Super Balanced Meal

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Rice was tasty and blends well with the tender chicken breast meat. It was a good choice of food after a workout which you can enjoy a satisfied meal without worrying about the calories. The set comes with a expresso but you can top up extra $ for other coffee choices. Total spending: $23 - slightly pricey.

You can find their exclusive Burpple Beyond deal here with their Chicken Rice Super Balanced Set for $19; which includes: Multigrain Rice, Chicken, Japanese Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes, Fried Shallots and Coriander.

If you are looking for some healthy rice bowl here at Holland Village, Superfudo is where you should go. Comfy environment with charger.


Very healthy food that costs too much so comes the usefulness of Beyond !

Visiting Superfudo was one of my futile attempts at eating healthier. This dish was flavoured well with the aroma of chicken rice but yet tasted healthy! I still can’t wrap my head around how they managed to achieve this in a healthy dish. Recommended if you’re trying to achieve your weight loss goals! πŸ”

Save more by getting burpple beyond to get this as a 1 for 1 deal!

This has a total belly score of 3/5!


wasn't planning to do a review for this visit bc I thought I was going to order the same thing but guess what, they changed their menu again :( idk why they would remove soba but sobs pls bring it back!!! and the salmon is now lemon-scented :/ got sweet potatoes instead, with mushrooms, sous-vide egg and pumpkins. the mushrooms were previously bland but yay there was more taste today. the lemon-scented salmon was lighter on the palate than the salmon previously and I prefer it that way haha makes you feel healthier. sweet potatoes were surprisingly yummy! thought they would be too hard but they were nice to bite into and you can slowly taste the sweetness. the egg wasn't runny this time... and perhaps they should start marinating the egg haha it's getting boring. and yay got free mushroom soup!!! remember the first time I got it, it was really salty but it was better today and really warmed my stomach :)

Tried the Super Balanced DIY meal ($13) at superfudo today.

Base: baby spinach
Protein: chicken breast
Veggies: broccoli and mushroom
Toppings: furikake seaweed and cilantro

The food was fresh and tasty but a little on the salty side. Portion was rather small for $13 but it tasted homemade and healthy. Chicken was soft and quite juicy and veggies were fresh. Cutlery is made of wood and rather hard to use. Like the ambience of the store and staff was friendly. Taste was rather normal but might come back again.

Options available:
Protein rich ($19)
1 Carb + 2 Veggies +2 Protein +2 Toppings

Carb full ($15)
2 Carb + 2 Veggies +1 Protein +2 Toppings

Super balanced ($13)
1 Carb + 2 Veggies +1 Protein +2 Toppings

Veg lite ($11)
1 Carb + 3 Veggies +2 Toppings


went there excitedly for dinner, hoping to get their turkey but was majorly disappointed bc noOoOOOoo they changed their menu and no more turkey :((( got the salmon instead for an additional $2, with soba, mushrooms, pumpkin and an egg. everything tasted so different from the last time I came???? the soba had a smoother texture and felt lighter on the palate. salmon was a lot softer (yay) but was slightly salty. mushrooms were less salty than before, till it was on the bland side. the egg was the same, tasteless but at least the yolk was soft. first time trying the pumpkin and it was pleasantly soft and sufficiently tasteful :) many changes to the menu and taste of the food but it sure remains a super balanced meal that is so filling! but please bring back the turkey!!!!!

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Healthy & guilt-free western-style β€œcai fan”. Tastes good and natural with a good variety of meat and fish selection! You can also go vegetarian by ordering their Veg Lite option.

Plus the place is pretty chill on a weekday with WiFi and power points for people working on-the-go.

Super Balanced Meal (S$15) with
1 base - White Quinoa,
1 meat - Lamb,
2 veg - Carrot πŸ₯•, Tuscan Kale
and 2 toppings - Sous-vide Egg πŸ₯š, β€˜Bacon’ Bits. Without any dressing, I thought that the meal would be rather dry. But I was wrong and I enjoy the meal very much. The lamb was tender without the dreadful gamey taste. It was rare for a place to offer kale without additional topup as it was an expensive vegetable. Mixed all up it was a delicious πŸ˜‹ meal and one did not miss having dressing a bit.
Accompanied with a cup of Mushroom πŸ„ Soup (S$4) which filled with mouthfuls of mushroom bits.
As it was my first visit, the staffs guided me on the ordering process, while highlighting the unavailable items to me. Although there was no service charge, my order of Super Balanced Meal was served to me at my table, without me having to collect at the counter.
Address 🏠 : 15 Lorong Liput, Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ 277 730
Open πŸ’ˆ : 10am - 10pm
Website 🌐 :
MRT πŸš‡ : Holland Village (CC21)
Note πŸ“ : No GST or service charge
Power points available at standing tables