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Local Fare

Local Fare

Who doesn't love hawker food? From the familiar favourites to the unknown gems; reviews of local food all around Singapore.
Yeung Kai Ho
Yeung Kai Ho

Famous hakka yong tau fu from Ghim Moh market - the long queues are worth the wait; their homemade yong tau fu along with their chilli and sauce combo makes for an excellent lunch! Be sure to order more pieces because they will go quick (if you’re sharing) and you wouldn’t want to queue again.

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The porridge wasn’t too mushy, and went wonderfully well with the sauce from frog legs. The frog leg meat was cooked just right, very smooth and silky. The spicy variant comes with chilli padi which gives the dish a nice kick. The portion would be just right for 2-3 people, depending on your appetite. Great for a cold rainy day like today!


Zi char from Old Place Seafood Taiwan Porridge (now located at 59 Joo Chiat Place) - dishes are super affordable, and each plate is served at lightning speed directly from the kitchen to your table. Pictured is the fried pork, which is definitely one of the must-haves at this place! Super tender, with a good amount of fat that makes each bite super addictive. Other highlights include their chai poh omelette and har cheong gai!

Never thought I would pay 15 bucks for prawn noodles, but Wah Kee makes it worth it! For 15 bucks, you get 3 huge tiger prawns; very fresh, juicy, succulent and most importantly already 90% peeled for you so little work involved. The prawn heads also have a lot of roe/zhup if you’re into that. The soup is very flavourful, very rich - couldn’t finish it. Noodles were great too! Cooked just right and very springy. Also plus points for the generous amount of lard and fried shallots sprinkled on top.


Chicken was well-marinated and not overly salty, while the batter was light, crispy, and not too oily. Super addictive and a must-have at every zi char meal!


Roast duck thigh, char siew, and roast pork with rice from Bedok Cooked Food (#01-32, Kovan Food Market). A bit indulgent but it’s Friday so who cares! There was a long queue for this during lunch time and I can see why - their duck was super tender and the skin slightly crisp with the right amount of fat. The char siew and roast pork were nothing special, although I would say their duck is worth the short wait!


It’s not often that you get to order angus beef when eating tze char. New Ubin offers it served alongside wedges and caramelised onions which is definitely something interesting to have when eating tze char. The beef has conveniently been cut into cubes for you - each piece is tender and juicy and pretty tasty. However, the price may get pretty steep especially if you’re ordering a large portion for a big group. This was good, but I would say they have nicer dishes on their menu!


Beef noodles from Beer Thai House Restaurant in Golden Mile Complex. The chewy, thin rice noodles is perfect to slurp up with the flavourful broth. They are also super generous with their toppings, giving you liberal amounts of bean sprouts, herbs, fried garlic, and lard! It comes with beef slices as well as tripe. Worth a try!


I really liked how the chye poh pieces gave the chewy kway teow a crunchier texture with each bite. Also a bonus (for those who like it) were the huge chunks of crispy fried lard that dotted the whole dish. While delicious, this place is quite far out and the other dishes can be a bit pricey.


Crispy on the outside while remaining fluffy inside. The plaster prata was particularly good because the egg yolk was still runny which you can mop up using the prata. Not your run-of-the-mill kopitiam prata and definitely one of the better ones around.


The cendol had the right amount of gula melaka, which gave it its characteristic sweetness and fragrance, and didn’t overpower the coconut milk which made it sufficiently creamy. The shaved ice was fine enough such that each spoonful was smooth. Didn’t come with red beans and most of the other toppings apart from the green pandan ‘worms’ but am personally not a fan of the rest of them so this wasn’t a problem for me.

The hoo-hah surrounding McDonald’s nasi lemak burger made eating the real thing a priority after being away from Singapore for so long. The Coconut Club’s offering really hit the spot. The chicken was well-marinated and fried to a nice crisp while remaining tender and succulent. The sambal chilli was sweet and spicy with a real kick. The coconut rice was fragrant and very lemak. Together, the individual components made for a rather excellent take on a beloved local dish. While the steep price tag could be hard to justify for some, the high quality of their nasi lemak and their side dishes (which occasionally change from time to time) could warrant a visit!


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