Noodles > Rice

Noodles > Rice

For people who just have that weakness for noodles.
Wei Zhi Chiang
Wei Zhi Chiang

They have 2 types of liang pi to choose from, apart from this spicy sauce & garlic, there’s also the Cold Noodle with Special Sesame Sauce 宫廷麻酱凉皮 ($4). Wouldn’t recommend it though, as their cold noodle strips were too hard, the kind that breaks off upon bite without a chew, and a pity they couldn’t soak up the flavours. The sauce itself was decent but a little too thick for our liking.

📍The Legendary La Mian Master 王師傅 拉麵小籠包
Queensway Shopping Centre
(1st Floor, Opp Janggut Laksa)

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Was very hungry so we went for the medium bowls. The small is at $4.50 and large ones at $6.50. Janggut Laksa’s been my fav laksa spot for years now. Love how their mildly spicy coconut broth is so rich and flavourful, yet not too thick. I always throw in more of their sambal chilli and definitely recommend to do so, for that extra oomph and spiciness. Their otahs ($1.30) are a staple side for most customers and they pair nicely with the laksa. The stall’s usually crowded, but the friendly aunties are very efficient!


Finally in this part of the East and took the chance to try Beach Road Prawn Mee. Prawns were sweet, fresh and came off their shells cleanly, but wasn’t as impressed by the broth. Perhaps was the expectations, but we were hoping for a more robust base. Thumbs up to the really quick service despite the crowd though! They also have their prawn mee served with pork ribs, pig tail, etc.

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Loved the al dente noodle texture here with the appetising tang of the chilli vinaigrette. It had a pretty good heat as well. Had the Ebiko Prawn Paste Shrimp Ramen ($15.50) as our other bowl, hence picked the prawn dumplings as the topping for this. The bowl came with 4 of them! I actually liked these big dumplings much more than their prawn paste, for it was generously filled with juicy prawns and pork. They were firm and crunchy, and were of much better value!

Have been wanting to try Le Shrimp and recently snagged a ShopBack voucher for this bowl at half price, so I finally got around to having a meal there! Was expecting a better crunch of the prawn paste, but they definitely used a good amount of prawns in them. Thought our noodles were a little overcooked and could have done with a better bite, but what won us over was that broth. It was thick, slightly creamy and rich, packed with the sweetness from the prawns. Also enjoyed that touch of char in the broth. I’ve got to say that it can get a bit heavy after awhile - had this shared with the dry chilli vinaigrette ramen, and I’d recommend to do that too!

After a failed lunch that day, we went back to our trusty spot for noodles we know will satisfy. Tried something new this time, the soup noodles! Noodles in the soup sadly looses a bit of that chew, but their Japanese-like (yes Japanese! 😂) soup is nice to slurp on. Dumplings are the bite-sized kind, a slightly thicker skin but I like that it’s q. Filling is seasoned well, but if I had to choose, I like the chives pork one more, just cause I’m a huge fan of chives!

A9 is a very no-frills spot, so no fancy toppings, but it’s simple, comforting and the food is always whipped up quickly. Ps. Skip the mala and spicy savoury noodles + tea leaf eggs.

📍A9 面条 • 饺子 A9 Noodle Dumpling
Fortune Centre #03-17

An impressive plate at this value! $3.80 and we got lots of noodles, a whole row of char siew and a bowl of soup with 5 wantons. Our noodles were a touch over cooked so it lost a bit of that springiness, but we still enjoyed this very much. The chunky char siew slices were caramelised well with slight crisp edges. They were more fatty, but you can request for the leaner cuts, which I would next time round. Also remember to get a side of their chilli! This stall, Ju Kee Charcoal Roasted, is just next to Supreme Ramen Xiao Long Bao.

Was deciding on a vegetarian spot in Fortune Centre and settled at Pine Tree Cafe. Was a tasty and affordably priced bowl that came with mushrooms, mock meat balls, a generous portion of vegetables and a bowl of flavourful herbal soup. Not too much a fan of the fiery chilli as it overpowered the other flavours, but the mee kia was done well with a good bite. Saw that they have ma la xiang guo, yong tau foo and abacus seeds. Will be back to try those next time!


This was pretty saucy and came with veg, prawns, clams and pork. Noodles were nicely chewy, but a pity it didn’t absorb the flavour as much - think it might perhaps be better if taken away and the noodles get to sit in the sauce bit longer. Their chili helped to spice it up though!

If you’re not a sweet potato noodles fan, they have other carbs you can pick, like normal vermicelli, mee sua, lor mee, etc.

📍Pu Tian Delights
Gourmet Paradise (HDB Hub)

Heard a lot about Thunder Tree’s thunder tea rice and finally popped by. Other than rice, you can opt for this springy kolo mee as your carbs. If you’re not a fan of lei cha, they have other toppings to go along with like truffle, mushroom and wanton. Loved the lightly savoury noodles here that were cooked just right! It came in a pretty big portion with different fresh toppings, but my only gripe was it could have a greater variation in texture. It’s still a very nice bowl that I’ll come back for!


Found out about Shen Noodle recently and was super excited to try, especially that it’s not as common locally - my relatives own a bakmi store back in Indo and send them over to us regularly, so bakmi is one of our childhood dishes!

Went with the classic and it was a pretty satisfying bowl. The curly noodles were springy with a good bite, and picked up the savoury stewed pork flavour well. It’s not too oily, and came with vegetables and a tasty ramen type egg. It kinda feels like a healthier version compared to the kind I’m used to 😂 Will be back!

📍Shen Noodle
Golden Mile Food Centre #B1-37


Wasn’t a huge fan of this as the flavour wasn’t that distinct. Noodles had a pretty good bite though.

When you’re here, don’t forget the 1 for 1 mains available on Burpple Beyond!


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