Salmon Soba Noodles

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Portions are generous. Worth ordering

My order of Salmon Soba Noodles ($19.30) was not exactly what I was expecting. Perhaps I should have checked out photos of this dish from others before actually ordering it but I was hoping for cold soba noodles instead. However, this dish was created as a pasta dish as the buckwheat noodles was served dry, with a poached salmon by the side, a portion of shimeji mushrooms and the best item on this plate, the crispy egg with a generous sprinkle of furikake. What was let down by this dish has got to be the noodles as it was soggy and lumpy, totally without any al dente texture.
✨ Columbus Coffee Co.
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Had to say this was really good that it went beyond my expectations. The egg was runny and went really well with the soba noodles which was well seasoned and stir fry. The salmon was cooked to perfection as it was moist and retained its taste without being fishy.

Love how they added the sauce that added punch to the whole dish overall! One of the must-try definitely!!

This jap-western fusion dish is definitely a must-try! Salmon was well cooked, and the Soba tasted really delicious with the accompaniment of shimeiji mushrooms and seasoned sunny side up

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Definitely worth the try! the umami taste of the soba and the egg blew me away. The salmon was also cook to perfection 👌🏻

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both dishes were hands down the best dishes on the menu. been to columbus a few times, have tried the burgers, pastas & other dishes but the chicken stew and the salmon soba noodles rose above all!!

i wouldn’t say the chicken stew dish is a stew bc it isn’t as thick as how i would expect a stew to be but it was seasoned beautifully & the flavours were extremely well balanced with the sourdough bread. was extremely filling even though it doesn’t look like it!

salmon soba noodles is an absolute must have! the salmon is soft and the furikake flakes balance the dish out from being plain! extremely flavourful!

service: 10/10 (i only waited 10 mins max for my food!)
ambience: 10/10
food quality: 9.5/10
price: 8/10

definitely would recommend & will be back for more!

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salmon with shimeji mushrooms, an egg and yoghurt sauce. the slab of salmon was beautifully done, tender and sweet, cooked just right. mushrooms were also a tasty, flavourful addition to the dish. was not a fan of the yoghurt sauce though, didn’t feel like the sourness complemented the dish well.

overall a decent dish, but at $18++, it might be a bit pricey. although the cafe environment is really lovely and spacious, good for catching up with friends. will be back! ✨

7/10 🤩

You don’t usually come to a brunch place to eat soba but I’m Glad we did! The soba was well seasoned with the slightly salty furikake! The salmon was also very well cooked!