254 Jurong East Street 24
#01-28 Yuhua Village Market & Food Centre
Singapore 600254

09:15am - 01:00pm

09:15am - 01:00pm

09:15am - 01:00pm

09:15am - 01:00pm

09:15am - 01:00pm


09:15am - 01:00pm



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What you should order at Fei Fei Roasted Noodle (Yuhua Village Market & Food Centre)

You should order this at Fei Fei Roasted Noodle (Yuhua Village Market & Food Centre)

Reviews at Fei Fei Roasted Noodle (Yuhua Village Market & Food Centre)

Reviews of good food at Fei Fei Roasted Noodle (Yuhua Village Market & Food Centre)

This is definitely one of my favourite place to go, for wanton mee. The char siew was sold out while I was queuing (before 12pm), hence I ordered the roast duck noodle instead. Love the crispy duck skin and succulent meat with a good layer of fat!


Finally got a chance to try the wanton mee from this stall after several attempts (they were always closed on my previous attempts). The char siew is indeed excellent, while the noodles were very springy. A normal plate costs $3 and in my case added $1 for additional noodles.

Selling fast. (Flying roast duck) A very popular stall. This plate of noodles is chewy which match well with its sauce. Also, the roast duck meat is soft and tender, non fat at all. They offers roast duck rice too, the sauce is very tasty.

There's a reason why hungry hordes queue up for Fei Fei's char siew noodles β€” standards are consistently high, as they have been for a long time now. The meat is roasted over charcoal daily, resulting in perfectly caramelised skin. The springy egg noodles are tossed in the char siew sauce, giving the classic noodle dish a lovely umami-rich element. A friendly reminder from Tastemaker Irene Arieputri: the char siew is only available from 10am, and typically runs out by noon-ish on weekdays and 11-ish on weekends. Plan your visit VERY carefully and be sure to generously factor in at least 30 minutes of queuing time.
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Irene Arieputri

Breakfast for fei fei wanton noodle. I love how the noodle is springy and most important is the charsiew not the usual one we ate it.

This is the only bowl of noodle I'm willing to queue for a good 40 minutes (or even more). The qq noodle, the burnt edges of their tender juicy char siew, the not-too-spicy chilli with lots of dried shrimp, the wanton stuffed with minced pork and prawns; I've never found such a perfect combination elsewhere. My number 1 fail-proof comfort food it is πŸ˜›
Do take note that their charsiew is only available from 10am onwards and will normally run out by 11ish on weekends & 12ish on weekdays (yes, it's THAT crazy!)

The meat is roasted at 3am every morning using charcoal. It has a good proportion of fats and lean meat. The noodles are tossed with the char siew sauce making it extra tasty.

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My favorite Wanton Noodles store! Chanced upon this on a blog (I think) and have been frequenting it when I can. Queue is about 20-30 minutes on weekday morning around 9am. Sometimes the char siew may not be ready by this time so I'm lucky today! Their Wanton Noodles is springy and the char siew is the best! Love the fatty cuts, it's damn fragrant and juicy. The leaner cuts are not that fantastic as it doesn't have much "skin" as all the goodness is stored there. The duck is half the portion shown as the rest went to another plate. Comes with a bowl of soup with 2 wantons. The duck's skin is also very fragrant but ducks are usually more dry and harder to chew so I didn't enjoy it as much. The Wanton Noodles is only $3! I highly recommend trying their Wanton Noodles or char siew rice.

It has been quite some time since I've had breakfast at a hawker center. Got off my lazy butt on Labour day morning to queue for the ever-popular feifei roasted wanton mee! Reached at 10am and queued for over 40 minutes!! $3 for a plate of fresh and springy egg noodles tossed in their special marinate. Thick cuts of sweet and fatty Char Siew and 2 juicy wanton balls! I decided to add roast pork ($4.50 in total) to justify me waking up and queuing 40 minutes for it! And yes I'm glad I made that decision. The auntie queuing behind me said that their Char Siew normally gets sold out by lunch! But if I do this too often, I will really become feifei. πŸ˜‚

when you have to q half an hour for this plate, you make sure you ask everyone at the table to order it as well. this way, the waiting is more forgiving. enough said, time to savor every single bit on this perfect plate - every strand of the noodles, the char siew, the remnants of sauce on your plate after everything.

Don't get deceived by the plain-looking noodle and brownish charsiew. I can assure you that you'll dream of the charsiew even after you eat it. The perfectly caramelised skin and well-marinated meat will never disappoint you since it is marinated overnight everyday. The shop itself always has its long queue (I'd been there at 10.30 and yes, I queued for a jolly 30 minutes). Yet, it's worth every cent and minute spent. P/S: they also sell the charsiew and roasted duck for about $32/kg

I just randomly joined the long queue without knowing what they sell (cos everything is written in Chinese…). At first I ordered Char Siew Noodle and waited for 30 mins. When I got to the front and saw the beautiful roasted duck hung there, I quickly changed my order. And, it's really worth the $3 I spent! The chilli is not spicy but has strong prawn taste which I love. The noodle is chewy and not overcooked like most of the noodle stalls around. Will definitely come back for this again. I also bought pineapple juice at the fruit juice stall for $0.80 and it reminds me of the old-fashioned pineapple juice my mum used to buy. Haven't been more satisfied than this! Seems there's a lot to explore at Yu Hua Market (:

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What's for breakfast? 😊

Traveled all e way to Γ© west for #feifeiroasted but all the roast duck n char siew were sold out by 10am+. Apparently they might open earlier than 9am. Really unpredictable.

Thankfully i was still able to get some roast meat else it would have become a wasted trip.
Noodle was tangy and nice and wanton came w prawn fillings.
#yuhuafoodvillage #jurongeast

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