B O O Z E | B A R B I T E S

B O O Z E | B A R B I T E S

For the alcoholic in me, places to go within the sunny island for a cold one any time of the day!
Amanda Liu
Amanda Liu

This is not your usual goreng pisang if you thought it was! While the main star is still the banana as the center of the dessert, the coating around it is actually Indonesian sweet potatoes!

What you get is a mochi-like texture with a slightly sweet banana center. This chewy little bar snack/dessert is quite addictive & enjoyable!


As the name suggests, it is exactly what you get. Two thick & fatty slices of foie gras sits between sides of mango chutney & balsamic glaze.

What you get is a melt-in-your-mouth juicy party as the background bass drops. The instant high & mmmms that went around the table was all you needed to know how great this was.


When you read the name of the dish, you'd expect your usual cold dish, right? What greets you though, is perfectly battered & crispy cauliflower croquette, topped with crab meat & caviar. Talk about decadence!

Each pop of the croquette has a light crispy base, paired with their savoury components of the crab meat & caviar, making these little bubbles of joy a great starter!

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Having a mid-day drink is one of the luxuries one gets when you're on leave! The Lobby Bar at The Warehouse Hotel is a perfect chill spot, both in the day & at night to have a drink, have a chat & get cosy!

Pictured is their Disco Sling ($21) & Barbarella ($23)! The Disco Sling is their take on a Singapore Sling - gin, pineapple, citrus, grenadine & kaffir lime! The perfect tropical cocktail to have on a hot afternoon ☀️

The other sunny fav is Barbarella - hibiscus gin, elderflower, raspberry, egg white & earl grey! This seems like a spiked morning slushie with just the right amount of tartness to it!

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If you're a fan of fried chicken, this side is definitely something that you should order!

Paddyfolks serves up pretty decent jap fusion rice bowls & pasta, but apart from that, you definitely got to try their sides!

One of our personal favourites was the fried Tori skewers! Perfect as a bar snack (although no alcohol is served here), the exterior is crisp & crunchy, while having a soft & juicy center.

While you can't really destroy fried chicken (unless you over fry it), it is tough to get the right flavours & seasoning, but boy do the folks at Paddyfolks do it right!


This one's for the early risers, or is it really?

It seems like you've got your classic breakfast combo awaiting you - kopi & kaya toast.

But alas, this bourbon based cocktail packs a punch, with a slight hint of sweetness from the brown butter mist and yuan yang. What comes along is the Pandan Coconut Water Reduction aka Kaka Foam, with a mini youtiao (piping hot) & a coffee-like crumble on the side.

What you get is a merry of sweet, savoury & bitter all at once, without overdoing it.

PRO-TIP: come between 5.30pm to 8.30pm & enjoy all cocktails (including this one) at $15. 🍹

The perfect pairing to a cold pint, is definitely wings! What more, wings with added prawn paste!

Rookery does them differently by removing 1 of the bones, allowing you to seamlessly have wings without worrying too much of the bone!

The whiffs of prawn paste fills the air when the portion touches your table & each piece of wing is piping hot & juicy!

This was a hosted tasting.

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Newly opened & taking over the now defunct &SONS, Rookery has opened their third outlet in the heart of CBD!

Their cocktail menu is small but gives you sufficient options to choose the types of flavours you'd like!

To start, I went for the Tokyo Martini; which consists of Vodka, Choya Umeshu, Dry Vermouth & Sour Plum! The combination gives you a slightly sour but refreshing cocktail which is perfect to open your palate before giving in to your dishes!

I’m a huge fan of cocktails, and what more, cocktails with a touch of local infusion in it.

The team at @jekyllandhyde.sg have recently launched a new cocktail menu, where you can find your local lookalikes such as the Kopi-O Fashioned ($22) or the Sesame Street ($22).

The Kopi-O Fashioned was my choice of drink thanks to my love of coffee. Not only that, the combination of coffee infused scotch, maple syrup, cardamon bitters, topped with stout reduction foam, reminds you of your Kopi-o-gao, but with an alcoholic twist & on steroids. A drink that I can drink any time of the day, because it’s that good.

Another favourite on the table was the Sesame Street. Looking much like your traditional Chinese white / black sesame paste dessert, Sesame Street was an alcoholic twist to the local delight. A creamy, nutty and smooth concoction was made using vodka, black sesame, coconut cream and ginger pandan syrup. Something so simple, yet taste so heavenly.

Last but not least, a classic that every whisky lover would like, Rest My Case ($21). The perfect drink for negroni lovers who loves that smoky punch with every sip. It ends with a charred grapefruit to add to the smokiness with a slight hint of grapefruit infused in the drink.

Best deal for you guys, if you’re on #burpplebeyond, these drinks are going at 1 for 1. Imagine 2 delicious cocktails at ~$10 each, worth it, ain’t it?

Thank you @burpple for this lovely invite! & Mike + Ee Chien for sharing with us!
#burpple #aroundwithamd


You’ve heard of Sangria, you’ve also heard of Margarita, but have you heard of Sangrita?

A smart take & spin off the combination of a Sangria-Margarita, this Mother’s Day special was an off the menu treat!

The citrusy punch of a margarita is paired with the body of a sangria, giving you that bitter kick at first, followed by that smooth sweet ending.

Definitely something unique if you’re into trying out new cocktails! Otherwise, you can always fall back on their usuals, such as the White Sangria, which was a crowd favourite.


I’m not a huge fan of yam, but when this arrived, I must say it changed my perception of yam slightly.

Sliced thinly and stir fried together with sliced chilli and coriander, the yam had a sweet but crispy taste to it; kinda like sweet potato fries.

This went perfectly well with the Kirin Frozen Beer we had & could perhaps become a beer snack too!


The perfect companion to any skewer / bbq / mala party would be a nice cold pint of beer!

Even if you’re not a massive beer fan, Kirin Frozen Beer will probably be the only exception that you cave & crave for beer.

I ordered the Apple flavoured beer, which tasted much like alcoholic Apple juice, but a lot less sweeter, which went perfectly well with the fried & spicy food that we had. On top of that, the frozen foam that came with it had subtle Apple sweetness to it, making it extremely pleasant and easy to drink!


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