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Leong Minying
Leong Minying

Good vibes, friendly people and interesting shots! A+ for location too.

Round up the gang for a Thai feast at this Balmoral Plaza spot. Get the creamy Red Curry (from $10.90) with Beef ($3) to share – think tender beef, figs and cherry tomatoes sitting in a creamy, savoury curry. Also good is the Beef Kway Teow ($13.90), consisting springy kway teow fried in a mildly sweet sauce alongside vegetables, egg and tender sliced beef.
Photo by Burppler Siming T

If you get that blatant song reference, congratulations, you old af. What’s not old, however, is alittle tashi’s unique take on Asian fusion tapas, which is distinctly new age.

Their charred miso Brussels sprouts ($12++, foreground plate) is a rendition of an almost universally reviled vegetable that manages to make it somewhat tolerable. When alittle tashi typed ‘charred’ into their menu, they really meant it. The sprouts are well and truly charred, masking the repulsive flavor that Brussels sprouts are infamous for and giving it some pleasantly charred flavors. It’s served with a dab of creme fraiche, which uplifts the texture of the sprouts and gives it a luscious creaminess, along with a hint of sourness.

We eagerly ordered crispy chicken skin with garlic salt ($8++, background bowl) but we weren’t expecting it to look like those dried cuttlefish snacks we all know and love. A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one as these chicken skins were astonishingly light unlike all other fried chicken skins out there. While the garlic salt seasoning was uneven and spotty in places, alittle tashi’s chicken skins were eminently enjoyable due to its low oil content and its lighter than air properties. It’s a picture perfect pairing with a good beer, and its an absolute shame that alittle tashi doesn’t have any beers on tap.

But wait, there’s more! These bar snacks were just the prelude to a stunningly sumptuous meal.

You will find Fuel Plus+ tucked away in a quaint corner at the foot of Mount Faber. Aesthetically pleasing Scandinavian decor greets you as you enter the cafe. I especially liked the white washed walls and marble tables.

Nearest MRT: Telok Blangah

Tom yum seafood pasta 7/10

Generous amount of seafood; 2 prawns some mussels and clams. Prawns could be peeled however so as to make the dining experience easier (spoilt brat, I know). The Tom yum was not as strong or sour as I liked as well. Decent but nothing special.

Chilli crab pasta 7.5/10

They put a spin on the tradition chilli crab and served 2 soft shell crabs instead. My only complaint was that there was too little crab. Other than that the pasta was springy and Al dente, quite an authentic chill crab sauce and the soft shell crab was extremely savoury.

Overall very tasty and with Burpple's 1-1, this was definitely worth it. Generous portions, relaxing vibes and tasty food what more could one ask for? One of the better cafes out there.

Nice place to catch up with friends. Do not over order the okonomiyaki, gets very boring after a while. Pricing $10-14. The ingredients were very little. I.e. 4 thin slices of small bacon.
Try some teppan too. Beef steak with yakisoba $38 was okok. Highball $10. Would suggest to email to make reservations.

Though curry leaves are also present in the pasta, there wasn’t any spice detected but rather, a creamy, buttermilk-alike sweetness that greatly satisfied and appeased my sweet tooth! 🤓 Intially thought this was a salted egg flavour (on the sweeter side)but it turns out to be carbonara as mentioned by @thegreenducklings, one that was creamy albeit not overwhelming unlike most typical carbonara dishes out there, pretty much enjoyable and addictive that I would gladly wipe the entire plate clean! 😋 The addition of cereal crumbs added a pleasant crisp factor, one that also contributed to a tinge of sweetness! ✨The huge tiger prawn was also coated with cereal crumbs on its exterior, while the interior remains fresh, plump but perhaps needing more juiciness to it. Although the price isn’t considered exactly pocket-friendly, I was fortunate enough to have enjoyed a 1-for-1 for the pasta dishes here, thanks to @burpple ‘s Burpple Beyond! ✌🏻🙆🏻‍♀️ .
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I’ve ordered this dish for 1-for-1 deal ($6.80) because the braised pork rice here looks nice but once you’ve tasted the ingredients, the pork is soft, the onsen egg is delicious and the cucumber acar is just so appetizing.

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Since the Robertson Quay branch closed its doors I find myself frequenting the one at Takashimaya more often now and my go to is always the Nagekomi Don, otherwise known as fisherman's catch or fresh catches of the day. The selection doesn't always vary too much and features the usual staples like tuna salmon, negitoro, anago and ebi but on some lucky occasions the bowl has featured shiroebi, hotate and more. The set comes with a miso soup and some chef appetisers and is filling enough to leave me in a food coma for the rest of the day. What I truly love is the mixed grain rice that delivers a different depth of flavour on its own and adds to the complexity of the clean bowl. I've been here many times and will keep returning just to sate my regular sashimi bowl cravings. At under 30 nett, its definitely a steal and for affordable than the expensive Ala Carte dinner menu!

Tuck in the square of Robertson Walk, this quaint trattoria has the homey Italian vibe. Foodwise, this meat lover's pizza is worth the wait during peak hours. Every bite was a mouthful of italian sausage, salami, mortadella and beef bolognese; while the pizza crust was thin and crispy.
PS: Pair it with their Borgo Sanleo Chianti for the full Italian experience and finish with in-house made pistachio gelato

A must get dish, no questions asked. Prawns were bouncy but the highlight got the be the slightly spicy but full of seafood umami broth that renders the 3 pieces of bread severely lacking in soaking up all the delicious juices

This is an absolute must-try and underrated item on the menu. The mussels are small bouchot mussels that are sweet; the sauce is a white wine buttery sauce with a spicy kick that tempts you to just drink it by the spoonful. Goes wonderfully with the baguette slices that comes with the dish!

[served from catered live station]

Grilled chicken with melted cheese and jalapeños. Wish they were more generous with the chicken and sauce. Comes with chubby chips and more cheese 😋

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