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Lau Wang Claypot Delights (Serangoon)

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老王砂煲小厨 Lau Wang Claypot Delights – Since 1985 Every dish will forever be unique; from the way it is prepared, through cooking process, to the time it is served, up to the moment each meal is consumed Prepared in the kitchen with secret marinating procedures, each dish is then cooked upon order taken. Using only the best “Chee Seng” sesame oil, coupled with minced garlic together with our fragrant pre-fried oil containing a mix of ingredients, the main ingredient of choice is then stir fried on the spot. For our herbal soup dishes, a mix of 6 key herbal ingredients are boiled together with our pre boiled soup base is then used to cook your ingredient of choice (frog leg, chicken and fish). Served exclusively in individual Claypots (Cast iron / Clay), each dish is presented to you piping hot. The fragrance of the dishes as they are being served is so overwhelming, it makes you want to pick up your chopsticks to dig in. The Claypot helps keep the food warm throughout the meal, so as you pour each dishes’ sauce over your white rice, you will still be able to enjoy the same sensational effect as if it was just served!

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This dish is very normal, I think this dish can skip and try other dish.. Unless you really like wu xiang alot. The price is very reasonable

This dish is not bad. It has liver, pork ball, intestine, pork slice goes fry with onion slice. It wasn't too bad for the price.. Can try.!!!

It's only $4 and even you don't eat spicy... Its really not over cookedz it has a very nice crunchy texture..

It's chicken cube, where no bone... So tender and easy to eat.. The sauce goes very well with the white rice, definitely value for money..

A usual hangout spot for Serangooners. The place has changed the seatinf arrangement mode of ordering and even the menu over the years! You can get them via foodpanda or grabfood too but nothing beats eating it IRL. If you’d prefer spicier than 辣 for your MAYOUJI feel free to tell them to add on the spice! I enjoy the Sesame Oil Chicken, Herbal Fish Soup and when there is a Vegetable of choice, the Sambal Kang Kong!

The sesame oil chicken is very flavorful and tender, which goes well with the white rice. I like how the chicken is boneless, makes it easier for kids and elderly to eat. The herbal fish soup ($5.30) is very strong and comes with generous portion of sliced fish!

Overall, this place definitely worth your trip down. 👍 However, advise to come before 6pm as the place is very crowded closer to dinner time.