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My regular go tos at Park Bench Deli are the fried chicken and patty melt but decided to try the Reuben Pastrami for a change. It’s basically a beef brisket pastrami sandwich with Russian coleslaw, gherkin (pickles), whole grain mustard and Swiss cheese. The beef pastrami is cured in brine for 14 days before being smoked and steamed. All of these are done in-house which I feel justified the higher price.

Although they use roasted rye bread, I never felt that the sandwich was dry or hard which can be occasionally the case with rye. The beef brisket pastrami is soft and not too salty. Together with the melted Swiss cheese that’s firm, chewy and nutty, the flavours and texture just come together perfectly. Perhaps they should make an Impossible version of the pastrami.

The other sandwiches are good and substantially cheaper than this. But still more expensive than what you’d pay at Amoy Food Centre. It’s one of those places I’d go if I want to treat myself to something delicious but not too heavy for lunch.

Its texture and medium rare colour is just like the real deal. As for the taste, it’s pretty well marinated and along with the other ingredients, I would say they’ve done a great job👍🏻

Here’s the list of Impossible dishes that I’ve tried, though these were only available for that day.
⌯ Mushroom Patty Melt
⌯ X PBD Slider
⌯ Matzo Balls Stuffed Onion Rings
⌯ Corn Fritters & Cilantro Chimichurri

Nevertheless, @Impossible_Foods x @ParkBenchDeli offers 2 other dishes - Impossible Patty Melt and Impossible Taco Salad.

179 Telok Ayer St
Singapore 068627

Thanks @Impossible_Foods, @ParkBenchDeli, @kenpgl and @dingsleepy for having me!

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Impossible™ meat patty (meat made from plants), caramelised onions, cheddar, dill pickles, special sauce, rye bread

Maybe I didn’t pick the right sandwiches. After I tried the fried chicken burger which was nice but didn’t blew me away, I tried this. Then I think I prefer the fried chicken. 😂

This is good for the health-conscious crowd. Definitely not mindblowing. Not for me at least. They could have added more sauce. All I could taste was the cold meat. not worth $8.

Maybe I will go again and have their impossible patty melt. It was sold out by the time I reached (12noon).


Surprisingly beef-y and juicy. 💦

Wait... what? It’s vegetarian? I thought it was beef patty!

Honestly, I didn’t even realise only till now that I’m searching for the price. It’s so good!

Friend had the mushroom one and it was good as well! Yum!

Shooketh!!!! A near perfect replica of a minced meat patty, only a little salty. Pricey too but you gotta pay em scientists.

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Thought I should post this as the details of my experience are still fresh in my head. Plus, I’m quite pumped because I really went all out to
make sure I got my hands on the Impossible™ Patty Melt...even if that meant I had to make my way back to the city from the west side, in time for their dinner service, AFTER failing to get it during lunchtime. 😶

In all honesty, I don’t think all the components in this sandwich meshed excellently. I admit, I was expecting the beefy-umami taste to grace my tastebuds as the cheese, sliced cucumber and sauce all dovetail and create a fiesta. 😋😍 Well, none of that happened.

Instead, what I got was a lot less complex than expected - the plant-based patty had the flavour identical to that of a sausage patty, even though it possessed the succulence of a regular beef patty. I’ve tasted something similar in a particular brand of meatless burger patty…and it’s something you can find at the supermarket. 🤧 But if there’s any striking difference, it’s that it’s a lot drier in comparison to the Impossible™ patty. In summary, I hate to say it, but its lack of newness costed it its sterling first impression. 🙁 Still though, from a more objective standpoint, it was pretty delicious and satiating!

Be informed that this comes at a whopping $2x2, which may be ridiculously expensive for a darn sandwich, but you know…for the sake of trying it once, I suppose I could close one eye. 😴 (7.2/10)

The Burpple Beyond deals are NOT applicable to the Impossible™ Patty Melt, so prepare to pay full price if you intend to try it. 🤪


Rye bread, Impossible Burger 2.0, caramelised onions, cheddar, dill pickles, special sauce

Yes, it’s impressively almost indistinguishable from real meat, and I would definitely be more than happy to eat Impossible Burger as a meat substitute on the regular once it’s widely available and more economical! 😋


The burger, which possessed the manipulative persuasion skills of a Rajah & Tann arbitration partner, was the star highlight from yesterday’s launch event for US-based Impossible Food’s grand entry into the Singapore market (@impossible_foods).

From today, Impossible meat - created through genetic engineering and the use of heme, a molecule containing iron which is believed to be behind the meatiness of beef - will feature in various dishes across eight local restaurants (Adrift by David Myers, Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay, CUT by Wolfgang Puck, Empress, Park Bench Deli, Potato Head Singapore, Privé Orchard and Three Buns Quayside).