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Nesuto, translating to “nest” in Japanese, symbolises home and family. It aims to bring the feeling of comfort, peace, and rest to every customers who step into its doors. Helmed by Head Pastry Chef Alicia Wong, Nesuto serves cakes and entremet made using quality and premium ingredients directly imported from France and Japan.

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Hands down one of my favourite birthday presents was this Cheri Joie box, I am a vocal fan of exquisite cakes because of the hours and details that go into each creation and this box just tops the cake.

Just the right amount for 4 mouths to appreciate, we first started with the Chocolat Vanille, one with 6 elements and that star of a chocolate sable.
Then Chéri for some boozy rich sweetness, a lighter Queen Isaphan.
Continuing the fruity league we had Porie of sweet pear and a tangier cousin, Summer Passion.
Rounding it up we partook the well balance Suzette that was a melody of caramel, orange, chocolate and Grand Marnier.

Note the cakes have more cream and supporting elements than sponge cake, some even without the latter; and that’s exactly how I would love cakes usually.

To my dear friend who sent these over, thank you for this precious gesture.

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Cakes here can be pretty expensive, but they do offer good quality. We got the Praline Noisette Gateau (~$13.50) which had all the good quality of a good chocolate cake: soft, moist, rich and chocolatey. I must say, the cake really does taste decadent! There are notes of hazelnut as well. Really expensive cake 😂 maybe I'll have it once in a while 🤣

Raspberry and Yuzu flavours were pronounced in this slice of heaven. My partner loved this to bits.

Nesuto has always been one of our favourite patisseries and today, we were lucky enough to get a seat! We decided to try out something new - the Praline Noisette Gateau, which is a chocolate sponge cake with several elements of hazelnut in it. For one, the cake had a hazelnut mousse layer for it's curved exterior, which was really delicate and yet it contained a distinct hazelnut flavour, which we loved! There were also bits of hazelnut in the cake, giving it a nice crunch although you may not want to expect too many of them in the cake. The top of the cake was covered with a layer of dark chocolate ganache, which brings along a light bitterness that went pretty well with the hazelnut mousse.

We loved this cake although at $12.50++, it is rather expensive. Do visit Nesuto early as the cafe gets really full after dinner (from 7.30 pm)

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We have came here multiple times for their Hojicha cake and its really one of the best we have tasted! It is not too sweet or gelat and it has a mild hojicha after taste. The cream balances out the cake perfectly!!

The yuzu rapsberry cake ($10.90) is a wonderful palette cleanser, with alternating layers of light vanilla sponge, fragrant yuzu mousse and tart raspberry bits. Tried their chestnut-brandy vanilla gateau ($10.80) as well and it was another light and refreshing dessert, with nutty hints of chestnut aroma. We also particularly enjoyed the lychee oolong tea ($5), which was really comforting on a cold rainy day!