[CLOSED] Grain Traders (100AM)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. *


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I still prefer "DIY Salads" from other salad places around this area. The options served here isn't to my liking.

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This place is an absolute love! And it's rly worth it considering the quality of the ingredients- barley was an interesting texture, smoky grilled baby corn, miso mushrooms tho a lil salty for my liking, and beautifullyyyy seared tuna.


Believing in feeding people right, Grain Trader has indeed done it right, with their wide range of choices to pick from to customize your own unique salad bowl ($16), I love their seared marinated Tuna and grilled striploin steak with Miso Caramel 😍! Give it a try if you working nearby


Built my own bowl ($16) and chose a base of super greens (they also have soba, quinoa, various rices) and the seared marinated tuna for my 1 x protein. For veggies you can either get 2 hot ones or 1 x hot + 2 x cold - I went with 2 x hot: buttery sautéed wild mushrooms and (char)grilled furikake baby corn. I topped it off with (more) furikake and got a side of miso caramel dressing. So good! If you can't decide, they also have suggested signature bowls that you can just point at and choose.

I usually frequent the GT at Capita Green but space at 100 AM is really cool - with communal tables and a large island for their coffee bar. Unfortunately, the coffee bar wasn't open - I totally rate their cold brews.


Decided to go back to a veggie diet by skipping on the meats and focus on lovely grilled vegetables! With honey carrots, wild mushrooms, beansprout salad and bell peppers, this is truly colour on a plate! Add quinoa and it couldn't be healthier 😉My only complain is that it is a little pricey for merely vegetables. I had to get a cake for supper later!


We are what we eat. Ft. Mr Pirom, one of the signature bowls: Tuna and Wild Mushrooms with Apple Kimchi and Crudités Slaw on Soba Noodles.