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Matcha soymilk RM7.60
Hojicha soymilk RM7.60
Oolong soy milk RM5.60
Tou fu fa RM10.90

Heard about this years ago but never really think of purposely going to Subang for this. Had this packed as my lunch when my collegue pass by there.

I was having a high expectation with the fame it drawn. But, fried rice itself wasn't as good as I thought, rice was a bit hard, probably wasn't fully cooked. It taste quite average. But the chili sauce is the saver of this rice. The chili was really good, I kept getting more and more. And the relatively big size prawn was a plus point.

Food: 7/10, Price: RM7.50

The rice is slightly burned to give that added texture and fragrances to the overall taste.