come to Tong Heng for. The tart is buttery, crisp and thinner than a typical egg tart shell - the delicate balance between firm and crumbly is commendable. The egg custard is soft like tofu, creamy in the middle, fragrant and not too sweet. I could easily pop a few of these! The baked Pork Bun ($1.90), however, is underwhelming. The flaky crust is nice, but the pork filling is too hard and sweet for my liking. Perhaps it will fare better if it is warmed up. Nonetheless, wouldn’t mind returning just for the egg tart, or the coconut egg tart that I did not manage to try as it was sold out when I went.

As much as I love their traditional red white box, this hipster packaging definitely adds a refreshing touch to the brand. It also features die cut inserts to hold the individual tart in place, of which explains the expansion in size. Anyway, cheers to @tonghengsg’s return as I’ve longed for their coconut egg tart!💛

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Egg tart - love the wobbly egg custard and the flaky crust.
Coconut egg tart come with shredded coconut and not overly sweet

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Ask anyone for the best egg tarts in Singapore and they'll probably tell you Tong Heng's. Like diamonds (literally and figuratively), the egg tarts vanish from the display shelf in minutes as customers easily make purchases in boxes of 4/6. Sweet & fragrant custard held in a crispy & flaky crust, Tong Heng's egg tarts are a delightful snack to have for your afternoon.

And really, sometimes the classic, original flavours beat any other fancy add-ons, so this coconut version didn't win my heart (it was also too sweet for me).

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The allure of traditional pastries.. Long strips of fresh grated coconut sit in a well of wobbly egg custard enveloped by plain, flaky pastry. Sweet, but not overly so. The lotus paste pastry on the other hand, while also very flaky, i would've liked a little more buttery. However a generous stuffing of lotus paste made up for it all, and is best downed with hot tea.