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Noodles > Rice

For people who just have that weakness for noodles.
Wei Zhi Chiang
Wei Zhi Chiang

First time trying their red mushroom lor mee that comes in a broth with a pink hue. Tastes pretty similar to their classic white lor mee, but with this additional earthiness! Enjoyed this paired with their signature chilli.

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First time trying their Ca Fen and didn’t expect to enjoy it this much! The savory starchy broth was ultra comforting and I liked that there’s different bits of ingredients mixed in. Would have liked just a tad more generous portion of ingredients though, just like their lor mees. Good to share this since it may get a slight bit heavy half way.

Didn’t have that good an impression the first time we tried Jiak Song’s dry mhk, but we gave it another shot at their new Bugis outlet and enjoyed it quite a fair bit! The mhk pieces we had this time didn’t have that doughy centres that we experienced previously. These were smooth and cooked thoroughly, while retaining a nice chew! Was surprised that the dark sauce came with a unique wok hei sort of aftertaste too, which helped to enhance the whole bowl. We found the sauce quite average the last time though, so perhaps the consistency can be better worked on.

The side bowl of soup had an egg mixed in and was comforting. Must say though, that the portion is quite small, so go for a bigger bowl if you’re hungry!


Pretty satisfying dinner at Dumpling Darlings, though we did wish that we didn’t have to rush - they have a dining limit of 45 minutes. Thumbs up to the attentive service, really appreciated how the staff made sure our glasses were always refilled promptly!

Their XO Prawn Noodles had well-cooked egg noodles in their xo seafood sauce and soy tare. Enjoyed the lot of textures that you get here from the variety of toppings - tobiko, seaweed, crunchy fried shallots and spring onions. Prawns were fresh and the hanjuku egg that we added on was tasty, but only gripe is the small portion of carbs at the price. Don’t think this would be that filling. There’s the option to top up for more at $1.50.

I personally don’t think it’s worth a long wait for seats, and definitely recommend making a reservation. If you happen to be at their Circular Road outlet on the weekends or for lunch from Mon to Wed, there’s 30% off the bill with Burpple Beyond!

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Spiced Pork Cubes Mee Pok from Toast Box in collab with Myojo Singapore. It has 3 spice levels for their homemade chilli oil - mild, spicy and fiery. Noodles were too soft for my liking though and it could definitely work with more sauce to coat the noodles more thoroughly. The pork cubes were marinated five-spiced style. This is available ala carte or as a set with a cup of barley drink.

Thank you @toastboxsg for the invite! ✨

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PSA!!! Serangoon Gardens’ Seng Kee Mushroom Minced Pork Noodle has a new outlet in Ang Mo Kio. Uncle will be cooking here while his son-in-law will be helming the Gardens outlet. Popped by early this morning to get a bowl to start the day! Always enjoy the tender pork slices and pork livers, as well as the depth of the accompanying soup made with dried sole fish. My favourite’s still the soup mee kia cause of the not-as-punchy chilli sauce in the dry version here - will be coming by again soon for the soup!

📍 Seng Kee Mushroom Minced Pork Noodle
5023 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2
Singapore 569526
🕢 7.30am to 1.30pm Mondays to Saturdays

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You can pick bee hoon, tang hoon or purely soup for this bowl. Though the clams we had were not as big or plump as we expected, we loved that they were clean and had none of that sandy bits. The broth was clear yet flavourful without being too salty - which made for a very comforting and easy bowl to slurp on! There was that seafood sweetness in the broth and a pretty distinct touch of wine too. Had the tang hoon and it came in quite a good portion.

Huge menu here at Real Food, from starters of fresh soups, to pastas, burgers, noodles and pizzas, etc. Their dry dumpling noodles come with 6 plump dumplings and vegetables. A pity that the dumplings were cooked a bit under, so it was a little doughy, but taste wise it was pretty nice - the filling is made with a bunch of different ingredients and vegetables. They use thick noodles here and the sauce was fragrant!

Slow Bakes right next door is Real Food’s bakery - they have a whole range of buns, sourdoughs and loaves with vegan options. We saw several people eating from both sides as they allow cross ordering.

t’s a top up of $2 to opt for this spicy cold udon instead of the usual hot/cold soba/udon but thought it was very worth the try! The chewy inaniwa udon has Sakura ebi, fried tempura batter crumbs, thin leeks and cucumber strips in taberu layu (red pepper and garlic seasoned oil). Toss them all together and you get a spicy and refreshing side that very nicely balances out the fried tempura items.

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Picked up this Dan Dan Noodle 担担面 Kit from Si Chuan Dou Hua. Each kit serves 4, with the noodles, sauce and meat gravy all packaged separately. It was super easy to whip up and we added on our own fishballs, mushrooms and vegetables. Really enjoyed it! Their Dan Dan sauce was nutty with a nice light kick of spice, while the bits of meat in the gravy gave the extra savouriness. It was tasty and very convenient. Perfect for them wfh days!

Breakfast at Fatty Ox HK Kitchen at Chinatown Food Complex. Was craving for soy sauce chicken, but much preferred their char siew! The thick chunks were pretty well caramelized and not as fatty.

While generously portioned, a pity that the chicken was slightly dry and a tad bland, though the aromatic ginger and scallion oil dressing on top helped. The HK style noodles tossed in light soy were great - springy with a good bite!

Noodles had a good bite, but unfortunately our bowl was quite salty as a whole. The sauce had a strong peanuty smell, but the taste of it wasn’t as distinct (which was a plus for my preference). The saltiness aside, it had a likable tang. If you’re one who needs more heat, they have chilli on the side to add on.

FOOD. 🍴🍫🍜🍱 Instagramming at @cweizhi [email protected]

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