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An addictive snack, here is a decent alternative.

Filled with meat & celery, these puff has crispy crust as well, oyster being the only option. Love eating it with the sour chilli sauce.

#01-05 Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake
9am-8pm (except Sunday)

Oyster Cake $2

The tapioca cake is soft, chewy and light - it feels like you could easily eat a few without feeling jelat. I usually associate kuehs with a slightly sticky texture, but this is very clean cut, it doesn’t stick to your teeth. There’s a delicate sweet flavour that comes through, and really so good I loove it! Theirs is really the best I’ve tried.

The ondeh ondeh was also very soft. The skin is not the thinnest, but thankfully it wasn’t floury. Some had a not-fully-melted sugar crunch encased within, while some allowed for a slight burst when eaten. I remember having some that really burst on a previous visit - perhaps it would be better to have them fresh instead of doing a takeaway.

Either way, this stall has been my family’s go-to kueh place for a very long time now, and we definitely would continue having their food :)

Fishball minced meat noodles from Tanjong Pagar Teo Chew Fishball Noodles ($3.50nett). It's in the middle section, next to a drink stall.

Lots of ingredients. 3.50 gets you 3 fishballs, 1 meatball, minced meat and slices of fish cake.

Good balance of flavours. Note that this isnt barchormee.

Hainanese curry rice or curry png may not be the most photogenic of dishes but it’s certainly delicious and comforting. If you’re at Maxwell Food Centre, be sure to check out Hainanese Curry Rice (01-68). There’s usually a short but fast moving queue, so just join the queue.

You can’t see most of the items I ordered from this photo but here’s how it goes. My usual order would be fried pork chop, sunny side up, pork ball, bean sprouts, tau kwa. Occasionally, I’d have the boiled cabbage and braised pork belly. A plate would set you back about $4.50 to $5.

I love my curry rice to be drenched with curry gravy that’s mixed with a bit of lor (braised sauce). The curry gravy here isn’t very thick and starchy unlike most Hainanese curry rice stalls, but it isn’t watery either.

The pork chop is coated in a sweet, aromatic five spice powder batter before being deep fried till crispy. The meat its tender although it can be rather inconsistent at times.

I’d still recommend trying the curry rice here if you’re at Maxwell.

Mixed Beef Kway Teow Dry

(from Empress Place Teochew Beef Kway Teow)

take a sip of the broth and you will taste a simple yet delicious broth! They are very generous of the amount of shrimp and it’s quiet a big size even for their smallest plate.