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I love love everything about this quaint & cozy family-owned cafe! From the moment I walked in, I was warmly welcomed & introduced to their signature sandwiches by the friendly owner. Great service makes a difference. From the way his eyes sparkle when he shares, you just know that every dish on their menu is thoughtfully made with love ❤️

Having read so much about their Eggstatic Broiche ($5.50), I went with it and added on an Avo ($2) 🥑 Their menu prices are subjected to a 10% service charge but even so, it’s so affordably priced compared to most overpriced cafes.

Their bread is freshly made in-house (+points!) The brioche pullman was toasted to perfection - Served warm & crispy yet soft & naturally sweet, yums! The scrambled eggs were so fluffy, creamy & moist, sprinkled with the right amount of salt. It’s also free-range btw. Along with the perfectly ripe avo slices, this simple & comforting sandwich sealed the deal for me 🤤 I’m defo coming back for you and for more.

The eggs & brioche would have honestly been enough on its own but if you are all about flavors, you may choose to add-on the Mature Cheddar ($1.20) & Bacon ($2). This is definitely way healthier & fresher than macs’ scrambled egg breakfast burger so you don’t have to feel guilty should you decide to go big with the add-ons 😛

Rating: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 / 5

Can’t get over the brioche sandwiches & super solid (+ huge) cups of hot chocolate from Lowef! Been back a few times to this cozy spot and it always guarantees a satisfying meal with their fluffy, creamy scrambled eggs and perfectly toasted brioche pullman that’s crisp outside and buttery soft inside.

The Eggstatic Set comes with an Eggstatic Brioche ($5.50) that you can top up with several ingredients like Bacon ($2) and Honey Bakes Ham ($1), and coffee/tea/milk/juice, or other drinks with an additional $2. I topped up for a cup of their Cocoa No. 1 hot chocolate that I absolutely enjoyed. It’s just really fab and honest food that you can tell they’ve put lots of love into! Can’t wait to try the other items on the menu.

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A super solid cup of hot chocolate, one of the best ones I’ve had so far. They have 2 types you can choose from, Cocoa No. 1 that’s said to be richer and bolder, and Cocoa No. 2 that is lighter and smoother. It’s super chocolatey with bitter notes and not too milky. Absolutely love how they are so generous as well - you get such a huge cup, it’s well-worth the money!


I just had to post this to ditto Burppler Kaki @cweizhi 👽😛

Half the time at this quaint cafe with honest in-house bakes, I wondered what took me so long to visit when school was nearby in the past.


Freshly baked on order, these were super fragrant! Was a tiny bit cakey in the middle but still an enjoyable treat that were not sweet.

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However, for the Eggstatic Brioche this time round, we added bacon ($2) into it, which zhng-ed it up and make every bite even better. I have no idea what kind of magic or love they put into it, but the freshly baked brioche pullman adds a slight sweetness, complemented with the milky scrambled eggs and with the saltiness from the bacon, its like a medley of flavours happening on your tastebuds. The next time I am there, I will try to break away from my usual routine and order the other sandwiches, but the Eggstatic Brioche will always be a mainstay. I am also aiming their signature Gingersnap Cookies, which was recommended to me previously but unfortunately, this time round, it was not available that day.
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