* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * *Halal-certified since March 2016 Welcome to Hyde & Co., a cozy contemporary English-themed cafe located in the heart of the vibrant Kampung Glam precinct.

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Fans of #mentaiko like me would love the harmonious pairing of the sauce with the salmon and bonito. The pizza crust was neither too thin or thick, allowing the flavors of the ingredients to shine through. $14.90 for half a pizza is a bit pricey but it was filling & deserves a try for the novelty of flavors
⚠️ The cafe is certified #halal #halalfoodsg
πŸ“@hydeandco, 785 North Bridge Road, S198753 (near Bugis MRT)

Waited 45 mins for this; off-peak, barely a few tables occupied.

Very 'eggy' bread (the ones we whip up for a last min breakfast) , sour kaya ganache that not only has a weird colour, but taste and texture, desiccated coconut that's reminiscent of phoon huat packaged ones. The saving grace was the ice cream and that splash of Gula Melaka.

Not too sweet but the elements just do not blend well. I had to pair everything with the ice cream to get some sense of what the dish was dreaming to be like. $15.90. I'll rather go for the real deal that's one decimal place behind.


"Lady Hyde killed the hype". What sounds more amazing than a classic Hawaiian pizza with pork floss and bak kwa? But what sounds good doesn't necessarily taste good. How can anybody even destroy a good old Hawaiian pizza in such a way? Nuff said.

Ordered this dish @ $22.90. Expected it to be pretty good after reading through several reviews here and also this dish was stated to be one of the top 10 fusion dishes by Seth Lui. However, not only was the portion super small (for the price), after a few mouths, it became overwhelmingly spicy as well.


We order the truffle fries, chilli crab pasta and one of their pizzas. Hands down amazing food. I was surprised at how flavourful their food was. Had so many elements on the pizza and chilli crab that basically nailed it. What I love about this place is the service and the fact that it attracts a good mix of crowd. From youngsters to families, this place has a dish for everyone in the house.


So I tried their Cold Brew Tea - Into The Woods, which was mixed berries tea with hibiscus and rose hips. Well, it was pretty disappointing. Had expected something more instead of an extremely diluted Ribena. Fancy Schmancy.

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I like it is like spring onion cake but on a pizza skin. It's nice but a bit too spicy for meπŸ˜…

Nothing a good wing can't cure. Except for a clogged artery of course

[Halal, Invited Tasting 4/6] One look at the Unicorn Dreams ($15.90) and you'll think it's a bubble of sweetness that's on the verge of bursting. But surprisingly, it was much more tame in that regard.

We have some buttermilk waffles here, with banana brΓ»lΓ©e, buttered popcorn, some mini marshmallows, and finally some 'Paddlepop' fondue drizzled in serpentine over it. To complete, we also get a scoop of Summer Berries ice-cream on the same plate. πŸ˜›

The elements on the plate all sound like they'd meld into a wonderland of flavours, but they were more straightforward than I'd expected. It's unlike the nightmarishly sweet items from Sugar Lips. As mentioned earlier, this was pleasantly restrained in the amount of sweetness. That presents itself as a double-edged sword - it made it more bearable, thereby more palatable, but it also left more to be desired in terms of intensity.

Okay la, given all its merits and shortcomings, I do believe it's something I wouldn't mind finishing. However, I do think the overall gripe I have with this is the same one I have with all Hyde & Co's items – the steep prices and the quality are sadly, a mismatch. (6.5/10)


[Halal | Invited Tasting, 3/6] One of their signature dishes, Hyde's Kaya Toast ($15.90) has quite a captivating quality to its neat, minimalist presentation - the shapes distantly remind me of Clean Bandit's logo. With such an aesthetic quality, it can only mean two things - that what you see is what you get or big surprises come in small packages.

In the case of this dessert, it was neither as it teeters between the two. It adds a good dose of localised, Malay flavour with the gula melaka shavings, the shy amount of kaya ganache and the scoop of Coconut and Anzac ice-cream. However, the french toast was as how I'd predicted it to be - the eggy-savoury flavour was a little too loaded for my liking. It's not that it was bad, but it was that it was an antipode, which suited the sweet components like fire and water. I took one bite and I was like, "Mmm okay, nope."

I will give it to them for the concept though. I do feel like a localised french toast desserts sound, if not look, interesting enough to warrant at least one try. But if you're looking for every buck's worth, the 16-dollar Kaya French Toast may be as sound to you as a phone's silent mode. (6.3/10) 🍞🍳

[Invited Tasting, 2/6] Continuing from yesterday's pizzas, we also got to try their Pulled Beef Mantou Sliders.

While I did appreciate the idea of localising the slider here, I felt that the mantou buns were much too oily to work. Also, it was inevitable that every bite would result in juices leaking out of the sliders. Still though, I will give it to them on the fact that the pulled beef was rather tender, and the mantou lent a slight mentega manis (sweet butter) flavour to it, which made it more palatable despite its shortcomings.

I think the biggest problem you will have with this is the price. 3 pieces for $9+ is what it's going for. But of course, if you're keen to try it, why should that be of concern, right? 😹 (6.7/10)


This dish took forever to arrive, couldn't find the unicorn perhaps?

Yet another hipster unicorn dish that people are probably getting sick of. A mixture of Colours and sweetness just won't make the cut. The popcorn was salty, probably to balance the sweetness of the entire dish? The caramelised banana was on point though. Did not find this particularly outstanding, but it makes a pretty insta photo

One of their signature dish here, the Chilli Crab Pasta is tossed in Arrabbiata sauce, hanging perfectly on the balance between sweet and spicy. It is evenly coated with shredded blue swimmer crab, I would have prefer it in small chunks but hey, seeing as to how generous they were with those shreds, I'm not complaining. It's a rather small portion, so I advice you to order the sides or desserts to share.


ITS FRY-YAY! Been having a whole lot of truffle lately, but not complaining πŸ˜‹ this truffle Fries from Hyde & Co. were fried to a crisp golden and so fragrant, we went for seconds! To seal the deal, this heap of fries were topped with parmesan cheese, which make it an even more indulgent treat to have. They make a good snack to munch on while waiting for the mains to arrive!

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[Halal | Invited Tasting, 1/6] So the other day, I was kindly invited to an eat-up at Hyde & Co to try out their new items. Their new menu, titled 'Take Hyde Out' is designed to cater to the pro-takeout and pro-delivery crowd.

Here is a half-and-half pizza of Geisha (left) and The Bomb (right). Not your conventional toppings for sure, with ingredients such as mentaiko mayo and bonito for the former, and Sambal Cincalok and omelette, chye poh for the latter. But it still manages to not alienate the pizza-nomming experience.

My favourite was The Bomb definitely. The thin veil of sambal cincalok packed a spicy punch, and the prawn + chye poh omelette had a nice bite to it which actually felt intrinsic to what a pizza should texturally be like. And oh boy, did I relish this. Funny thing was, I was expecting to hate it knowing how pungent the smell of cincalok usually is, but wow I can safely say that I'm a straight-up convert!

It is expensive though, with half a pizza going for $14 and a full-sized one going for $27. But if you ever get the chance to, really, I recommend that you give this localised flavour its deserved try.

(Geisha: 6.6/10 | The Bomb: 7.3/10 | Overall: 7/10)

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