Sourdough Bread

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Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we ordered the blackened barramundi and the lamb dish. Both were well presented and delicious. LOVED the texture of the fish... I just wish there was more of that green sauce! We also ordered the eggplant dish. I'm not a big eggplant fan but loved this. Amazing sourdough bread!! Loved the wine choices as well. Great service and ambiance.

Pulled pork with the most amazing tomato sauce.. wiped the bowl clean alongside some sourdough bread! Too good.


I love a good bone. And this one didn’t disappoint as it brimmed with gloriously smoky, salt-sprinkled “meat butter” waiting to be scooped out and gooped onto straight-from-the-oven housemade sourdough. Positively ambrosial.


Bringing you Mediterranean flavours with simple tapas dishes which are perfect for sharing, this space is perfect for small and large get-togethers alike!

One of my fav mains from the night would be their Garlic Shrimp ($12). I’m not sure what they add into that sauce, but it sure does pack a whole lot of peppery punch, spiced with curry leaves. The shrimp was simple yet plump and also comes with homemade sourdough which aids in swiping up every drop of the sauce cause its oh-so-good.

Apart from that, I do recommend going for the Mint & Feta dip ($9) as seen in the background for a balanced combination of savoury and spice.
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Who needs butter when you have this to smear on bread? It's not called Butter of the Gods for nothing.
I absolutely love the subtle depth of flavour that smoking adds to the marrow's profile. Couple that with the touch of thyme, and you've got herbed "butter" on steroids.


Three tasty dips you can mop up with the fabulous sourdough here. My personal favourite was the basil and feta — super fresh and bright flavours blitzed along with mint and almonds.
Coming in a close second is the smokey eggplant and peppers dip with its punchy flavours kissed with warm spices like cumin and caraway.
I liked the idea of incorporating nutritious black bean into the hummus; it was tasty, but I would have preferred more lemon juice and a slightly thicker consistency.


Plump, fresh & crunchy shrimps swimming in a pool of herby, peppery & absolutely savory garlic-ky sauce! 😍❤️ I love how these shrimps are served w a side of their home-baked bread (which was so yummeh it was tdf) as the owners knew exactly that the bread would be perfect to soak up all that garlic sauce goodness! It'll be sucha a crime to see it go to waste! A great appetizer to share before your meal! 🍤✨✨

All the dips were really addictive but the smoked eggplant and peppers dip called out to me the most. It was reminiscent of a curry and I couldn’t stop mopping it up with that sourdough.


From Sideways, a tapas-esque concept by the folks behind The Hangar at Arab Street.

Off the cold section of the menu is the Sourdough and the Smoked Eggplant and Bell Peppers Dip — the sourdough baked in-house with their wood-fired oven; light and fluffy without being particularly dense, whilst carrying a slight hint of sourness from the fermentation process of the dough. Being a perfect accompaniment to the sourdough, the dip carries tangy flavours from the bell peppers with light, earthy notes of eggplant all laced with the aroma of olive oil. A great way to start off the meal before going to the meatier items.


Opening at 109 Rowell Road on 6th July is “Sideways”.
It occupies the corner shophouse unit closest to Jalan Besar, and has a vibe that’s effortlessly (and genuinely) cool. Think exposed brick walls, hand-made concrete top tables blended tastefully with some of the original fixtures and structure.
Taking pride of place in the kitchen is a huge rosewood timber-burning oven that was built by co-owner and chef Pav and Ali, his right-hand man. It is used to bake all their breads and cook most of their dishes apart from the steak. By the way, Pav also happens to own one of my favourite cafes - The Hangar on Arab Street.
You can tell both he and his partner for this venture, Giulia, share a huge appetite for life and of course, good food. Honestly, their enthusiasm in making and serving food they love to eat themselves is palpable. Fortunately they have the chops to deliver the goods. Take these dips for example, which I couldn’t stop eating. They are (from top down): Smoked eggplant & peppers, black bean hummus, and a mint and feta. With torn pieces of the wonderfully smoky housemade sourdough, I dug deep and long into each, scooping up as much of the dips as they could hold. If forced to choose, I’d say the mint and feta was the one I liked most as it’s aromatic, bright and lively. Plus it has a subtle crunchiness from the addition of chopped roasted nuts.